Famous People From Braintree MA

Famous People From Braintree MA

Braintree used to be inclusive of Quincy. Before the separation, various influential individual such as John Hancock and John Adams were born. Throughout the development of the area, the historical records prove that two presidents of the United States were indeed born here. They played an important role in the United States, which includes the contribution they made so that the American Revolution is achieved. Some of the Influential and famous Braintree Residents, click here include;

Priscilla Chan

Chan is a pediatrician by profession and a spouse to Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. Chan and Mark got married in year 2012. She and Zuckerberg met in a fraternity event, then started dating in year 2003. She attended medical school in San Francisco, California University, click here. Her hometown is Braintree in Massachusetts. She is the daughter of the Vietnamese-Chinese refugees. She is a mother to two girls namely August and Max. Her husband founded Facebook when he was twenty years old.

Omar Ghonim

Omar is an Instagram star born on 22nd August 1994 in Braintree. He is a creator of comedic videos on vine. He is pursuing his career in directing and acting. He has more than forty thousand Instagram followers, check here. Before rising to the fame world, he used to play football at University of Bridgewater State, and his role was middle linebacker. He studied kinesiology at the university. Before Vine was discontinued, he had more than six hundred thousand followers. He has one sister known as Sarah and they are descendants of an Egyptian.

John Adams

John Adams was born on 15th February 1947 in Braintree. He is seventy-two years old and his birth sign is Aquarius. He is renowned for choral piece, Pulitzer. A choral piece themed on September eleven. He has several other musical composition, check here.

His first musical work was at the age of ten. He attended Harvard University and obtained a bachelor’s as well as master’s degrees. His degrees were on musical composition. He pursued his high school education at Concord in New Hampshire. His father was a musician thus gave his son clarinet lessons. In 1987, he composed an opera which was based on the early 1970s tour of Richard Nixon, a president, to China.

John Adams

John was born in Quincy when it was still part of Braintree, see here. he is one of America’s founding fathers. He was the 1st vice president in the US and 2nd President after George Washington. He was born on 30th October 1735 and died on 4th July 1826.

His father always pushed to being a minister. John decided to be a lawyer. John criticized the 1765 Stamp Act, which made him famous. As a lawyer, he defended British Soldiers responsible for the deaths of 5 civilians in Boston Massacre of 1770. He always relied on Abigail, his wife, for insight and advice. He married Abigail on 25th October 1764. He was a father to six children; Susanna, Thomas, Elizabeth, John Quincy, Nabby and Charles. His vice president from 4th March 1797 to 1801 4th March was Thomas Jefferson. He still died in the same place he was born.

According to, see John was a lawyer and teacher who was dedicated to politics and patriotism. John was a one term president as he lost the election to his Vice President, political rival and longtime friend Thomas Jefferson. He lived with his wife for fifty-four years.

John Hancock

John was a politician born on 23rd January 1737 in Quincy, Braintree. He died at the age of fifty-six on eighth October 1793. He was a prominent patriot and founding father of American Revolution. see here states that he was the 1st and 3rd Governor of Massachusetts Commonwealth. He acted as president of Continental Congress, the body that was governing US during American Revolution. His uncle left him a successful business after his demise in 1763 which he ran. He inked a stylish and large signature on the Independence Declaration of the US. Thus, he his name is a synonym for signature.

His father was a reverend from Braintree, John Hancock and his mother was Mary H Thaxter. He married Dorothy Quincy in 1775 and they were a happy couple until his demise in 1793. He was a friend to President John Adams who was baptized by Reverend Hancock.

John was a statesman, prominent patriot and American merchant. The, click state that he was a graduate of Harvard College. In 1766, he got an election to Boston Assembly. He was the governor of MA until 1793. His parents died when he was a child and a wealth uncle who worked as a merchant adopted him. He graduated from Harvard at seventeen. In 1760, his uncle sent him to England on a mission as when he was working a clerk, he was capable and honest.

John Quincy Adams

The, says, say that he was the son to a president of US and the 6th US president. He was born on 11th July 1767. He died at the age of eight on 23rd February 1848. He was one of the influential diplomats, a congress representative and a USA senator. He used his diplomat skills to end the 1812 War with the Ghent Treaty. The treaty closed off South and North America from colonization by the Europeans with Monroe Doctrine. He tried running for a re-election as president in year 1828, but he lost to President Andrew Jackson.

He was born in Braintree MA, shows. He attended Harvard College and became a lawyer at twenty-six. He urged for development of one national university which would teach sciences and arts. He died two days after suffering a stroke. John Q Adams was buried in United 1st Parish Church where his mother, wife and father were buried as well.