Famous People Weston MA

Famous People Weston MA

Weston is a town located west of downtown Boston in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The town is home to past and present people of influence. Some to these famous people Weston MA were born here while other moved to the town and made it their home.

In this article we will look at past and present famous people Weston MA.

1. Frederic C. Dumaine Jr. (1902 – 1997)

Frederick was born in Weston, Massachusetts. He is one of the famous people Weston MA. He was a business executive who served as the president of many companies such as Avis Rent a Car System, the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, and the Delaware and Hudson Railroad. He chaired the Massachusetts Republican Party from 1963 to 1965. His political contributions make him one of the famous people Weston MA.

2. David Martin Frank (Born 1952)

Frank is another person on the list of famous people Weston MA. He is a pianist, composer, music producer, and a member of the System, an R&B group that was popular in the 1980s.

He grew up in Weston, MA and started playing classical piano from a young age. He won a composing competition when he was in fifth grade. He competed successfully in talent shows and played in rock bands while in high school. Information available at wikipedia.org shows that he is currently a songwriter for the Universal Music Publishing Group.

3. Sarah Fuller (1836 –1927)

Sarah Fuller was an American educator and she is one of the famous people Weston, MA. She got her education from Allan English and Classical School in West Newton. She also received training at the Clarke School for the Deaf after which she was appointed as principal at the Boston School for Deaf-Mutes. She believed that deaf children should have access education starting at the earliest age possible. She gave Hellen Keller her first speech lessons.

The Sarah Fuller Foundation for Little Deaf Children which existed between 1888 and 1972 was named in her honor. She is definitely one of the famous people Weston MA.

4. Stephen D. Lebovitz (Born 1962)

This business man is one of the famous people Weston MA. He is the CEO and president of CBL & Associates Properties. Information from wikipedia.org shows that he resides in Weston MA. Here is a YouTube link to an interview with Lebovitz:

Watch to see why Lebovitz is one of the famous people Weston MA.

5. Grover Glenn Norquist (Born 1956)

Norquist is political advocate who founded Americans for Tax Reform. He is also the president of this organization. The organization works to oppose any tax increase. Weston MA is Norquist’s hometown and he grew up there. He is one of the famous people Weston MA.

6. Robert Winsor (1858 – 1930)

Winsor was an investment banker, financier and philanthropist. He was the head of Kidder, Peabody & Co. an investment banking firm in Boston. Winsor was a key person in the industrial consolidation during the period leading up to the Great Depression.

Winsor was not originally from Weston but settled in the town in 1883 with his wife. His contribution to the development of the town makes him one of the famous people Weston MA. He bought a plot of land at Boston Post Road and built a small house. As time went on, he bought adjoining properties and laid out roads. He also built additional homes on Chestnut Farm, a 472-acre estate for his mother and siblings. The property is the second largest holding in Weston. This makes him one of the famous people Weston MA.

8. Ted Alfond (Born 1945)

Ted is a billionaire investor and philanthropist who lives in Weston MA. He is a co-owner of the Boston Red Sox and was once the Executive Vice President of Dexter Shoe Company. He is one of the famous people Weston MA who have made the town their home.

9. Mike Leach

Mike is a former professional tennis player who grew up in Weston MA. He began playing tennis since he was 11. Information available at wikipedia.org shows that in the New England’s 14-and-under division, he earned number 1 singles and doubles ranking. While he was in the 16-18 division he was number 11 nationally. While attending the University of Michigan in 1982, he won the NCAA singles championship. He was inducted into the University Of Michigan Athletic Hall Of Honor in 2008. This sportsman is definitely one of the famous people Weston MA.

10. Emily Naphtal (Born 1989)

Emily is a figure skater and lawyer who represents Mexico in international competitions. Emily was born in Illinois but spent most of her life in the state of Massachusetts. She attended Weston High School graduating in 2007. She won the silver medal for Mexico in 2006. She has earned a place in the list of famous people Weston MA has produced.

11. Joseph Francis Shea (1925 – 1999)

This is another individual who deserves a place in the list of famous people Weston MA. Shea was an aerospace engineer and NASA manager. Although he was born in the New York City, he lived in Weston MA. According to information available on wikipedia.org, He started working for NASA in 1961. He worked as Deputy Director of NASA’s Office of Manned Space Flight and as head of the Apollo Spacecraft Program Office. His work at NASA shaped the course of the Apollo program positively. His contributions at NASA earn him a place on the list of famous people Weston MA.

12. Charles Marvin Williams (1917 –2011)

Charles M. Williams was a finance professor at Harvard Business School. His field was commercial banking where he was a recognized authority. He is known for teaching his students using the case method. According to wikipedia.org, William and his family lived in Weston for 43 years before his retirement. He is one of the famous people Weston MA.

13. Benjamin Loring Young (1885 – 1964)

Young was a lawyer and politician from Weston MA. He was the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1921 to 1924. According to wikipedia.org, Young retired from law after nine years of legal practice. He was the Selectman of the Town of Weston MA for thirty-six years. This makes him of the famous people Weston MA has produced.

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