Famous People Watertown MA

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Famous People Watertown MA Watertown is a city which is part of the Greater Boston area. It is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Many famous personalities have come out of this city. Some of them were born there while others settled in the city and made it their home. We will look at some of … Read more

History Of Watertown MA

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History Of Watertown MA Watertown, as per wikipedia.org, is a city located in Middlesex County. However, the history of Watertown MA is different from others, as there were people living in this town, even before the settlers from England came. There were notably two tribes; Pequossette and Nonantum, and they had settlements on the banks … Read more

Things To Do In Watertown MA

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Things To Do In Watertown MA Watertown MA has a lot to offer in terms of attraction for both residents and visitors of the town. There are many places to visit. We will look at the fun places to visit and where to grab a bite while you are in Watertown. Fun Places To Visit … Read more