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Homes in Quincy MA need floor installation at some point whether it is a new installation or replacement of old installation. The process can be costly and time-consuming if not planned and executed properly. Homeowners hire flooring contractors to do the work for them. This article will discuss the benefits of hiring a flooring contractor Quincy MA.


Benefits Of Hiring A Flooring Contractor


1. Correct Assessment

A homeowner may make a costly mistake of undervaluing the task of floor installation. A professional flooring contractor Quincy MA will assist the homeowner in choosing the proper quality and suitable amount of flooring necessary. He will also help to get the materials needed for the work at the most reasonable cost. Click here to find out how the contractor measures flooring.


2. Proper Planning

After choosing the appropriate flooring, the flooring contractor Quincy MA will provide the homeowner with a blueprint illustrating the process and a schedule of when the project will begin and how long it will take. The flooring contractor will help the homeowner to plan ahead and be prepared for the project. He will make the schedule according to the homeowner’s personal schedule to make the installation process as convenient as possible.


3. Prosper Preparation

Some factors may affect proves even with a well-planned schedule. Issues such as technical difficulties can come up unexpectedly. A good flooring contractor Quincy MA will keep the homeowner update throughout the process to minimize the chances of sudden surprises. The contractor can guide the homeowner to stay on track with the budget and schedule because he understands the market.


4. Competence

A flooring contractor Quincy MA can provide pre-installation assistance such as removal of furniture or existing flooring to minimize disruptions during the work. The contractor will ensure that the job gets done properly.

He will map out every step of the installation process to ensure that everything goes according to plan.


5. Guaranteed Work

A professional flooring contractor Quincy MA will offer the homeowner a warranty on completion of the work. The contractor knows the correct way to install various types of flooring and has prior experience working with the materials. With his level of experience, the contractor is able to anticipate problem areas and avoid the problems before they occur. There is no doubt that the homeowner will greatly benefit from the experience and expertise of the contractor. The contractor can give the homeowner correct advice about their flooring needs.


Before Hiring A Flooring Contractor

Now that the homeowner knows the benefits of using a flooring contractor, it is time to go and hire one. But before doing that, here are some tips to help him find the right flooring contractor Quincy MA.


1. Obtain References

A homeowner should ask neighbors to refer him to a good flooring contractor. For instance, the homeowner may see a tile floor at a neighbor’s house that’s caught his eyes. If he wants that quality of work, the best thing is to ask for the name of the person who did the work and find out more about the contractor. What were his rates? Was he knowledgeable; was the neighbor happy with his overall performance? These works of mouth referrals are very effective for finding a good flooring contractor Quincy MA. If the homeowner cannot find anyone in his neighborhood to ask do referrals, he can look for flooring professional on the internet. He should check the reviews well especially those who are not so popular.

Once he has made a short list of contractors, he should do some follow-up by checking to make sure that the contractors have up-to-date insurances and licenses. Contractors can apply for an online permit in Quincy MA here A background check may be necessary if the owner wants to undertake a big project.


2. Compare Estimates

Once the homeowner has compiled a list of possible contractors, he should have the contractors come to look at the site and the flooring material to be used. The contractors will measure the area and calculate the amount of flooring needed. The contractors should each tell the owner’s how long they think the job will take and any background work that needs to be done underneath the existing floor. The homeowner should compare the overall costs presented by each contractor. Information found here shows that flooring refinishing is $3.00 per square foot material cost.


3. Draw Up A Contract

The homeowner should draw up a contract once he has chosen the contractor to work with. Things to be included in the contract include the type of material, the amount of material required, the accessories needed, the duration of the work and details of the warranty on the work. The contract should create room for changes to be made. The homeowner and the contractor should both sign the agreement.


4. Time For Acclimatization

If the homeowner is installing a hardwood floor, he will need to allow some time for the materials to acclimate to the condition of the space before the work starts. The minimum period required for this is usually three days but it depends on the supplier’s instructions. The temperature should be kept at around 67 degrees F and the humidity level should be between 25-50 per cent. The flooring contractor Quincy MA should make sure that acclimatization time is factored into the timeline for the project.

Click here to watch a short video on how to acclimatize hardwood flooring.


5. Consider Safety

Safety must be considered throughout the duration of the work. Some part of the floor might be missing at some point so the contractor should only work when the children are not at home if the homeowner has kids. Materials that need time to set should not be walked on for a set period of time like 24 to 48 hours. Pets and children should be kept away from the work area until the work is completed.


6. Ensure Neatness

The homeowner should ask the flooring contractor Quincy MA where he will use as a staging area to avoid messing up the entire house. Certain activities like sawing board or tiles can cause dust so it should be done in a secluded area. The contractor should state who will be responsible for cleanup after the work is done. The homeowner should make sure that the ventilation system is clear of sawdust to avoid any mishap. Watch a video on how to pick a flooring contractor:


The Need For Insulation On Floors

Some homeowners add insulation to their floors while others don’t see the need. Adding insulation to the floor has its benefits. It helps improve the functionality of the home’s existing insulation system and improves the energy efficiency of the entire home. Below are some more reasons for the homeowner to add insulation to floors.


1. Soundproofing Benefit

When a homeowner adds insulation to the floor, it completes the insulation system of the home. The home will have better soundproofing. Houses located on busy streets will really enjoy this benefit as it keeps the surrounding noise at the bare minimum. Read about best soundproofing flooring materials here.


2. Improves Comfort

The floor is more comfortable to walk on if it is insulated and the house will retain heat for a longer time.


3. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Insulated floors allow the homeowner or enjoy better indoor air quality. Due to increasing pollution, the air these days carries pollen and other harmful particles. Insulation ensures that these particles don’t get inside the house to pose a health risk for the homeowner because less unregulated air is allowed from entering the home. This improves the quality of air in the home.


4. Saves Money

The homeowner will save a lot on the heating system if the floors are insulated by the flooring contractor Quincy MA. If the floor isn’t insulated, a large amount of heat is misplaced through it but when insulated, the ventilation and heating systems will work less.


5. Prevents Freezing Of Pipes

Pipes in homes located in places with extreme winter are prone to cracking and bursting if the water in them freezes. When a layer of insulation is added between the floor and the pipes, the chance of bursting during winter time is lowered.

In summary, insulated floors have many advantages for homeowners such as energy efficiency, cost savings and better air quality. To read more on the importance of insulation, click here.


Flooring Mistakes Home Owners Make

There are certain mistakes homeowners make with hardwood flooring. This section will discuss these mistakes and how to avoid them.


1 Allowing Little Time For Refinishing

Most homeowners only know that it takes about 5 days to get the installation work done. They do not realize that it takes another 4 to 5 days before furniture can be moved in. Ideally, the homeowner should be off the floor for this entire time meaning that they need to stay away for the home for that period.

Homeowners who want to buy a house should consider this to know when to move in. The movers should only deliver the furniture when the work is done. Knowing this and planning ahead makes things easy. If a homeowner wants to work on the floors of his current house, sanding and refinishing work are best done while he is on vacation. More time will be needed if new hardwood flooring is being added. The wood needs to acclimatize before getting installed.


2: Hiring The Wrong Contractor

Many homeowners get multiple estimates from different contractors. This is actually good but id the homeowner is not careful, he can end up choosing the wrong contractor. This mistake happens when the homeowner goes for the cheapest flooring contractor Quincy MA. The cheapest contractors usually give the poorest results.

The price has two components which are the materials and the labor. Materials have their prices. Materials that cost lower are most likely of low quality. If a contractor charges low labor cost, the work will most likely be inferior. It means there will be no attention to detail and the contractor is desperate.

Another component of the price is the scope of work. What is the number of coats and type of poly to be used? All these affect the price. Some homeowner ends up paying the contractor without getting to know the scope of work to be done. They may end up having to redo the floor with a different contractor.


3. Following The Wrong Order

Many homeowners do flooring project in the wrong order. This makes them end up double paying for some aspects of the work. It also prevents them from doing their desired type of flooring because their choices become locked. Some of the mistakes are installing cabinets before hardwood or tile is installed and painting before refinishing the floor. It is advisable to do the painting after flooring as it will make the work come out better especially if done by a professional flooring contractor Quincy MA.

Some homeowners replace counter tops and cabinets before flooring. The problem with this is that it limits the type and height of flooring that can be done. This means that several appliances won’t fit. For instance, the dishwasher will get locked in making it difficult to repair without damaging the floor. If cabinets must be installed first, the homeowner needs to add a quarter rounds or shoe molding around the edges.


4. Waxing And Cleaning The Floor With The Wrong Cleaning Products

In decades past, floors were usually waxed as a form of protection. But nowadays, polyurethane is used for the same purpose. It eliminates the need to wax the floor regularly because it lasts longer. In reality, poly degrades faster when waxed causing the homeowner to refinish the floors sooner.

There are many products that are advertised for cleaning floors. Most of them contain oils and waxes and as earlier mentioned, these are not good for poly. They may make the floor shine temporarily but the homeowner will have to refinish sooner. These waxes also make it difficult to screen and re-coat the floors. To find the best floor cleaning supplies click here.


5. Not Hiring A Flooring Specialist

Sometimes, homeowners hire general contractors or handymen instead of expert flooring contractors Quincy MA. They do this because handymen charge less. But that right there is the problem. Handymen charge less because their skill level is not up to that of a specialist. Flooring is not an easy job, it requires experience and expertise. Non-specialists make a lot of mistakes that can cost the homeowner a lot in the long run. Sometimes the entire flooring might need to be replaced.

Homeowners use general contractors because it is easier and less expensive but they make mistakes too. They often mix different colors of wood for the flooring giving it an ugly appearance. They take short cuts with materials being used for the work. Some will prefer to use waterborne poly because it dries faster and allows them to finish the work in a short time. But this will only last for a short while and the homeowner will have to do it all over. Some of them make amateur mistakes like not allowing the wood to acclimatize and not setting the temperature correctly. So while it may be easier to use a general contractor, they produce inferior results.


6: Installing Floating Floors Under Cabinets

Many types of floating floors such as hardwood, cork and luxury vinyl are available. These floating floors are to be installed around the cabinets and not under them. They will buckle if installed under cabinets because they will not be able to expand and contract. Many handymen and general contractors make this mistake. That’s why it is good to hire a professional flooring contractor Quincy MA who knows the job well. To read more about flooring and cabinets, follow this link.


7. Purchasing Cheap Materials

As a general rule, people get what they pay for. Homeowners often compromise on the materials. Whether standard materials are used or not, the labor will be the same. But there will be a huge difference in the durability and quality of the work. Cheaper materials are usually made to be thinner than other options, have more color variation, have a shorter length, and have an inferior finish that scratches easily.

Even some big brands produce inferior materials and many homeowners fall for it because of the samples advertised. But the truth is, samples can be misleading. The manufacturer can make the samples look great but they show everything. A closer look will reveal more color variations and shorter lengths.

Some engineered hardwoods are less expensive, but the disadvantage is that they cannot be sanded and refinished. The cost of installation for solid and engineered wood is usually the same if the homeowner has plywood sub-floors that allow hardwood to be nailed in. But there will be a difference in their durability. The engineered floor need to be ripped up and replaced once they are scratched if they can’t be refinished. This will cost the homeowner more than it did the first time since he is paying to rip them up and redo them. The idea of saving money on buying cheaper material often backfires within a short time and cost more money in the long term.

It is better for the homeowner to save money to buy the right materials than buying cheap materials that won’t last. Visit this site to read this flooring buying guide.


8. Handling The Work Themselves

Some homeowners are talented and may be able to install the floors themselves, but the thing is, if the floors are not installed or finished on a regular basis, it could cost the homeowner a lot. First of all, it will cost the homeowner a lot of time. A professional flooring contractor Quincy MA will do a better job and faster.

Quality is also a concern when a homeowner wants to take the DIY route. The work usually turns out to be of low quality. The homeowner will most likely make the mistakes already listed earlier. Quality is of high concern when it comes to sanding and refinishing. The homeowner will most likely not do a good job in this area.

Assuming the homeowner has the necessary skills, another thing is the quality of machines to be used for the work. The homeowner will most likely not be able to rent the type of high-quality machines that a professional flooring contractor Quincy MA owns. The homeowner cannot get the same time type of finish with the inferior machines. And as a matter of fact, many do not even know how to use the machines. They find it hard to balance the equipment and figure out how many right grits to use. They also don’t know how to make the poly adhere properly.

A homeowner wishing to take the DIY route should consider how much he will really save. There is a cost for renting the machines; the nails and poly also have their cost. He should also consider the time to be spent on the project. Wouldn’t it be better if those hours were invested in something more profitable?

When all these are considered, the homeowner will see that the actual saving is very low. So it is better to hire a flooring contractor Quincy MA.


9. Trying Hard To Follow The Latest Trend

It is good to be current and up to date but the homeowner should know that trends change. He should plan for the future. There is no need to but the latest trend of materials for flooring when he will not stay in the house for a long time. He should consider when he will sell the house and what happens when the trend changes. It is easy and less expensive to change carpet but that is not the case with tiles. It costs a lot to rip up tiles. It’s simple to change solid hardwood than other types so the homeowner should go for that. Read more about the pros and cons of different flooring options here.


10. Falling For Flashy Adverts

Some contractors promise very low installation costs and some materials manufacturers promise very high discounts on their products just to get people to patronize them. The homeowner should realize that there are hidden costs with these types of offers. For instance, a store may claim a low price for a carpet but the cost of the carpet pad is double that of the carpet. This is to cover for the so-called discount on the carpet.

A homeowner will make a better decision if he looks at the total cost of the project instead of the cost of certain items. He will be less likely to get attracted by these too-good-to-be-true offers if he looks ta the entire cost of the project.

Flooring is a big investment so it should not be done without proper research to choose to right flooring contractor Quincy MA. The right contractor will deliver quality work that will give the homeowner a rest of mind for many years.