Famous People Somerville MA

Famous People Somerville MA


Somerville MA is a Middlesex County city, located a few mile northwest of Boston. It is an award winning town, winning All-America City Award of 2015 according to wikipedia.org.

It was home to quite a number of people who have greatly impacted the U.S and world at large. This article highlights the famous people Somerville MA.

Charles Revson

Charles Revson (1906-1975) was a Somerville native who was the founder of the giant cosmetic conglomerate, Revlon. He founded Revlon after missing out on a promotion in Elka Industries.

He was a very philanthropic individual and he established Charles H. Revson Foundation, according to wikipedia.org.

Robert A. Bruce

Robert A. Bruce (1916-2004) was revered cardiologist who established the Bruce Protocol, a practice that stands today. He was born in Somerville and is among the famous people Somerville MA because he played a very huge role in developing cardiology as a practice and was a beloved teacher.

Richard Carle

Richard Carle (1871-1941) was very prolific actor, with both stage and film credits according to ibdb.com and imdb.com. He was born in Somerville and his extensive body of work puts him among the most famous people in Somerville.

Jessica Meir

Jessica Meir is an astronaut and assistant professor. She has had a stellar career in her field and has received a lot of awards for her work in NASA, according to wikipedia.org.

Patricia Head Minaldi

Patricia Head Minaldi (1958-2018) was a United States District Court judge. She was known for her distinguished public service career.

Connie Morella

Connie Morella was a member of the House of Representatives for the 8th District of Maryland although she was born in Somerville. She has had a distinguished public service career and has received numerous awards for her work, according to wikipedia.org.

Randall Monroe

Randall Munroe is a Somerville resident. He is a famous cartoonist and writer. In addition, he is an engineer and scientific theorist.

Jack Parker

Jack Parker was a former head coach of the Boston University Terriers hockey team. He was born in Somerville.

He is best known for guiding his charges to multiple titles throughout the 70s.

Bobby Pickett

Bobby Pickett (1938-2007) was a multi-talented Somerville native who best known for his hit 1962 composition Monster Mash. In addition, he has dabbled in film as well and has a few credits to his name according to imdb.com.

Harry Nelson Pillsbury

Harry Nelson Pillsbury (1872-1906) was a world class chess player. He holds one of the famous people Somerville MA position because he bested all the brilliant chess players in one of the most grueling and challenging chess tournaments, 1895 Hastings Tournament.

Unfortunately, he took ill before gracing the World Chess Championship. Nonetheless, this proud Somerville native continues to attract interest on account of his mental prowess and chess acumen.

Alfred M. Pride

Alfred M. Pride (1897-1988) was a decorated U.S Navy admiral and proud Somerville native. He is among the most famous people Somerville MA because he was among the first navy aviators who learned how to fly the first helicopter.

Throughout his stellar career, he has received various promotions and awards according to wikipedia.org.

Archibald Query

Archibald Query (1873-1964) was a resident of Somerville and was credited with the invention of Fluff, a marshmallow recipe that changed the course of confections.

Alex Rocco

Alex Rocco (1936-2016) was a phenomenal acting talent. Although he was born in Cambridge, he spent a majority of his youth in Somerville. He is best known for his role of Moe Greene in critically acclaimed The Godfather.

According to imdb.com and allmovie.com, he had a very glittering acting resume.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan(1949-2016) is a familiar name if you are a comic book lover. He was born in Somerville.

Ryan is known for his work in the Fantastic Four and The Phantom. In his extensive career, he worked for both D.C and Marvel Comics.

John Shea

John Shea (playwright) is another talent with roots in Somerville. A majority of his works are set in Somerville and cover a lot of themes, according to wikipedia.org.

Paul Sorrento

Paul Sorrento is the current hitting coach for the Los Angeles Angels and a former MLB player. He had a storied professional career that spanned a decade from 1989 to 1999. Although he was born in Peabody, a majority of his youth was spent in Somerville.

Sorrento was an unbelievable talent who could hit with his left hand and pitch with his right hand. After a stellar career in the Majors, he segued into coaching and has a lot of experience according to wikipedia.org.

Daniel Chapman Stillson

Daniel Chapman Stillson (1826-1899) was the inventor of one of the most helpful tools in history, the adjustable pipe wrench. He settled in Somerville where he developed this pipe wrench working as a machinist in J.J Walworth Company, according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Chapman_Stillson.

David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) was a very popular author and university instructor. He was born in Ithaca, New York but settled in Somerville for some period in his Harvard days.

Wallace is best remembered for his seminal work Infinite Jest, which thrust him into the spotlight.

Barbara Weeks

Barbara Weeks (1903-2003) was a very talented actress. She was born in Somerville but moved to Hollywood as an adult.

She has a place among the famous people Somerville because she churned out very compelling performances in Westerns throughout the 30s. Weeks had a hiatus in the late 30s after she got married.

Winter Hill Gang

Winter Hill Gang is a defunct criminal group. It had derived its name from Winter Hill in Somerville. A majority of its members had roots in Somerville.

This gang was responsible for a whole laundry list of crimes ranging from extortion to murder.

In 1999 this criminal organization was brought to book in by the FBI.

Hazel Heald

Hazel Heald (1896-1961) was a popular pulp fiction writer. She was best known for her frequent collaborations with storied horror writer, H.P. Lovecraft.

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