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Bathroom Remodeling Of South End MA

The bathroom is one of the places that reflect the personal style of a homeowner. An ideal bathroom should deliver comfort to the occupants of the house. That is why it needs to have the right fixtures. The functionality and value of the bathroom lie in the fixtures. With careful planning and the right choices, the homeowner can have a bathroom of his dreams.

This article will discuss tips that will help the homeowner in the remodeling of his bathroom.

Tips For Bathroom Remodeling

1. Seek Advice

This is to enable proper planning. Before any bathroom remodeling of South End MA home, homeowners should first have a talk with the users of the bathroom. This could be tenants or family members. This talk is to discuss the fixtures and finishes to be used and how much has been budgeted for the project. It’s advisable to include a little extra in the budget to cover for unexpected issues that may arise in the course of the work.

This planning will help the homeowner keep the remodeling on track as the project is been executed. The homeowner should take into consideration how long the process will take. Usually, remodeling could take more than 30 days. So he should make sure to stick to the plan throughout the duration of the project unless there are financial constraints. Sticking to the plan will ensure that everything is done according to the budget. When plans are changed halfway, it could lead to more expenditure and the time for the project completion will increase.

If the homeowner can not come up with a workable plan, it’s best to seek advice from a contractor. As a professional, the contractor can tell the homeowner the style to adopt and how to schedule the project.

Part of the planning involves choosing bathroom layouts. The usual thing in many homes is to have one bathroom with a toilet, sink and bathtub. A shower may be included. The homeowner can add an extra sink for a change especially if the bathroom is used by many people.

The homeowner can plan for a customized bathroom in which the countertop and built-in cabinets match around an area of the room. This will be in the final design.

The bathroom can have a wet room design where there is a shower without the enclosure. In this type of design, water goes out through a floor drain. A bathroom with this design should be waterproof.

If the bathroom is located near a bedroom, noise can be an issue. This noise comes from the toilet tank when it’s been refilled. This can be addressed by installing a modern inlet valve. Moisture issues can be addressed by attaching windows to the bathroom but if there are no windows, an exhaust fan can help to remove moisture.

2. Consider Floor Plans

In bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes, it is advisable for the homeowner to install the new plumbing fixtures close the existing plumbing. This is a good way to save cost. If there are outdated plumbing, the old pipes will have to be removed to make room for the installation of new pipes. The locations may need to be changed too.

If the homeowner is on a limited budget and wishes to retain the same footprint, he can employ some tricks to make the bathroom space look bigger. Fixtures like pedestal sinks can give the impression of spaciousness. They make the room look bigger than it actually is. Instead of using shower curtains on tubs, it is advisable to use clear glass shower doors. Shower curtains make the place seem more enclosed because it blocks the light. In the same way, instead of using a medicine cabinet mirror, the homeowner can use a big mirror. This can also make space look bigger. Follow this link to see different bathroom floor plans.

3. Appropriate Lighting Design

It’s not enough to just have great finishes on faucets, installing sufficient lighting can give the bathroom a lot of elegance. Shadows on faces can be eliminated by using appropriate lighting on the vanity.

The best lighting is LED lights with dimmer switches. Watch this videothis video on LED lighting in the bathroom:

The bathroom is a frequently used part of the house so lighting is very important. Without adequate lighting, the functionality of the room will be greatly affected. That is why overhead lighting is crucial. Apart from overhead lighting, there should be ambient lighting also. The perimeter lighting should save as useful light as well as create ambience. If a homeowner wants to create an illusion of a centerpiece ceiling, he should consider using pendant lighting.

4. Ventilation Options

Many homeowners do not pay attention to this when carrying out bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes. But it is very important to maintain proper airflow to ensure that the remodeling lasts for a long time. If the bathroom is not well ventilated it could lead to mold buildup. This is not good for the floors, cabinetry and walls. It could cause irreparable damage. The homeowner will end up spending a lot of money to fix the problem.

One way to ensure proper ventilation is to use a fan. A good fan will ensure proper airflow and prevent damages that could be caused by moisture. If the bathroom has a low ceiling, the fan should not be placed inside the shower so that nothing will block the air from circulating well. A fan timer can be used to control the fan.

If the homeowner is currently building a new home, he can install a remote timer for the fan that allows him to turn it on at any time he likes remotely. If the homeowner doesn’t want to turn on the timer every time, another option is to use a motion sensor to control the fan. Click this link to watch a video on how to install bathroom fans

The shower panels should allow for ventilation. This is done by not installing the glass panels all the way to the top of the ceiling. If they go from floor to ceiling, there will be no proper air circulation inside the room. So experts recommend that there should be some ‘breathing space’.

Homeowners who want some feeling of warmth on the tiles should consider using a floor heating system. This will be installed under the tile in the shower. Tiles are usually cold in the morning so this provides the much-needed warmth under the feet. The heating system must be compatible with the shower such that it can be used inside it. It is advisable to consult a professional to help with the planning of the layout for this type of bathroom.

5. Maximize Space

Space is very valuable so it is important to use all the space as much as possible when carrying out bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes. The homeowner must be creative in using space especially if the bathroom is small. With some creativity, the room can be design to make it look bigger. If the homeowner wants to open up the room, he can use glass doors for showers and tubs. A pedestal sink is helpful when it comes to maximizing space because they are smaller than cabinets. If the homeowner needs storage, he can use cabinets and tower cabinets to maximize space. Watch this video to learn how to maximize space in a bathroom

6. Consider Flooring

In bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes, the rule here is to go for durable flooring. The most common choices are ceramic porcelain and stone tiles. They are appealing and water-resistant. This makes them ideal for bathroom flooring. When it comes to durability, give it to baseball tiles. They are also elegant and have a great finishing touch. Find out more about bathroom flooring options here

7. Have The Future In Mind

Homeowners who are planning to put their home up for sale in the near future should put that into consideration when carrying out bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes. The choice of fixtures should be modern so that the value of the home will be increased. Even if the homeowner doesn’t plan to sell the home, he should ensure that the bathroom’s design is something that fits with his preferences. Get some modern bathroom designs from here here

Simple Design Ideas For A Master Bathroom

In bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes, many homeowners look for ways to make the master bath more luxurious. The problem is that the remodels need to achieve this are often expensive. But there is a way around it. Creating a great design for the master bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. There are easy designs that homeowners can create to give the master bath an elegant look.

1. Repaint Or Refinish Vanity

One of the first things that catch the eye when entering a bathroom is the vanity. An outdated vanity can be switched out. Homeowners can get standalone vanities from home improvement stores. They often come pre-assembled for easy installation. However, if the homeowner doesn’t want to redo the vanity entirely, he can decide to refinish the countertops or repaint the cabinets to give them a newer look after bathroom remodeling of South End MA

2. Replace Finishes

Vanity goes with the finishes such as drawer pulls and faucet. These finishes can become dirty over time due to water sediments and dirt from fingertips. Sometimes it is difficult to scrub them off and the only solution is to get new ones. It is advisable to get stainless steel finishes when carrying out bathroom remodeling of South End MA. They will give the bathroom a modern look in addition to being easy to clean.

3. Repaint The Room

Choosing a new paint color is one way to give the bathroom a new look during the bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes. The choice of paint will depend on the decor preferences of the homeowner. Generally, neutral tones give the home a timeless look and make the home appealing to buyers if the owner wants to sell. If the aim is to look trendy, the homeowner should be bold with color and create something that will showcase trendiness. Follow this link to find out the best colors to use for a bathroom

4. Change The Mirror

In bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes, getting a new mirror can add visual appeal to the bathroom. The ideal mirror is the one that goes with the design scheme. The mirror can be customized to match the style of the bathroom.

5. Make A Statement With The Lighting

Homeowners looking for ways to bring some drama into the bathroom can achieve that with the right lighting fixtures. A chandelier can add glamour to the bathroom. Candles can also be hung up the wall to give the room a more relaxing feel. Dimmers should be added to the light switches to allow the homeowner to create ambience anytime he desires.

6. Change Accents

This is one way to change the look of the room during bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes. The homeowner can get a new floor mat or shower curtain. The old soap dish should be replaced and the new one should match the hand towels. For a simple bathroom, the homeowner can add color in the accents to improve the look of the room. All the accents should have similar designs so that the room will have a cohesive look.

7. Increased Storage

Including more storage during bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes will help keep the bathroom tidy. This is very important for the aesthetics of the room. The design of the room will not be appreciated if the room is cluttered. The homeowner should decide on how to add extra storage. Few shelves can be hung up for extra towels and a storage rack can be installed over the toilet to maximize the small space. Drawer organizers should be kept inside the cabinets

8. Create Ambience With Accessories

A bathroom is supposed to have some amount of ambience because it is where people like to go to have a quiet time. Accessories can be used to create an atmosphere of relaxation without having to spend much. A few candles and fresh candles can do the trick.

9. Make Use Of Scents

In bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes, the overall experience matters in the design. The homeowner can bring in his favorite scent as a way of adding something extra to the bathroom. A diffuser or scented soaps can bring in the needed scent. The scent should be light so that the homeowner will not get tired of it quickly.

10. Carry Out Deep Cleaning

Cleaning doesn’t cost much. A thorough cleaning can transform the look of bathrooms after bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes. The homeowner should scrub the tiles, clean out the storage and wipe away moisture from the shower. All these can give the bathroom a new look.

As earlier stated, in the bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes, redoing the master bedroom is a very expensive and time-consuming project. But the money involved can be kept at a minimum by keeping things simple. The suggestions given above will help homeowners achieve their desired design with a small budget.

Ways To Maximize Space In A Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the smallest room in a home apart from closets. The thing about the bathroom is that occupants of the home use it very often even more than the closet. There are ways to make the room feel bigger and create space to accomplish more. The tips below will show homeowners how to maximize their bathroom space to make it more functional.

1. Use One Color Scheme In The Bathroom

Using one color can make the bathroom feel bigger than it really is. This depends on the amount of natural light that gets into the room. Using one color does not mean the homeowner can use hues of a single color. The homeowner can use different shades of one color to achieve the same goal. The ideal colors are soft neutral tones. The best color to use is white. But it has to be kept clean all the time.

2. Use Smaller Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs and towers come on different sizes. If space is an issue, the homeowner should replace some fixtures with smaller ones to maximize space. A pedestal sink is preferred instead of a vanity sink with attached cabinet. Pedestal sinks take less space. To find out how to choose bathroom fixtures, click design-milk

3. Maximize The Space Above The Doorway

Much of the vertical spaces in bathrooms are not properly utilized. The space above the doorway is usually vacant. For bathrooms with high ceilings, the homeowners can install storage shelves on top of doorways to store scrubs and other items. The shelf can be used to store extra toilet paper and cleansers. This frees up the storage area below the sink of other purposes.

4. Use Mirrors Creatively

Mirrors can reflect light. This gives a feeling of added space. During bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes, homeowners can hang vanity mirrors in decorative frames on the wall like an artwork. It is important to consider what will be reflected when using mirrors in bathrooms. When the mirror is placed across from a window, it will reflect scenery and light but if it is placed somewhere else in the room, it might not make the desired impact.

5. Utilize Vertical Space

Some bathrooms give the homeowner the opportunity to add vertical storage. The walls closer to the ceilings are usually not utilized. Toiletries, cleaners and sprays can be stored here. Cabinets can be built to extend up to the ceiling. The homeowner can add color and decorations to above the cabinetry. This will draw attention to the upper parts of the room and enlarge the space and feel.

6. Lighten Up All Dark Areas

The lighting in a bathroom may be sufficient enough for using the mirror but there are often some dark areas in the room. The homeowner should install brighter bulbs to brighten dark corners. CFL light bulbs are ideal because they come in low energy and emit brighter light. Get tips for better bathroom lighting lumens

7. Remove Obstruction From The Floor

In bathroom remodeling of South End MA homes, it is important to make sure that there is no obstruction on the floor that is taking up valuable space. Things like trash cans and bathroom scales take up a significant amount of floor space. These items should be kept in another location. The trashcan should be moved to the toilet if it is small enough to fit it. Scales can be kept in the bedroom or the hallway leading to the bathroom.

8. Use Open Storage Shelves

There is often storage under the sink. It can serve as a decoration if it has open storage. Towels and other items can be stored in open storage shelves without taking up much space in the room. The homeowner should ensure that there is no clutter in the open storage. Too many items should not be added on the shelves.

Click here click here to find out bathroom designs that can save space.