Famous People From Jamaica Plain MA

Famous People From Jamaica Plain MA

Jamaica plain is not just a regular Boston neighborhood. It is a neighborhood that has luckily produced five Boston mayors. It has recreation parks as well as some of the hidden monuments in the United States. In the year 2010, JP had a population of 37,468 people. Some of the notable people hailing from JP Massachusetts include;

Sylvia Plath

She was born on 27th October 1932 in Jamaica Plain. Her biography is found on, see this. She was a writer and a poet. She died on February 11th 1963 aged thirty years old. She graduated from the Smith College and later attended Cambridge University, England. She got married in the year 1956 to Ted Hughes, and English Poet.

Her first poems collection, “The Colossus” was published in the year 1960. She continued writing poems between the year 1961 and year 1963. A play she had written, “Three Women” got perfume on the BBC in 1962.

Bela Lyon Pratt

He was born on 11th December 1867. He was an unassuming quiet family man. He was humorous, kind and very generous. He started sculpting at quite a young age. His works are found in, search here He was passionate about music, thus played the guitar, oboe and cello. Around his house in JP, there were over 180 sculpture pieces. He was a vital person in the Boston Art School. He died on 18th May 1917.

Maud Cuney Hare

She was a piano lecturer, playwright, composer, poetry editor, biographer, folklorist, collector and historian of black music and founder plus director of Allied Art Centre found in Boston. She moved to JP in the year 1904 after she got married to William P Hare. Her roles are in Jamaica plain are outlined in, explore Maud hare She was born in 1874, and died in 1936. Before her death, she and her husband stayed at forty-three Sheridan Street.

Joseph M Mclntyre

He was born on 31st December 1972. He is an actor, songwriter and singer. He was a member of the pop group, “New Kids on the Block” in the 1980s. World-wide, he has sold more than one million records, yet he happens to be one of the solo artists. He was raised in JP by his parents, Thomas Mclntyre and Katherine. His entire journey inclusive of his achievements are in; click here.

James Michael Curley

His detailed biography is found at, check this out He resided at JP. He was a legendary mayor who served as a mayor for the longest period. His achievement, life and roles as a mayor are in, check this out. He served for sixteen years and his honor still lived after 1915.

John Collins

He was a mayor between 1960 and 1966. His life in leadership as well as personal life is found here; click here.

John was one of the prime movers in redevelopment of the downtown area of Boston. This is in particular the newly built City Hall plus a Prudential Centre. He was a veteran in the Second World War, but in his midlife he suffered a Polio paralysis thus was confined to a chair. He received the honorary Doctoral Law degree from the Harvard University.

Maurice Tobin

The leadership of Maurice is found in; see this. He is the only Boston’s mayor who got to the top political posts in our nation and the state. In 1926 in Massachusetts House, we was the youngest. Between 1944 and 1946, he served as a governor. He backed President Truman, thus with his knowledge on telephones, he got the labor secretary post. He died in 1953 after being out of the office for six months.

Malcolm Nicholas

He lived in a house on Centre and Hathoway Streets corner. He was the every last Boston mayor who was a republican. He served between 1926 and 1929. He schooled at Harvard, then turned to do public service work at the state and city level. He was a stocky, short and friendly man. Nicholas defeated Curley thus became a mayor. He resided at Jamaica Plain. Wikipedia summarizes his life in; see this.

Andrew Peters

He was the first Boston mayor. Based on data from, click here he happened to be among the mayors who resided in JP. He was a lawyer trained at Harvard University. He joined politics in the year 1901. He served the federal and state level as one of the democrats in the heavily republican supporting districts. Andrew was the first mayor to hail from JP. His house was atop South Street and Asticou road, near the Arboretum. Andrew favored metropolitan Concept. He died in 1938.

David A. Mittell

He grew up in JP, Prince Street. He went to Agassiz school as well as Roxbury Latin. He graduated from Harvard in 1939. He was an executive of the Davenport Peters, though hedied recently aged 97. His obituary is in; explore . He is one of the members in the trustees’ board of Roxbury Latin Scholl and Plimoth Plantation.

Bob Duerden

He was once employed by the Boston Gas. He had a unique experience residing at Jamaica Plain. When he was asked in an interview of his fondest memories of Jamaica Plain when he was growing up, he said it was the friends he had from Lamartine and Danforth Streets plus the amazing things they enjoyed doing together. More information on him can be found on; see this.

Hamlin Garland

He is among the greatest America literary pioneers. He was a leading writer on farming frontier. His first stories were written in an Attic house in the JP. Hamlin wanted to be a teacher, and he was convinced that Boston would provide him with more opportunities by a minister from Maine. He moved to Boston area in 1884 November.

He was not successful to join Boston University with the letter of recommendation the minister had given him. He spent of his time at the public library located on the Boylston Street. The Maine minister then gave him a recommendation, thus he visited Dr. Hiram in JP. When at JP, he stayed at twenty-one Seaverns avenue.

A detailed biography on the life of Garlend is located at click here.

Henry Keaveney

He resided on Aldworth St. though was born on the Ballard St. He grew up an only child in his family. The JP newspaper describes him extensively in; check this. He began his career at the Mechanical Arts School, a high school in JP. The school is currently known as Boston Tech. He was curious to learn thus traveled around in a bid to gain more knowledge. For forty-one years, he worked in his parent’s composing room. He designed advertisements, marked up various sizes and arranged layouts. For eight years, he used to work night shift.

Horace Parker Chandler

The life of Horace is found on, see this. Horace was a descendant of the Plymouth Colony Settlers. He was a publisher of law and poetry books. He was a mortgage and real estate broker in Boston, a journalist, photographer and a magazine and newspaper correspondent. He graduated from the Boston Latin School and the Harvard University. He has been a resident of JP for fifty plus years.