History Of Brookline MA

History Of Brookline MA

As per wikipedia.org, this is a town in Norfolk County, and it is also a part of Greater Boston. In the history of Brookline MA, it was at first, part of the Algonguain territory, and European colonists were the first settlers here, in the 17th century. In 1705, the town got its independence and its name, Brookline, as well. The town was merged with Boston in 1874, and resisted being annexed by it. The center of retail activity in Brookline was the Brookline Village.

There are many historic places for you to see in Brookline MA, and once you visit these places, you will get a sense of what the history of Brookline MA looks like.

Puppet Showplace

As per wikipedia.org, this is the oldest puppet theatre in the country. It was founded in 1974 by Mary Putnam Churchill, who was a puppeteer. When she started the place, it attracted other puppeteers from New England and other places. The puppet theatre still does performances for children and adults and it is a place, where you must go.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

This is a historic place, and currently, this property is owned by National Park Service, which also offers tours to people.

As per wikipedia.org, in 1914, Joseph Patrick Kennedy purchased this house, when he was going to marry Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald. As the couple was blessed with children, they moved to another house, but then repurchased the house in 1966 and lived there till 1969. Rose Kennedy wanted the house to look the same, when John Kennedy was born there and the artifacts in the house are 19% original. Visitors are allowed to tour every room, and you should see this part of history of Brookline MA.

John Goddard House

This is a historic house located at 235 Goddard Avenue. It was built in 1767, it is a two-storey wood frame house and the builder was John Goddard. John Goddard was a farmer and this house is one of the few houses that played an important role in the history of Brookline MA.

As per wikipedia.org, when the Siege of Boston took place in 1776, the rebellious colonists stored munitions there. Goddard even acted as the wagon-master for the Continental Army and didn’t accept the offer made by George Washington, to serve in the military.

Larz Anderson Park

This park is a wooden landscape, which extends to 64 acres; this park was initially treated as a farm in the 17th century and in 1899, it was purchased by a Weld Family member. This Brookline property also had a mansion, extending to twenty five rooms, which was then remodeled to look like Lulworth Castle. The gardens of the mansion were designed by Charles A. Platt; there were ornate terraces developed in European style. Larz Anderson, later, added more gardens which were in Chinese and Japanese styles.

As per wikipedia.org, he also added a sculpture, polo field, outdoor theatre and a garden with koi. If you want to see how the gardens were developed in the past, then you should definitely see this part of history of Brookline MA, and you won’t be disappointed.

St. Aidan’s Church

As per wikipedia.org, this is a Roman Catholic Church that was built in 1911, in the Medieval Revival style. Maginnis and Walsh were the designers of the church. The reason why this church has historical importance in the history of Brookline MA, is that Joseph P. Kennedy and his family also attended this parish, and this is where John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy were baptized.

The church has a very attractive structure and when you look at it, you will be able to see the history of Brookline MA, in a new light.

The Country Club

As per wikipedia.org, this place is the oldest country club in the country. In 1882, some men from Boston formed this country club and in the list of USGA’s, this club is the first one in the 100 clubs of the country. Originally, the main focus of the club was horseback-riding, and the golf course was not developed until 1893.

This was also one of the five clubs that founded the United States Golf Association and the main purposes of this was to form a national amateur championship, and it was held in 1895. You can still see the gold facilities that the club provides; it started from 6 holes and then went on to 27 holes, which is divided between two courses. It has historical significance because of the people who played here; Freed McLeod, Harry Vardon and Francis Ouimet, so go there and get a taste of history of Brookline MA.

The Dutch House

This is a historic building, which was a multi-unit residence; it is located at 20 Netherlands Road. As per wikipedia.org, the building was built for an exhibition hall, that took part in the World’s Fair in Chicago. The Dutch House is similar to the Franeker City Hall. The hall of the door has stone animals, and there is a replica of the Enkhuizen Orphanage as well.

When you go there to get a taste of history of Brookline MA, you will see the interior of the building, which is ornate in nature, has ceiling beams and wooden panels. It is a structure that is a must see for those, who want to become a designer or architecture.

Some other places that might interest you in the history of Brookline MA are the Coolidge Corner and the Emerald Necklace. The Coolidge Corner was one of the two primary retail districts in the town, and the Emerald Necklace is a park system, that include Olmsted Park.

The history of Brookline MA is rich with places that famous people like John F. Kennedy have been to. The history is interesting and when you go to Brookline MA, you should visit all these places.

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