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Bathroom Remodeling Of Needham MA

Bathroom remodeling can be a rewarding project. It improves comfort and increases the market value of the house. However, there are bathroom remodeling problems that must be avoided for these benefits to be truly realized. It is easy to make mistakes during bathroom remodeling of Needham MA homes. It is good for the homeowner to be aware of these problems in order to avoid wasting time and money in the process.

The first section of this article will discuss things to look out for when embarking on the bathroom remodeling project.


Bathroom Remodel Problems

These are the problems to avoid when planning bathroom remodeling of Needham MA homes.

1. Hiring The Wrong Contractor

This is a potential mistake to avoid. Any contractor being hired for the project must be the best for the job. Bathroom remodeling of Needham MA homes involve tasks that require special skills which only a qualified contractor can handle. The homeowner should interview many contractors and ask for their portfolios and references before hiring one. There are reputable companies who have a good track record of bathroom remodeling. These are the type of contractors the homeowner should hire to avoid problems during and after the project.

2. Mold

The bathroom is susceptible to mold growth because of the dampness of the room. Molds can cause health issues such as coughing and wheezing. The homeowner should look for wet spots on the wall before remodeling the bathroom. These wet spots are potential breeding grounds for mold. If there are any signs of mold growth, they should be gotten rid of to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the house.
Find out how to solve mold problems moldpedia.


3. Purchasing Materials

Many homeowners find it challenging when it comes to buying material for the remodel. Apart from major fixtures like tub, vanity and toilet, there are other items that are needed for the project. It’s one thing to order the correct items; it’s another thing for the manufacturer to deliver them according to request. Delays often occur when incorrect or damaged materials are delivered by the manufacturer. The homeowner should avoid this by ordering materials from trusted manufacturers. Watch on how to buy plumbing fixtures.


4. Plumbing

New plumbing may be needed if there are leaking pipes or changes in water pressure. A professional plumber is in the best position to handle this. The plumber should be licensed and insured.


5. Improper Venting

Proper venting is needed in bathrooms to remove moisture from the room so that it doesn’t cause mold. The homeowner should call a professional to check the vents and make sure they are in order before starting the remodel. If the fan is damaged, it can be fixed but if not, it should be replaced.


5. Wrong Design

To achieve good design, all the elements of the bathroom should have the same finish. The homeowner should keep this in mind when buying faucets, sinks and toilets. It will be easier to get finishes of the same color if they are bought from the same location. Mismatched fixtures can ruin the design of the bathroom.


6. Buying Cheap Parts

The homeowner should be ready to pay for high-quality parts of he wants the bathroom remodeling done correctly. This will save money in the long run. Find out how to save money on remodeling

Cheap sealants can lead to mold formation and inexpensive hardware hardly last long. High-quality sealants should be bought from a tile store along with other finishes.

Many things can go wrong during bathroom remodeling of Needham MA homes but these mistakes can be avoided. If the homeowner hires the right contractor most of these problems would be avoided because the contractor will offer recommendations on how to go about the project. These mistakes are more likely to occur if the homeowner decides to do the project himself.


Budgeting For A Bathroom Remodel

Budgeting is important for bathroom remodeling of Needham MA homes. Bathroom remodeling can be expensive. Budgeting allows the homeowner to plan his finances so that the project will not stop halfway due to lack of funds. It enables the homeowner to plan for and get the necessary material that will give him the bathroom of his dreams.


Average Bathroom Remodeling Costs

$23,000 in Boston and its suburbs like Needham MA according to this article. This is just the average cost. It doesn’t factor in the possibility of going over budget by more than $2,000.

The thing with bathroom remodeling of Needham MA is that it is made up of several small projects which add up to a big project. There is a tendency to find hidden costs in every element of the project from fixtures to installations. Below is a breakdown of the small costs that add up to the overall cost.

The homeowner should budget $2,500 – $3,500 for the bathtub both material and installation. The bathtub is often the centerpiece for the bathroom.

Shower budget should be between $3,000 – $4,500 for material cost and labor. It is important for the homeowner to get a shower that he will love. Check out some modern shower designs here.

Vanity budget should be $2,000 – $7,000. This is a conspicuous feature in the bathroom and its installation can be quite complicated. If the homeowner wants to install a custom vanity, custom plumbing may be required to make room for the sink placement. This affects the installation cost.

The budget for the sink should be $1,500 – $3,000. This is one of the frequently used fixtures in the room.

The flooring budget should be $2,500 – $3,500. The floor plays a big role in the aesthetics of the room so the homeowner should choose something that he loves.

Lighting fixture should cost about $1,000 – $2,000. Lighting is often ignored during bathroom remodeling of Needham MA but it is very crucial to the design of the room.

The budget for the toilet should be $350 – $500. The homeowner should not hesitate to spend money to get a toilet that is modern and at the same time highly functional and efficient.

These are the summary of costs for bathroom remodeling of Needham MA homes. The homeowner needs to plan his budget well so that the remodel will be a success.


Bathroom Remodel Timeline

Many homeowners who want to carry out bathroom remodeling of Needham MA home are often unsure of the timeline of the project and what to expect at every stage. Even though there is a tendency for things not to go exactly as planned, it’s still ideal to lay out a clear plan before starting out. This will give the homeowner a timeline to work with. It is important for the homeowner to know what the remodeling will involve in order to set an accurate timeline.

The extent of changes to be made determines how long it will take to remodel a bathroom. A simple makeover will take lesser time than a complete remodel.

Changes during bathroom makeovers are mostly cosmetic in nature. It doesn’t involve plumbing and electrical installations; no replacement of pipes, vents or wires. Most of the work is focused on the tiles and fixtures like vanities, shower heads and toilets. The homeowner will not have to order large pieces since no demolition is involved. There will also be no waiting for materials to arrive unless some fixtures need to be shipped in. This makes it easy to start the makeover. It can take a full day to remove old tiles and apply the first coat of paint. It can take another day to add an additional coat of paint. Installation of tiles and new fixtures will be done a day after that. Another day could be added if the homeowner decides to swap out one toilet for another. So, on average, it could take 3-5days to do the makeover. This is a relatively short timeline. It is not the case with a full bathroom remodel.

If the homeowner wants to do a complete remodel, the work is more complicated. It involves more on-site work and a lot of paperwork. The homeowner will have to obtain the required permits. It takes time to obtain permits and this adds to the waiting time before the bathroom remodeling of Needham MA starts.

Things can get complicated with new fixtures because a lot of electrical and plumbing connections are involved. All these need to be done by experienced professionals. There will be demolitions, disconnections, installations, cleanups and finishing. These add to the timeline. Two or three days may be needed to work on a part of the bathroom if everything goes according to plan. It could also take several days to remove old cabinets and vanity and install new ones.

If the homeowner wants to install custom cabinets and storage, it will further lengthen the timeline because it takes time to design and construct them. This video shows how to remove old cabinets:

Changes to lighting will also add to the timeline. It could take a full day to swap one fixture for another. If materials need to be shipped from overseas, this can lengthen the timeline. Shipping can change the schedule completely if something happens to the material while in transit. It is advisable to place orders long before bathroom remodeling of Needham MA starts. As much as possible, it is best to buy from local suppliers.


Summary Of The Remodeling Phases

Bathroom remodeling of Needham MA is usually done in 3 phases: The design phase, ordering of materials and the construction phase.

The first phase is the design phase. The contractor and the homeowner will go over the plans. Space will be measured and the location of fixtures will be marked out. It is at this stage that the contractor will come up with an estimate for the project. This phase could take 1-4 weeks.

After the design has been finalized, the next phase is the ordering of materials. This could also take a few weeks. Materials ordered from overseas will take a longer time and may arrive in a staggered fashion as stated earlier.

The construction phase involves the demolition of existing structures and site preparation. Watch this video to see how bathroom demolition is done.

After demolition, preliminary plumbing and wiring are done. The bathtub and drywall will be installed at this stage. Tiling and installation of other features are also carried out at this stage.

Whether the homeowner wants to do a bathroom makeover or full bathroom remodeling of Needham MA, it is best to set realistic expectations so that the project will be carried out without much stress. Things will go a lot smoother if an open line of communication is kept with the contractor so that everything can be done according to plan.


Things To Look For In A Remodeling Contract Agreement

Before carrying out bathroom remodeling of Needham MA, the homeowner should have everything spelled out with the contractor who will be handling the project. This should be done ahead of time. The agreement needs to be thorough to protect the homeowner from poor quality work.

The following items should be on the contract agreement for the homeowner to feel confident about the contractor. These things ensure that the project is completed without issues. Here are the things to look for in the agreement.


1. Simple Language

This applies to the entire contract. The homeowner and contractor need to understand the terms of the agreement. There should be no technical jargon. The expectations of the owner and the contractor need to be clearly stated. Nothing should be left to chance.


2. Contact Information

This seems trivial but it is important. The agreement should include the contractor’s contact details such as name, office address and physical address. This is to be able to reach the contractor if any problem arises.


3. Insurance

The contractor should also provide the contacts of his insurance company along with his license numbers. There should be proof of all insurance. The contractor must show proof that he meets licensing requirements for the state of Massachusetts.


4. The Scope Of The Project

The contractor should not only provide the big picture when talking about the scope of the project. He should also provide details on every step that will be taken during the bathroom remodeling of Needham MA.

The agreement should state the things that will be demolished, the things that will be installed and the things that will require finishing work. The kind of materials to be used should also be clearly stated. Details for the materials should also be included such as brand names, the color of the material, the dimensions and quantity. Allowance should be made for addition of extra quantities to make up for any mistakes that might occur during the project.


5. Payment Schedule

The payment schedule can vary depending on what the homeowner and the contractor prefers. The contractor could ask for half of the total payment upfront or spread it throughout the duration of the bathroom remodeling of Needham MA. Whichever it may be, it should be clearly spelt out.


6. Project Schedule

The project timing should be clearly stated. The start date and possible end date should be stated. This is to ensure that the contractor focuses on the job because most of them often work on multiple projects at the same time. to see the estimated timeline for a bathroom remodeling project.


7. Cleanup

This is a small detail that needs to be added. The agreement should state how the work area will be cleaned during and after the project. It should state who is responsible for cleaning the workspace and the level of cleaning required. It should also state how and where the waste will be disposed of.


8. Use of Home Facilities

The homeowner should state whether the contractor and his crew can use the home’s toilet or use other facilities in the home while working on the project. This should be clarified to avoid conflicts.


9. Signatures

Signatures must be appended on the agreement to make it official. The signatures should carry dates.

As far as contractor agreements are concerned, the specifics of the document depends on what the homeowner wants to spell out. Ultimately, it is always best to lay out terms in simple and clear language to ensure that the bathroom remodeling of Needham MA home goes smoothly.


The Cost Of Toilet Installation

A homeowner can transform a bathroom by replacing an old toilet with a new one. Unless the homeowner knows how to do it, this task is best left for an experienced plumber. Things could go wrong if the homeowner insists on doing the installation without the proper skills. He could end up with leaky pipes and damaged floors.

The first thing the homeowner needs to do when considering replacing an old toilet is to understand his needs. There are factors to consider which will affect the cost of installation. There are many models on the market and each has its own specifications. There are toilets for children, the elderly and the disabled. So, the homeowner needs to consider the category of people who will be using the toilet. The homeowner should also know the amount of space required to install new fixtures. These will determine the overall cost of the project.


A Handyman Or A Plumber?

The homeowner can hire a handyman or a licensed plumber spending in his budget. It is more expensive to hire a licensed plumber but it may be necessary if the homeowner wants high-quality work.

The installation should take about 2 hours if no problems arise during the process. The homeowner should expect to pay the plumber about $150 per hour on the average. Basic installations should cost a little above $100.


Unexpected Issues

A lot of unexpected problems can arise during the removal of an old toilet. This can increase the cost of installation to close to $1,000. These problems include water damage to either the back wall of the floor beneath, a faulty flush valve, water damage around the base and so on. Costs can further increase if plumbing lines need to be repaired. The homeowner should be ready to consider all these costs when planning to replace an old toilet during bathroom remodeling of Needham MA. Find out more about toilet installation costs here.


The Installation Process

The installation process is relatively simple if everything goes as planned. The plumber will first of all shutoff water supply and remove any remaining water from the tank. The old toilet will then be disconnected and the new one will be installed. After the installation, the plumber will check to make sure that everything is well fitted to avoid problems in the future.


How To Save Money On The Project

The homeowner can save some money in the process without compromising the quality of the work. He can buy the toilet himself instead of buying directly from the plumber. He should consider the advantages and disadvantages before making the decision. It can be challenging to transport the toilet from point of purchase to the home. The homeowner should look for an easy way to transport the materials before bathroom remodeling of Needham MA begins. The homeowner can install a water efficient toilet to save costs in the long run. A water-efficient toilet means less water usage and lesser water bills.