History Of South Boston MA

History Of South Boston MA

South Boston is a neighborhood of Boston, which is densely populated. As per wikipedia.org, and its history can be traced back to 1804. It used to be a narrow strip of land, which created a connection between Dorchester and Dorchester Heights. It was on the Dorchester Heights that George Washington placed cannon there, during the American Revolutionary War and the British troops were forced to leave.

The history of South Boston MA became interesting, when a 14 year old murdered two children; 10 and 4 years old respectively. Jesse Pomeroy became the youngest person who was convicted of first degree murder in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

There are many historic places in South Boston MA, which really show you the history of South Boston MA and some of these places are discussed below, so you can find the one or more, that interests you!

Harrison Loring House

This house was built in 1865, and it is a mansion made of Second Empire brick. This house was in use as a private residence until the year 1913. Then, the Roman Catholics purchased this place, so that it could be used as a convent. It was given the designation of a Boston Landmark, in the year 1981.

Dorchester Bay

As per wikipedia.org, this is part of the history of South Boston MA, and is the smallest of three bays, that are found in this area. It forms a shoreline of the South Boston neighborhood and inhabits Thompson Island as well. The river that empties into the bay is called Neponset River, as per wikipedia.org. This bay is part of history, as it was founded in 1870, when Dorchester was annexed by Boston.

Dorchester Heights

Dorchester Heights, as per wikipedia.org, is remembered in American history and the history of South Boston MA, as a place where American Revolutionary War was active. In 1775, the British were under the command of General William Howe, who attacked Bunker Hill. However, he suffered from many losses; George Washington was made commander-in-chief, who then went to monitor the Siege of Boston.

There is a Dorchester Heights Monument that you can see, and that is located at the center of the Thomas Park. The architectures of the place were Peabody and Stearns.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library And Museum

If you are interested in reading papers that were published in the past, to gain an insight into how things used to function, then this is the right place for you. As per wikipedia.org, the building of the museum was designed by I.M. Pei and you can find official correspondence in the museum, of the Kennedy Administration.

There is an exhibit on the presidential campaign, that took place in 1960; the museum includes a room where speeches and press conferences of Kennedy can be seen, a separate room for the space program in the country, and information about the American Civil Rights Movement, that happened while Kennedy was in office. This is an interesting part of the history of South Boston MA.

Thomas Park

The Thomas Park is named after John Thomas, who played a key role in the occupation of Heights, in the year 1776. To preserve this history of South Boston, the park has been well kempt, and the green space is a wonderful sight. On the Thomas Park Monument, there are many plaques which describe how the Dorchester Heights were occupied. If you are a visitor, then the whole monument and its gleaning light will surely impress you. The beacon above the monuments reminds people about the role of Boston, in the American Revolution.

Castle Island

The Castle Island has a history of its own. As per wikipedia.org, many things have happened here: At For Hill, which is the southern portion of the Boston Peninsula, a battery was constructed, so that in case an attack takes place, the damages can be minimized

When the Siege of Boston took place at the start of the American Revolution, Castle William was a military base for the British. Also, it acted as a place where people took refuge with their families, like Major Pelham Winslow. When the British Evacuation of Boston took palce in 1776, the Castle William was destroyed.

This site was also used by the U.S. Navy during the World War II, for the purpose of the ship degaussing station.

Its historical significance also lies in the fact that Edgar Allen Poe served on the Castle Island, when he was in the army, and he learned about it. After which, he based the story of Cask of Amontillado, on this island. Such is the rich history of South Boston MA.

M Street Park

Getting away from the noise and going to a park, is what you would want on a hectic day. The history of M Street Park can be traced back to the late 19th century. There are brownstone buildings opposite to the park, that are part of the history of South Boston MA, and they show the architecture of New England.

The M Street Park is also a Vietnam memorial, and the very first of its kind, still standing. The names in the memorial belong to the residents of South Boston, who sacrificed their lives for the country, fighting.

The history of South Boston MA is not just limited to historic places. James Brendan Bennet Jamie Connolly belonged to South Boston. As per wikipedia.org, he was the first modern champion in the Olympics as well.

The history of South Boston MA is important, mainly because of the American Revolutionary War and how it served a purpose in the war. From Dorchester to Castle Island, the place has been used by the army. There are places you can go and learn more about the American Revolutionary War and how it changed the landscape of America. There are parks and monuments, that would leave you speechless, so don’t miss this part of Massachusetts and plan your next vacation here!