Famous People Watertown MA

Famous People Watertown MA

Watertown is a city which is part of the Greater Boston area. It is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Many famous personalities have come out of this city. Some of them were born there while others settled in the city and made it their home. We will look at some of these famous people Watertown MA and what makes them popular.

1. Robert Seeley (1602-1668)

Seeley helped establish Watertown, New Haven and Wethersfield. He was one of the early Puritan settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and one of the original forty settlers of Watertown. This makes him one of the famous people Watertown MA.

Seeley was second-in-command to John Mason in the Pequot War. His name is written on three historic plaques in Watertown, Wethersfield, and New Haven as one of the founders of the cities.

2. Benjamin Robbins Curtis (1809–1874)

He was an attorney and United States Supreme Court Justice born in Watertown MA. He is one of the famous people Watertown MA has produced. He was the first and only Whig justice of the Supreme Court and also the first Supreme Court justice to have a formal legal degree. Curtis was the chief counsel for the Impeachment of U.S. President Andrew Johnson during the first presidential impeachment trial. He resigned from the court over a matter principle making him the only justice to have taken such a step.

According to information available at wikipedia.org, he became a Harvard Fellow in February 1846. He was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1849. Looking at his achievements, Curtis is undoubtedly one of the famous people Watertown MA.

3. Eliza Patricia Dushku (Born 1980)

Eliza is an American- Albanian model, actress, producer and one of the famous people Watertown MA. She was born in Watertown and attended Watertown High School. She is popular for roles on television especially as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

According to wikipedia.org, Dushku does voice work on video games. She has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards and Saturn Awards in the past. She is the founder and CEO of Boston Diva Productions. Her contributions to the film industry make her one of the famous people Watertown MA.

4. Charles Brigham (1841 –1925)

Brigham was an architect based in Boston. According to wikipedia.org, he was born, raised, and educated in Watertown. He attended Watertown High School and graduated in the first class of the school in 1856. He deserves a spot on the list of famous people Watertown MA because of his achievements. He did not study architecture formally but was an apprentice to architect Gridley J.F. Bryant. Some of his prominent architectural work includes town seal for Watertown, the Millicent Library, Fairhaven, Unitarian Memorial Church, Fairhaven and Old Watertown High School.

5. Frederick Coolidge Crawford (1891 – 1994)

Crawford was an industrialist and philanthropist. He was born in Watertown and studied at Harvard College where he graduated and also earned his Masters of Engineering. He is one of the famous people Watertown MA. He was the president of Thompson Products, Inc. The company manufactured auto and aviation components needed by allied forces during World War II.

The information available from wikipedia.orgshowed that he won the Franklin Institute ‘s Vermilye Medal in 1957. He joined the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 1993.

His leadership in the automotive and aviation industries was recognized across the globe. He is unarguably one of the famous people Watertown MA.

6. Jeffrey DaRosa (Born 1982)

DaRosa is a rock musician who plays multiple instruments. He was born and raised in Watertown and is one of the famous people Watertown MA. He is a member of the Dropkick Murphys based in Boston.

7. Nancy Nye Masterton ( 1930 – 2015)

This is one of the famous people Watertown MA. She was a politician, volunteer and farmer. According to wikipedia.org, she was born in Watertown. She spent most of her life in Cape Elizabeth, Main with her husband. She engaged in volunteer work with several groups. She also owned a farm in Denmark, Maine. She was a Republican member in the Maine House of Representatives from 1977 to 1985 earning her a spot on the list of famous people Watertown MA.

8. Charles Sumner Tainter (1854 – 1940)

Tainter was an engineer and inventor of a scientific instrument maker. He was born in Watertown and attended public school there. He had modest education and most of his knowledge was acquired through self-education.

He is well known for works with Alexander Graham Bell and is one of the famous people Watertown MA. Tainted and the bells worked together on several inventions, the popular one being the phonograph and the photophone. The improved on Edison’s earlier device and developed the gramophone. Tainter and Bells received several patents for the Gramophone.

According to wikipedia.org, Tainter was awarded a gold medal in 1915 by the San Francisco Exposition for his Graphophone work. He is arguably one of the famous people Watertown MA.

9. Hrach Gregorian (Born 1949)

Gregorian was an educator, writer and political consultant. He was born in Tehran, Iran but spent his childhood in Watertown after his parents immigrated to the US. He graduated from Watertown High School in 1968 and proceeded to Boston University where he obtained his BA in Political science. The focus of his work is in the field of international conflict management and post-conflict peace-building.

He writes subjects relating to conflict management, terrorism, national security, peace building, and conflict hot spots around the globe. He is an astute scholar who holds academic appointments in universities in the United States and Canada. This brilliant mind is one of the famous people Watertown MA.

10. Richard Bakalyan (1931 – 2015)

Bakalyan was a character actor who was born in Watertown and is one of the famous people Watertown MA. He is popular for playing juvenile delinquents at the beginning of his acting career.

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