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Bathroom Remodeling Of Quincy MA

Bathroom remodeling can be a complex task because of processes like wiring and plumbing. This is why homeowners need to do some preparation before the contractors arrive to begin the work. Doing some prep work beforehand will enable the project to run smoothly once it starts. The first part of this article will discuss the preparatory steps homeowners can take before bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA home.


Bathroom Remodeling Preparatory Steps


1. Establish Flow of Traffic

Remodeling contractors will need a place to park their vehicles, they will also need a free passageway to go in and come out throughout the work. Remodeling involves making several trips back and forth so the homeowners should establish the flow of traffic. The floors should also be protected by laying some old towels or scrap carpets in the path of traffic to avoid wear from foot pressure.


2. Take All Objects Out Of The Way

Before bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA, the homeowner should remove all movable objects from the work area. This will save the contractor form doing that before starting the actual work. It saves time. These are the things the homeowner should do:

• Remove all shampoos, soaps razors and washcloths from the bathtub and shower.
• Remove the toilet covering and nothing sitting around or on the back of it.
• Get rid of all candles, soaps and other items sitting on the sink. All items underneath the sink should be removed to avoid getting in the way of plumbing. Everything should be taken out of the drawers if the sink base will be replaced.
• All magazines, bathmats, trash cans and scales should be removed from the floor.
• If the walls are going to be replaced, towel racks should be pulled off and the medicine cabinet should be emptied.


Advanced Preparations

If the homeowner has some experience, he can do a little more prep work to help the contractor get the place ready. Some money can be saved in the process. It is important to check with the contractor before attempting these advanced preparatory steps.


1. Remove Tiles

If the bathroom is made of tile or linoleum, the homeowner can tear out the existing floor and remove it. This will save him a lot of resources. But as earlier mentioned, he needs to get some advice from a bathroom expert first. Watch this video on how to remove tiles:

2. Turn off The Water

If major plumbing work is going to be done by the contractor, the water will need to be turned off first. This is actually a simple task but the homeowner can do it before the contractor arrives for the bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA.


3. Remove Shower Doors

If the bathroom has a curtain or shower door, the homeowner should remove it to get it out of the contractor’s way.

Other Remodeling Preparations

Apart from the above steps, there are some other preparations the homeowner needs to make before bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA can begin. One of them is financial preparation. The homeowner should prepare his finances. This is actually one of the first things to do. The homeowner should have an idea of the total cost of the project. It can be hard to get exact estimates but he can ask around or research online to have an idea of the expenses involved. Once the homeowner has prepared his finances and completed these other preparatory steps, it is time for the professionals to do their work.
familyhandyman to find out how to save cost on your remodeling project.


Adding A Bathroom To A Home

A homeowner can decide to add a bathroom to his home for several reasons. For instance, he may be expecting more children or there are too many people in the house using the current bathrooms. An extra bathroom is never a bad idea because it will increase the value of the home.


Costs Of Adding An Extra Bathroom

Many factors affect the cost of adding an extra bathroom. The least a homeowner should expect to spend on the project is $3,000-$4,000 if the area is already marked out and all the necessary components are in place. Adding entirely new space will cost far more than that. Find out the costs of adding a bathroom here.


Where To Add An Extra Bathroom

These are some possible places where a new bathroom can be added.


1. Hallways

A hallway is a great place to add a bathroom if one end of the hallway is not used often. As long as the end is up to 30-40ft, it will be enough for a new bathroom. If there is a window at the end of the hallway, it’s even better. The hallway is a good choice because it can be accessed easily by other rooms in the home.


2. Closets

The homeowner can convert a big closet to a bathroom. If there are multiple adjoining closets, that is enough room for a bathroom. The combined space should be at least 4x4ft.


3. Laundry Room

A part of a big laundry room can be converted into a bathroom since it already has water and drain hookups that will make the conversion easy. The homeowner can decide to switch to a smaller washer to give more room for the bathroom to fit in.


4. Bedroom

It will be great to have a bathroom attached to the bedroom. It makes it convenient to access the bathroom while in the bedroom. If the homeowner can get some space on one side of a large bedroom, a bathroom can be added. The best type of bathroom to add to the bedroom is the master bathroom because most buyers are attracted to it.


5. Garage

The homeowner can convert the first-floor garage into a bathroom because garages often have excess space that is not utilized. Find out how to add bathroom to a garage


Is An Extra Bathroom Worth It?

If the homeowner wants just a bathroom with only a shower instead of a bathtub, he will not require much space. If there is not enough space and the homeowner can’t figure out how he will get it, then an addition may not be possible. Space should at least be able to accommodate a sink and a toilet. If not, it’s best not to add the bathroom.

It is also important to consider the amount of value an extra bathroom will add to a house. The homeowner will add more value to the house if he adds a full bath instead of a half bath. It is advisable to use the existing plumbing in the house if the homeowner is going to add a bath because this will save cost. If the bathroom is going to be installed in a bedroom, the homeowner should consider insulating against sound.


Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The master bathroom is one place a homeowner should showcase his creative prowess. Since it is a room that is frequently used, it should be designed to be aesthetically appealing and practically functional. The next paragraphs will discuss ideas that homeowners can understand for their master bathroom remodel.


1. Increase The Space

If the current master bath is lacking in space, a bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA should be carried out to expand it. The expansion can be done in any direction where there is free space. Adding extra square footage to the bathroom will create room for the homeowner to use the bathroom better. The homeowner can take out a wall and replace it with a window to allow natural light into the room. This creates a feeling of spaciousness. The right window treatment must be chosen because while it is important for sunlight to come in, privacy must also be maintained. Skylights can be added if windows are not possible during bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA.


2. Add More Storage Areas

The homeowner should consider adding more storage to the master bathroom during bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA. This will provide room for the storage of hygiene products. Drawers, cabinets and shelves should be added for storing all necessary items. The homeowner can give the room more character by installing cabinets with glass fronts. If this is not possible, decorative knobs and pulls can be added to existing cabinets to give them an updated look.


3. Change The Flooring

Tiles are one of the best choices for bathroom flooring used for bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA. If the homeowner doesn’t like the cold feeling of tiles during winter, he can install a radiant floor heating system to keep the tile and the room warm. If the homeowner cannot afford a new heating system, throw rugs can be placed in strategic areas where they are needed.

Click to learn more about radiant floor heating.


4. Create A Relaxing Environment

The master bathroom should be as comfortable as possible. The homeowner can add a chair to give the room a touch of luxury. It’s nice to be able to take a break and sit down after a good bath.

Natural colors can also be used in the bathroom to give it a calming atmosphere. Bright accessories can be added if a neutral color is used. Light fixtures can also be replaced with softer lights to create ambience while relaxing in the tub in the evenings. Brighter lights should also be installed to make it easy to use other fixtures and accessories in the room. Find out tips for choosing bathroom lighting here.

The homeowner can also add flowers, plants and scented candles to add beauty to the bathroom.

When it comes to remodeling a master bathroom, the homeowner should indulge himself and create a bathroom that he will be proud of for a long time. The tips above will help him achieve exactly that.


Plumbing Considerations For Remodeling

There are things to consider about plumbing when trying to carry out bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA. One of the primary things to do is to check to know the codes in the area where the property is located. The homeowner should also find out if an inspection is needed. These things vary from state to state but if the homeowner is going to change the home’s floor plan, he will need to get official permission. This also applies if major electrical and plumbing projects are going to be carried out. The homeowner must ensure that he hires a qualified professional to do the job to avoid ending up with substandard installations after bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA.


Types of Plumbing Pipes Used For Bathroom Remodel

Whether the homeowner decides to hire a plumber or do the work himself, the project can be challenging because there are different types of plumbing pipes. There may be questions as to which type of pipe to use for different installations.

This section will look at different piping materials highlighting their features, pros and cons. This will help the homeowner make the right choice of plumbing pipes to use for bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA home.


1. PEX Pipe

This is one of the latest pipes on the market. It has grown rapidly in popularity. It is used to supply water only. It has the characteristics of being able to withstand high water pressure and at the same time being flexible enough to pass through ceilings, crawl spaces and walls. This type of piping material is easy to install for homeowners who like to do their own plumbing when carrying out bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA.

• It comes with color codes with red being for hot water and blue for cold water.
• It possesses high flexibility and can make 90-degree curves.
• It is inexpensive and cuts easily.
• It can be joined to copper pipes.

• There is no evidence to show how long it can last since it is still a new material.
• The push-fit plumbing fittings may cause a water leak.
• The material cannot be recycled
Follow lifehacker to read more about the pros and cons of PEX piping.

2. PVC Pipe

Polyvinyl chloride pipes are mostly used for drains or vent lines. The material became popular because it was not as heavy as the galvanized steel pipe and was easier to work with. It is relatively easy to install and can be glued together with solvents.

• The pipe has clearly marked diameters on the white surface.
• It is inexpensive and flexible.

• The pipe must be cut and it cannot be un-joined.
• The pipes are prone to leaking even when glued.
• It tends to shatter because it is fragile.


3. Rigid Copper Pipe

This pipe is best for water supply within the home. It can easily be cut with a copper tube cutter or a hacksaw. It is not easy to connect the pipes. It requires a skilled professional who knows how to solder copper pipes. There are no health risks with this pipe material if used for bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA homes.

• It can bend even though it is called rigid.
• It is resistant to heat.
• Can withstand intense pressure.
• It can be recycled easily

• It is difficult to install so the homeowner cannot do it himself.
• It is expensive.
• Pinhole leaks can develop over time.
• Corrosion may occur under the pipe and affect water flow.


4. ABS Pipe

This type of pipe is mainly used for drain lines and vent lines. It has similar looks to PVC pipe but the color is black and it is slightly softer.

• It is stronger than PVC pipes.
• It is ideal for use in underground exteriors.
• It can withstand cold temperatures.

• Some building codes do not permit.
• It can deform at certain temperatures.

Click familyhandyman to read this article comparing ABS and PVC pipes.


5. Flexible Copper Pipe

This type of pipe is used for refrigerators, water heaters and sinks. It is used for short runs and is easy to cut. It is also easy to bend to fit around corners.

• It can fit into tight shaped areas.
• It is highly resistant to heat.

• It is expensive.
• It is prone to breaking because of its thinness.


6. Galvanized Steel Pipe and Cast Iron

Galvanized steel pipes have been around for decades and were commonly used for bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA homes in those days. They were used for drainages, gas supply, water supply and some other purposes. Although the pipe is still around, it is no longer used for water supply in new remodel projects. The pipe is threaded at the end and connecting joints are used to screw individual pipes into each other. Galvanized steel pipe is that it is extremely strong but corrodes over time and block the flow of water. It may also leak lead into the water supply which is dangerous for human health.

Cast iron pipe has also been around for decades and was mainly used for sewers and drainages. It is still in use today but not as much as it was years ago. The pipe is susceptible to rust; it is very heavy and cannot be cut easily.

These are the different types of plumbing pipes available on the market. Apart from the last two discussed, others are commonly used in new bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA projects.


Modern Trends In Bathroom Fixtures

Before now, many people considered the bathroom as a place where they go to take care of their business and get out. But that is not the case anymore. Many homeowners have begun to take another look at the bathroom and are bringing a lot of style to it.

Bathroom fixtures these days are now designed to look trendy. The next paragraphs discuss the latest trends in bathroom fixtures that can be used for bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA.


1. Baths and Showers

Many bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA homes start with the shower or bathtub. Bathtubs now come in different sizes and shapes with accessories such as lumbar support and footrests. If the bathroom doesn’t have enough space, the homeowner can install a modern standalone shower. Manufacturers now make showers with multiple showerheads to give users a better experience. Follow this link to see basic bathtub styles available on the market.


2. Floors

Porcelain tile used to be the preferred choice for floors because of the durability but nowadays, ceramic and stone tiles have become the preferred materials. Many homeowners are also now using laminate flooring to give their bathrooms the look of hardwood. Heated floors have also come to stay because of the luxury it provides. Who doesn’t like a warm bathroom during winter?


3. Vanities

The easiest way to change the look of any bathroom is to change the vanity. Sinks come in different designs nowadays; the goes for countertops. There are ceramic, glass and marble countertops with different designs. The vanity itself comes in many designs too. The best way to set the time to the bathroom is to have a beautiful vanity. Most modern bathroom designs used for bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA homes are centered on the vanity.


4. Mirrors

The common mirrors are rectangular or rounded in shape. But modern mirrors come in different shapes and sizes with a border made from high-quality materials. The latest is fog-free mirrors. Click here to see how mirrors can change the look of a bathroom.


5. Lighting

This is an aspect that is often overlooked in bathroom design when carrying out bathroom remodeling of Quincy MA homes. There are modern lighting designs that complement the design of the rooms while improving functionality at the same time.