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Bathroom Remodeling Of South Boston MA

Bathroom remodeling is a project that leaves behind a lot of work such as cleaning and sorting out the mess arising from the work. Nevertheless, it leaves the homeowner with clean and shiny surfaces. The best way to ensure that the project turns out as expected is for the homeowner to plan the project carefully before starting out.


Planning Bathroom Remodel

There are some key things the homeowner needs to look at to define the scope of the project. This will help him to know what to expect before getting started. The following section of this article will discuss these things that need to be considered.


1. The Size of The Project

The homeowner needs to first determine how far he wants to go with the project. What is the size of the project? Bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA is carried out in different levels. The homeowner should first of settle what he wants, consider the timeline for carrying out the project and decide if he wants to go through with it. The best case scenario is the owner may still want to retain the general layout and size of the room and the surfaces are still intact. In this case, the homeowner can do a surface-level remodeling. The homeowner can keep the same layout but decide to install a new vanity, plumbing and flooring. The location of the fixtures can also be retained.

The homeowner can decide to change the bathroom layout. This is more tasking than replacing fixtures. In fact, it involves moving fixtures like the shower, tub, sink or toilet. Wiring alterations can also be carried out.

The homeowner can also change the room by removing walls and altering the roof or ceiling. This is to make the room bigger. A common bathroom can be converted into a master bath this way.


2. The Cost Of The Project

The cost of bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes is quite high. The expenses involved are many. A homeowner can spend thousands of dollars to do a simple makeover. Mid-level remodeling can cost almost $2000 while extensive renovations will cost more than that.

Even if the homeowner is remodeling a small bathroom, the cost will still be high because of the money he needs to pay subcontractors like electricians and plumbers. The elements involved in the remodeling such as fixtures are also expensive. This is why it is important for the homeowner to look for ways to save on the remodeling costs.


3. Hiring A Contractor

Bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA home is an intensive project. Homeowners need to take a look at the project and whether they want to go the DIY route or hire a professional to do it for them. If a homeowner is only carrying out surface alterations, he should be able to do it himself with some motivation. The tasks involved vary in complexity. It is simple to install a toilet but building a tiled shower is not. Tasks like that should be handled by professionals. The best thing to do is for the homeowner to assess which projects to do by himself and which to leave to the contractor.

Before a contractor is hired, the homeowner should make sure he is properly licensed. Even though having a license doesn’t guarantee quality work from the contractor, it shows that he has fulfilled the basic requirements to become a contractor. There are also permit requirements for plumbing, electrical and other construction work. The homeowner should apply for permits early to avoid delays in the project. Follow this link to get tips for hiring a contractor.


Professional Bathroom Remodeling Vs Do It Yourself

Bathroom remodeling is not an easy job. Even people who love doing things themselves take a deep when it comes to deciding on bathroom remodeling. Bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes require a lot of skill. Electrical, plumbing and tile work are highly skilled trades which the average homeowner may not be able to handle. Remodeling is an intense work because every square foot must be done properly and it is not always as straight forward as it seems. A rotting subfloor can be encountered in the course of the work which is something that needs to be handled professionally.

Bathroom remodeling is something that needs to be done as quickly as possible because bathrooms are spaces that are used every day. A homeowner who intends to do it himself will be under pressure to finish the work as quickly as possible.

Looking at all this, the best thing is to hire professionals. The homeowner can hire a general contractor to do the entire work or hire subcontractors to handle different stages of the project. These professionals will get the job done faster. The only reason why a homeowner will not hire professionals for the job may be the lack of sufficient money for the project.

As stated earlier, remodeling a small bathroom can cost thousands of dollars if everything is being overhauled. It can cost up to $250 per square foot to remodel a high-end bathroom if done by a contractor. If the same bathroom is remodeled by the homeowner himself, it might cost less than $100 per square foot if fixtures are chosen carefully according to the budget. The homeowner is very likely to save about 50% if he does the work himself instead of hiring a contractor. Most of the cost will be for materials while the labor costs will be saved. Click here to know the average cost of bathroom remodeling.

One benefit of using contractors is the convenience for the homeowner. It is more convenient for someone else to do all the heavy lifting and get their hands dirty while the homeowner just stands by and watch. Notwithstanding the cost, having a contractor do the job makes the work faster.

A homeowner with some amount of experience may be able to handle the surface remodeling of a bathroom if he uses the same quality materials that contractors depend on. The question, is should the homeowner do the remodeling himself? The answer depends on a lot of factors that need to be considered in the project. Apart from cost, some other things need to be considered when planning bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA.


1. Time

It takes a longer time to do the work if a homeowner decides to do it himself. He will save cost but spend more time on the project. The homeowner can save a lot of time by hiring professionals. It is difficult for a busy homeowner to do remodeling work. If he manages to squeeze it into his schedule, it will take him months to remodel even a small bathroom. But if he hired a contractor, the job can be finished in a couple of weeks.

Contractors are experienced so they know how to go about the project quickly. They know the sequence to follow to make the work easy and fast. This is something the average homeowner can’t do. The homeowner should hire a contractor if he has one bathroom because it is important for the work to be done as quickly as possible since the bathroom is an essential room. But if the home has two bathrooms then the homeowner can decide to use the DIY option since there will be a spare bathroom to use while the remodeling of the other bathroom is ongoing.


2. Installing Fixtures

In the bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes, basic carpentry work involved the work are not difficult if the homeowner knows his way around a hammer. The homeowner should be able to handle them. But he must ensure that he follows the specification of the fixtures and cabinetry when installing them. It is important to ensure precision in framing.


3. Wiring And Plumbing

There are regulations regarding plumbing and wiring in a bathroom and professionals in these areas deal with these issues every day. They know the local code requirements, unlike the average homeowner. Unless the homeowner is an experienced electrician or home plumber, it is best to leave wiring and plumbing to the professionals. In fact, even if the homeowner is an experienced DIYer, he should hire professionals so that they can do the work in a more skilful manner. Find out things to consider in wiring and plumbing in this video:


4. Flooring Installation

A homeowner can do flooring installation because it is a relatively simple task especially with some types of flooring. If the homeowner has studied how to install covering like vinyl planks, there is no need for hiring a professional to do it. The same applies to all flooring that is easy to install.

The more difficult ones like porcelain and ceramic tiles are best left to professionals but that doesn’t mean the homeowner can’t do it himself if the floor space of the bathroom is small. It is easy to learn how to install tiles and they can be laid out easily on a small bathroom floor within a few days. So, a homeowner can save labor cost by installing the flooring himself. forbes to see how to tile a floor on a budget.


5. Handling Wall Surfaces

In the bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes, it is important to produce dry walls without flaws. Most professional contractors can give the homeowner perfect bathroom walls if they know what they are doing. In the case of the homeowner, even if he has some experience, he can still end up making walls with visible anomalies.

The homeowner may be able to install a green board in the bathroom but may not know how to mud and sand the board to achieve a smooth finish. This is where the drywall contractor excels because he has a lot of experience. If the homeowner is not bothered about flaws in the walls, he can save cost by doing the sanding and finishing himself. But since it often doesn’t cost much, it is best to have professionals work on the walls so that a perfect job can be done. As the saying goes, what is worth doing is worth doing well.


6. Installation Of Cabinets And Countertops

It is more convenient to have professionals install countertops and cabinets during bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes. Professionals can easily put the cabinets into place and mount them easier than the homeowner. They will also do it faster. Usually, there are few countertops and cabinetry in the bathroom. If the home has a small bathroom, the owner will most likely have to buy a bathroom vanity unit with the appropriate width that can fit into the available space. This is something the homeowner can do himself. Many of the vanities come with vanity until tops that make it easy to install countertops. So, when it comes to cabinetry and counter installation, the homeowner can do it himself. But of course, if he can afford hiring professionals, he can do so.


7. Installation Of Shower

In bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes, shower installation is a tough task especially when it involves building up the walls and shower pan with tile. The owner can attempt to do this himself but it’s best to leave it to the professionals. It is easier to install a pre-fabricated shower. The homeowner can refinish the shower or tub himself and still be satisfied with the result but a professional will glaze the floor better and produce a better finish. This is because the professionals do better preparatory work before moving on to the main thing. So in essence, shower and tub installation are difficult for the average homeowner so it’s best left to the pros. If the homeowner insists on doing it himself, he will need a lot of patience to get it done.


8. Installation Of Sink and Faucet

It is easy to install a sink if supply pipes run through the location of the sink and a drain pipe runs out. The homeowner can do the installation without involving a plumber. But if plumbing lines need to be moved in the process, a plumber will be needed. The plumber will do all the rough-in work and hook up the sink. So when it comes to sink installation, the homeowner can do it himself if plumbing lines are already present but if otherwise, a plumber should be called in to do the job. Follow home costhelper to find out the cost of bathroom sinks.


9. Installation Of Toilet

Toilets are easy to install even though they are heavy. The homeowner can do it himself but if a plumber is going to install other fixtures, he can as well install the toilet.


10. Painting The Bathroom

This is one of the simplest tasks in bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes. With a little experience, the homeowner can handle painting and trim installation. The only reason to hire painting contractors is if large spaces are involved, otherwise, tiny wall spaces can be handled by the homeowner. It is also easy for the homeowner to install mirror, hardware and other trim pieces. Such doesn’t require hiring a trim carpenter.

As far as bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes is concerned, the smaller tasks within the project can be handled by the homeowner unless the bathroom is very large. If the homeowner intends to carry out extensive bath remodel, he will need to hire out plumbers and electricians. However, if he intends to do surface-level remodeling, no major plumbing and wiring will be required so he can do the entire project himself.

The advantages of hiring professional contractors for bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes cannot be disregarded. It saves the homeowner time and the work will have more quality. Cost savings should be weighed against the advantages of hiring a contractor when making the decision.


Ways To Save Cost On Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes can drill a hole in the homeowner’s pocket because of the expenditure involved. But it is possible to save cost during the project. Cost saving begins at the time of planning. It is at this stage the homeowner decides what he wants and what the changes will involve. That is the best time to look for ways to save cost. The homeowner can explore ways to save cost on things like plumbing fixtures. This link Here is a video showing tips on how to buy plumbing fixtures:

The following paragraphs will discuss areas where the homeowner can save cost during the project.


1. Adjusting The Size and Layout

The usual challenge with enlarging or rearranging a bathroom is that plumbing pipes need to be moved. This is usually expensive to achieve. The homeowner will have to move toilet discharge and sewer pipes and these are expensive. The way to save cost here is to resize only if there is no other option. It is best to avoid this aspect of the remodeling as much as possible because of the expenses involved. Click Here to view some bathroom layouts.


2. Replacing Drywall

Bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes often involve complete replacement of drywall because of the high level of moisture in the room. This is unavoidable most times. But to save cost, the homeowner should speak with the contractor to confirm if a full replacement if needed. It is possible to replace only the affected areas. This will save the homeowner some money. This link This link contains video of how to remove drywall from a wall:


3. Replacing The Tub, Sink or Shower

It is costly to remove and replace existing plumbing fixtures. Shower and tubs also increase the overall cost of bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes. Tub replacement may involve demolition and changes to the bathroom construction.

The homeowner can save cost by considering why they need to be replaced. Is the reason due to functionality or aesthetics? The tub, sink or shower can be ugly but still functional. It is better to dress them up rather than replacing. A liner can be installed over the shower or tub. The bathtub can also be refinished to give it a better look. This is better than complete replacement which will cost more money. Find out more about bathtub glazing or bathtub liners, click here.


4. Installing A Custom Tile Shower

One of the most expensive aspects of bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes is the replacement of an old prefab shower base with a custom tiled base. The homeowner can save cost here by using a one-piece shower stall instead of a tiled shower. This is less expensive because there will be no need to hire tile setters who will charge a lot of money. It is also very easy to install per-formed showers, unlike tiled showers that require several days to install. An alternative to this is for the homeowner to start installing the shower with a prefab base and then tile the walls himself.


5. Choosing A Toilet

It is always better to replace an old toilet with a modern one but these modern toilets can be expensive especially the ones with lots of features. They are also expensive to maintain in the long run. The best thing to do is to choose a simple toilet that performs the basic functions. It doesn’t need to be expensive to be functional. Toilet installation is easy so the homeowner shouldn’t pay the contractor high costs for labor. In fact, most homeowners replace their toilets themselves routinely. A list of cheap toilets can be found here here.


6. Rewiring Electrical Circuits

Bathroom remodeling of South Boston MA homes often require wiring upgrade to meet electrical code standards. If the wiring in the bathroom is still functional, they may just need to be brought up to code through little adjustments.