Famous People Wellesley MA

Famous People Wellesley MA

Wellesly is a town in Greater Boston in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. This wealthy town has produced famous people both past and present. We will look at some famous people Wellesley MA has produced over the years.

1. William Haislip Squier (Born 1950)

One of the famous people Wellesley MA has produced is this rock musician and singer. He was born in Wellesley and is a graduate of Wellesley High School. According to wikipedia.org, Squier’s most popular song is ‘The Stroke’ from his album Don’t Say No released in 1981. He also had many rock arena hits in the 1980s.

2. Nathan Samuel Freiman (Born 1986)

Freeman is a former professional baseball first baseman. He grew up in Wellesley and is one of the famous people Wellesley MA. In 2013 and 2014, he played for the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball. According to wikipedia.org, before he graduated in 2005, he played for the Wellesley High School baseball team for four years as both a pitcher and a slugging catcher

3. Emily Greene Balch (1867 – 1961).

Balch was an economist, pacifist and sociologist who taught at Wellesley College. She was also interested in social issues such as child labor and immigration, poverty and ways to uplift poor immigrants and reduce juvenile delinquency through settlement work. She is one of the famous people Wellesley MA.

During her teaching career at Wellesley College, her focus was on consumption, immigration, and the economic roles of women. She once served as the Professor of Economics at Wellesley.

According to wikipedia.org, she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946 for her work with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). She is definitely one of the famous people Wellesley MA. Follow this link to watch this 5 minutes video on Balch:

4. Gamaliel Bradford (1863 –1932).

Bradford was a renowned biographer, poet, critic and dramatist. He was born in Boston but lived in Wellesley MA as an adult. The building and student newspaper for the Wellesley High School were named after him. The name of the building was later changed to Wellesley High School, but the newspaper maintained his name. Such honor was given to him because he is considered as one of the famous people Wellesley MA has produced.

According to wikipedia.org, over 114 biographies were written by Bradford within a period of 20 years despite his health challenges. You will agree that this man is one of the famous people Wellesley MA.

6. Nicole Freedman (Born 1972)

Nicole is a Jewish Olympic cyclist who was born in Wellesley, MA. She went to MIT and Stanford University. She was the winner of the US National Championship Criterium in 2001and came second in the Israel National Championship road race in 2003. She is a notable personality on the list of famous people Wellesley MA.

7. N. Gregory Mankiw

Mankiw is currently a Professor of Economics at Harvard University according to information available at harvard.edu. He is a prolific writer who participates regularly in academic and policy debates. The professor lives in Wellesley, MA with his family and is considered one of the famous people Wellesley MA.

8. Joseph Edward Murray (1919 –2012)

Murray was a surgeon who became famous in 1954 for successfully carrying out the first kidney transplant on identical twins. He received the Nobel Prize in 1990. Dr Murray was born in Milford and attended Harvard Medical School following his dream of becoming a surgeon. He resided in Wellesley and was one of the famous people Wellesley MA.

9. James Draper St. Clair (1920 – 2001)

St. Clair was a lawyer who worked with the law firm of Hale & Dorr in Boston for many years. During the Watergate Scandal, St. Clair was the chief legal counsel for President Nixon. St. Clair was a long time resident of Wellesley and is one of the most famous people Wellesley MA has produced.

10. Katharine Ellis Coman (1857 –1915)

Conan was an economist, historian, educator, sociologist, social activist and one of the famous people Wellesley MA. She worked as an instructor, professor and dean at Wellesley College for 35 years. She focused on teaching and research about the development of British and American industrialism and the American West. She was passionate about poverty, women’s education, immigration and labor.

She was a friend of Emily Green Balch with whom she shared similar views on social issues. The Katharine Coman Professorship of Industrial History was created by Wellesley College in her honor showing that she is one of the famous people Wellesley MA has produced.

11. Katharine Lee Bates (1859 – 1929)

Bates was a college professor, writer, scholar, and social activist. She attended Wellesley High School and Wellesley College. She is remembered today for her patriotic song “America is Beautiful” She also wrote volumes of poetry, children’s books, essays and travel books. The Wellesley College archives have collections of most of Bates papers.

She was a member of Wellesley College faculty and during her time on the faculty, she mentored a number of young poets at the college. She created a course on American literature establishing it as a field of study. She was the first woman to write a textbook on American literature. Her contributions make her one of the famous people Wellesley MA.

12. Gregory F. Comella (Born 1975)

This is one of the famous people Wellesley MA. He is a former professional American football fullback who played in the National Football League. While playing for Stanford Cardinal football, Comella recorded 19career touchdowns. This feat is among Stanford’s all-time best. In 1992, he was named Massachusetts Player of the Year and currently holds the state record for the longest touchdown run.

Currently, Comella manages Comella’s Restaurants his family-owned business with more than 10 locations in the Greater Boston region.

13. Jane Therese Curtin (Born 1947)

Curtin is an actress and comedian. She was born in Cambridge MA but spent her childhood days growing up in Wellesley. Curtin first came to prominence as an actress in 1975 on the original TV comedy series Saturday Night Live. She won Emmy Awards for Best Lead Actress for her performance in the sitcom Kate and Allie. She is one of the famous people Wellesley MA because of her success as an actress and comedian. There you have it. These are some of the famous people Wellesley MA.

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