Annual Events In Norwood MA

Annual Events In Norwood MA

Are you looking for the perfect excuse to visit a place or go on a tour? Events never fall short of the answers, a visit to the sports heritage town of Norwood MA can never be better for you to explore all the things you love with the right people at the heart. In this article, we have put together worthy annual events you can plan for and take yourself and your loved ones when you are in Norwood MA.

The Annual Boston Marathon

The annual Boston Marathon is a good way to connect to the sporty you. Its hosted by most towns in the greater Boston area and it’s one of the oldest annual events in the Boston metropolitan. This marathon is also the oldest annual marathon in the world. Its history dates back to as early as 1897 when the first Marathon held. This event is organized by the Boston Athletic association on Patriots day which is the 3rd Monday in April each year. About, half a million spectators are a part of this event each year and this makes it one of the city’s most watched events. If you will be at Norwood MA, this is one you can plan for.

Annual Chefs In Shorts

For over 21 years Greater Boston chefs have come together for a good cause. This program is a version of the chef’s corporate social responsibility in giving back to the community through training the youth to be chefs. The annual chefs in shorts is an annual event that brings together greater Boston Chefs with some of the best skills in putting together the tastiest cuisines. if you are a fan of food, this is a definite event for you to keep watch every year. To top it all it comes cheap at only $90, the benefits supersede the cost. With this fee, you are eligible to lots on the menu click to see.

Annual NEAHMA Conference And Trade Show

If you have or you are planning to buy a property around New England, then this annual conference is for you. At the New England Affordable Housing Management Associations (NEAHMA) conference. This event is a good place for one to learn all the tips and tricks when it gets to property and real estate management in New England. You can also find vendors at the event. This event is hosted in Norwood MA and book your ticket.

Annual Art In The Park

The Annual Art in the Park is a Norwood MA event that has been held for at least 40 times and counting. Art in the Park brings together students and local artists in Norwood for the love of art and getting paintings done. This event is organized and managed by the Norwood Art Association and it’s one of those events you can expect to buy great art. It’s also hosted at the George H. Morse House, the property that first had the first house in Norwood MA building so it’s not just a great way to connect to art but the history of Norwood.

Annual Boston Pizza Festival

Do you love pizza or want to try out new forms of Pizza? The annual Boston Pizza Festival is the right place for you to be when the 2-day event is for you to taste a variety of pizza being offered by the different vendors. Admissions to this event go for as low as $15 for general admission and $50 for the VIP admission. Note that the admission fee for general covers nothing else but the admission and you are to purchase everything else you consume at an extra cost. For the VIP admission, they allow you entry 1 hour to start of the event where you may consume all you can for the first one hour at the fee of admission after which you are to purchase like a case of the general admission while at the festival. At the festival, expect live music performances, several fun activities, beer and wine and more on top of the pizza.

Annual Levitate Music & Arts Festival

The levitate festival fuses music and art local to Boston. This is a good place to discover rising talent in music and art from Boston on top of some local music bands that could be virgin to the rest of the world. This event is held at the Marshfield Fairgrounds famous for agriculture and horticulture fair every end of August since 1867. The levitate festival admission starts at $15 with a dollar per ticked being deducted to support local boys’ and girls’ club. This is a 3-day event with the last day having a global music act headlining the event. In 2019, Jamaican activist and music legends son Damian Jr. Gong Marley headlines the event.

Annual Taste Of Cambridge

The Taste of Cambridge gives foodies each year the chance to taste some of the best cuisines around Greater Boston. At the Taste of Cambridge, the best chefs from all the recognized top-class restaurants gather to give revelers a taste of award-winning food to give you reasons to visit their restaurants the next time you are by the corner or at walkable distances. The event is held at the University Park Commons in Cambridge MA and fees start from $15 to $65. See this for extra details.

Annual Independence Day Celebrations

4th July remains one of the most celebrated days across many towns, cities, counties, and states in the United States. Different areas mark the day’s celebrations on different days but one thing we can say is common is the celebration in style. Norwood MA marks this event with parades across the town accompanied by marching bands entertaining local and international revelers. At the event expect to have several other activities for everyone to get involved in making the day as memorable as possible.