Famous People Wellesley MA

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Famous People Wellesley MA Wellesly is a town in Greater Boston in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. This wealthy town has produced famous people both past and present. We will look at some famous people Wellesley MA has produced over the years. 1. William Haislip Squier (Born 1950) One of the famous people Wellesley MA has produced … Read more

History Of Wellesley MA

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History Of Wellesley MA Wellesley MA was a part of Dedham MA in the 1630s. Then it became a part of Needham MA, and was called West Needham. In 1880, the residents voted to have a separate town, that didn’t come under Needham, and in 1881, the town was created, named after Horatio Hollis Hunnewell. … Read more

Things To Do In Wellesley MA

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Things To Do In Wellesley MA There are many fun things to do in Wellesley MA. Whether you love cultural activities, historical sites or recreational activities, you will get all of that in this town. Information gotten from patch.com shows that the place is endowed with many natural beauties and community resources. If you are … Read more