This is one of our largest undertakings, a 200 unit complex renovation of kitchen & bathrooms in vacant and occupied apartments. We had multiple crews working over a year to complete the work [...]


Smart Coats was hired to build an addition onto a 2 family home in Concord MA, increasing the living room footprint. We were asked to renovate the existing kitchen and bathroom in the unit while [...]


A residential customer in Winchester had a roof leak in the winter of 2015 and damage their living room windows. These windows were custom built – each weigh over 100 lbs. Smart Coats was hired [...]

Boston MA Residential Deck Build

Originally, this deck was in bad shape and a falling tree completely dismantled it. Smart Coats was called in to come and build a new deck. We had to update the drawings and re-submit them to the [...]

Canton, MA Shopping Center

We were hired by the management company to repaint this shopping area. We were able to complete the project in under 1 month. The work consisted of repainting multiple store fronts and replacing [...]

Concord, MA Barn Renovation

Smart Coats was hired by a family to renovate their barn. The building had issues with water penetrating around the siding and windows. We removed all of the existing windows and siding and [...]

Lynn, MA Exterior Painting

We were hired to repaint the exterior of a nursing home in Lynn MA. We power washed the entire building using a 60 ft lift. Working closely with management, we scheduled different parts of the [...]