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If a homeowner is not careful with who he hires, then he could be the target of a general contractor services scam. Whenever a homeowner wants to make repairs inside his home, be it the interior of the house or the exterior, he needs to do research about the experience of the general contractor he is hiring, or he might be in danger of being scammed.

Before hiring the services of general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, it is best to do a little investigation. Firstly, a homeowner should know the difference between a handyman and a general contractor, so he doesn’t confuse between the two and make a mistake.


Handyman’s Definition

A handyman is someone who does general repairs inside the house, which count has routine maintenance as well. A handyman can replace a sink, paint, clean gutter, repair drywall, install a patio or a new toilet, do yard work and fence repairing; Encyclopedia.


General Contractors Definition

A contractor is someone who should be hired for a larger project, one that needs a permit from the local authorities. A general contractor is someone who manages these large projects, monitors the performance and progress of subcontractors and suppliers. A homeowner may hire the services of general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA for the purpose of remodeling a kitchen, adding more space to a room, remodeling the whole house or just building a home.


Scams That People Face

When people hire general contractors, who are not a general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, and they don’t do research about them beforehand, then they usually face the following situations:
• General contractors run with their money, and that too, without doing any tasks.
• General contractor does work on the project they hired for, but the job is poorly done.
• General contractor takes months to finish a project, going over the budget, and still ending with a bad outcome.
• General contractor finds a place that has recently gone through a bad or harsh weather, and then scam people by stating that they are experienced and there to help them.

This is why, before hiring a general contractor, a client should do research; Money Crashers.


Doing Homework

Do hire someone as a general contractor is not an easy job, because they would be handling the structure of the house, and that is a big responsibility. The client, first, needs to do his homework. He should look for home improvement websites or blogs, which advise readers on the general contractors they should hire for the job.

These websites or blogs even tell people what they could do to make sure that they are hiring the right person for the job. The client should research about the general contractors in his area, whether they belong to a company or they are working independently and then they should try to find out about these general contractors from people who live around the area. Someone must have hired at least one of the general contractors and would know if he can be hired or not; This-Old-House.


License Number Of The General Contractor

A general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA would have a license number, and if a client wants to know whether the license is legit or not, then they can always contact the local municipality. This is an effective way to stay away from scams, and to make sure that if the client hires the general contractor, then nothing would go wrong in the future. Moreover, a client should also inquire about insurance coverage; if there is a general contractor that approaches the client, the client should request to see the insurance policy that the contractor has.

In an event when things go wrong on the project site, like a worker getting injured, if the general contractor has an insurance policy, then this would mean that he has it all covered and the client doesn’t have to worry about liability.


Asking The Important Questions

When a client meets a general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, he should ask him all the important questions. The client should write questions in advance so that he doesn’t forget them, when he meets the general contractor; consider some of the following questions:
• How long have you been in the business of construction?
• Do you have any references that you can provide?
• Do you have your own crew?
• Do you provide materials and equipment or the client has to?
• Do you belong to any trade association?
• How long have you been working in this area or state?
• What is your usual timeline for a project?

When a client is checking references of a general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, then he should ask the past clients the following questions:
• Did the general contractor complete the project on time?
• Did the general contractor go over budget?
• Did the general contractor provide feedback during the project?
• Would you recommend this general contractor to someone?
• What were some of the problems that you faced with the general contractor?

Based on the replies of the past clients and the general contractor, a homeowner would be able to understand more about the general contractor and if it is a good idea to hire him or not; Real Simple.


Payment Schedule Of The General Contractor

When the client meets the general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, he should ask him about the payment schedule that he requires. Some general contractors might want the whole amount up front, because they don’t have the capital to buy materials on their own or hire a crew. Some general contractors would only ask the client for a small deposit, while others would prefer to get half payment at the start and half at the end of the project.


Crew Of The General Contractor

One of the benefits of hiring the general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA is that they come with their own crew. The question that the client should ask here is whether the crew would remain the same throughout the whole project, or other workers would join the crew later on. The client should also ask if the general contractor would be hiring subcontractors, and if he knows the people he would be hiring for the project, or not.


Getting The Work Space Ready

Even though the general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA is going to manage the whole construction project, but the client should ask the general contractor if he is supposed to make any arrangement to prepare the working space or not. For example, if the general contractor needs a tour of the worksite, or if he needs pictures of them beforehand, then he needs to let the client know.

Some general contractors would prefer if the furniture of the room, in which they are going to work is removed before the work starts, so that it doesn’t get damaged or it doesn’t get in the way of the workers. If the client is making preparations for the general contractor and his workers, then this might mean lowering down the cost of the project for the client; DIY.


The Things That Happen During The Project

Before a general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA starts working on a project with his crew, the client should ask about what is going to happen during the project. He should ask the following questions from the general contractor:
• Would the project be of loud nature?
• Will the room become very dusty during work?
• Will the workers clean the room before leaving at the end of a working day?
• Will the general contractor manage the whole project, or the client has to manage some parts of the project as well?
• Will the general contractor use any materials to cover the furniture, or does it have to be removed?
• Will the general contractor use a tarp to cover the floor or the floor won’t get affected?
• What safety measures would the general contractor take to avoid any incidents from taking place?
• Will the general contractor need a separate place to store their tools and materials, or do they have a vehicle for this job?


Bidding From The General Contractor

Before the client makes the choice of hiring the services of general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, they should get an itemized bid from every contractor they have shortlisted. The bid should include the cost of labor, the materials that would be used during the project, the fee for getting permits from the authorities and other expenses. Getting bids from different general contractors would give the client a general idea about the kind of budget he should have for the project, and if he can afford the services of a general contractor or not.

If the bid doesn’t fit the budget that the client has made, then the client can change the scope of the project. For example, instead of remodeling the whole house, he can choose to remodel only those rooms that are used more often than the other and require attention as well. He can also exclude those things that are expensive, like fixtures or a painting job; BuzzFeed.

When the client has hired the services of general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, then there are things to look for, which are related to the things that happen during the project.


Ordering Of Materials And Equipment

The client should not make the mistake of not making a decision about which fixtures to get for a remodeling project and should discuss the material and equipment beforehand with the contractor. When clients make decisions about materials at the last minute, then the whole schedule is affected and the deadline for the project completion has to be extended. If a client makes this decision before the project starts, then he doesn’t have to pay extra for getting materials delivered on a short notice.


Communication With The General Contractor

One of the skills of a successful general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA is effective communication skills. However, the client should also make an effort and communicate with the general contractor:
• The client should talk to the general contractor about the progress of the work, every morning
• The client should have contact information of the general contractor, so that if he has concerns about the progress, he should be able to call him
• The client should decide with the general contractor, how he will provide feedback to the client, before the project starts

If the client does have an effective communication with the general contractor, then he would know the expected time of project completion. Moreover, if a client wants to make small changes in the design of the project, then he can voice his concerns about it as well; Quora.


An Organized General Contractor

During the project, the general contractor has to remain organized. He should write down which subcontractor is responsible for which job, and the schedule of workers. He should also write down the small expenses incurred during the project, like food for workers, beverages and other expenses that require petty cash. The reason why everything should be recorded is because the client would want to see where his money is being spent. If the general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA is given a budget by the client, then he should do his best to stick to the budget.

Moreover, a general contractor should stay organized and record the number of orders that he has placed with the suppliers. He needs to make note of the delivery dates of materials that are set by the suppliers and the date on which they actually arrive. He can keep a project journal, in which he jots down the ideas of the client, and the ways in which those ideas should be best implemented.


Tracking Changes

The client would want to make some changes in the design that have been decided beforehand. It is best if the general contractor makes a note of those changes and gets it signed by the client, so that the client doesn’t go back on his word after the project is over.

To make it official, the general contractor can also make changes in the remodeling contract, as some changes would require more budget, specialized workers, materials and equipment; Wikipedia.


Facilities Provided By The Client

The client should be a good customer and must provide some facilities for the workers:
A bathroom which they can use and hang their work clothes.
If it is a hot day, serving the workers lemonade, especially if they work under the sun all day.

The clients should greet workers and even compliment their work. Even though these are not necessary things, but these gestures would motivate the workers to work on time, and the client might even get a better outcome.

Those homeowners who think that hiring the services of general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA sounds like a hassle and they should do things on their own, then they should reconsider keeping the benefits in mind.


Providing Management Services

The first benefit of hiring a general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA is that they provide management services to clients. Managing subcontractors, keeping track of materials, handling equipment, training workers and making sure the project completes on time are not easy tasks. However, a general contractor can make things easier by shouldering these responsibilities.

Clients should hire experienced general contractors, because they would have more management experience and have handled more projects. This would be an advantage for the client, as his project would be handled professionally.


Professional Suggestions

Clients can’t make every decision on their own, because they have limited knowledge about construction and remodeling. A general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA would suggest changes in a remodeling project, that would be aligned with what the client wants.
If a client wants bathroom remodeling, then a general contractor would suggest the client not to change the place of his fixtures, because that would mean changing plumbing and electrical lines as well.

These professional suggestions can help the client make decisions that would lower down the budget. Moreover, a general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA would help the client pick colors for his room, that would match with the furniture and give the whole room a good look as well.


Hiring And Firing Of Workers

A general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA is responsible for hiring and firing of workers, which can be a complicated job for the client. He will pick workers for the project, choose the subcontractors he has worked with in the past, call the suppliers he knows for materials and can get a discount from and hire any equipment needed for the job.

A client, on the other hand, would have to look for workers, interview them, pick out the best, then look for subcontractors, get materials from suppliers and getting a discount won’t be easy. A general contractor has a network that he has worked with in the past, but a client doesn’t. If a client starts doing everything on his own, then he won’t be able to get anything done in time; Ezine.


Insurance Coverage For Workers

When a client doesn’t hire a general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, then he would be liable for the incidents that take place in the workplace. He would have to pay for the injuries and other workplace incidents, but if he does hire the services of a general contractor, then he doesn’t have to shoulder the burden.

A general contractor sees to it that when workers are handling equipment, then they have the proper training to do so. Moreover, workers should be given a safe working environment, and they should not be exposed to any surfaces that can harm them. For example, if there are loose electric wires, then the general contractor should see that they are handled before the project begins.


Getting Permission For The Project

A client might not know about the permits that are needed for a project. A general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA knows the rules and regulations of the state for a construction project and what permits they should get before a project starts. A general contractor would know the documents to file for getting permission and the information needed for those documents.

A client can benefit from the services of a general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA, and a lot can go wrong if he tries to do things on his own:
• He might not know how to assess a project site.
• He might not know how to hire workers.
• He might not know which subcontractors to get in touch with.
• He might not know which materials to buy and from whom.
• He might not know about the equipment needed for the project.
• He might not know how to get an insurance policy or coverage for unforeseen incidents.
• He would not have proper knowledge and expertise to properly execute a project.

A general contractor of Jamaica Plain MA has many responsibilities and a successful general contractor gives his best effort and time to a project that he is working on. He might even show the client a project he currently worked on, to give him an idea about his style of work and what he can achieve. It is up to the client to do his research and ask around about general contractors, so that he doesn’t enter a scam and lose his money in the process; Watch this video:

A client should meet the general contractor face to face before making a decision to hire him and should not pay him all the money for the project, when it starts. He should monitor the project by getting feedback, and going on the site, to see if what he has envisioned, is being implemented properly or not.