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Homeowners often mix the two concepts, painting contractor and painters, together. However, there is a difference between the two terms. A painter is someone who simply picks up a brush and paints, he might have a few large tools, and might even own a paint truck as well. Anyone can become a painter, like a college student who wants to work during the summer or on the side. A painting contractor of South Boston MA, on the other hand, is a different story.

Painting Contractor Definition

A painting contractor can do the following:
• He can take away the risk and responsibilities that clients take when they hire painters to do a job
• They carry general liability and provide compensation to cover injuries and other damages
• They provide quality craftsmanship, and they share their work with others
• The client doesn’t have to buy materials or equipment, because the contractor does it on his behalf

To separate a simple painter from a painting contractor of South Boston MA, homeowners should look for certain indicators: – US-Legal

Provides Warranted Work

A painting contractor of South Boston MA would provide an assurance to the client, that if the painting job is damaged, or has a fault in it, then he will take full responsibility of it. The reason why the client can be sure of this is because the client and the contractor sign a contract at the start of the project, to decide on the terms and conditions of the project. These terms and conditions protect the interests of both parties and this is something that a client cannot get from a simple painter. A simple painter like a college student, won’t be willing to sign a contract with the client because of legal obligations.

History Of Experience

During the process of hiring a painting contractor, a client would be interested in knowing about the past jobs that the contractor has completed. A painting contractor of South Boston MA would have a portfolio to show to the client, so that the client can get an idea about the style of the contractor, the kind of projects on which he has worked and whether he will be able to do the client’s project properly or not.

If the painting contractor is working on a current job, then the client can better grasp how the contractor works: – DYB Coach
He should visit the project site personally, and look how clean the workers are, how organized they are, the progress of the project and the role of the painting contractor. The client would also be able to observe whether the contractor stays calm or angry most of the time.

Tools For The Project

A painting contractor of South Boston MA would bring his own tools for the job: – Bob Vila
There are several tools that are needed for a painting job and a contractor knows when and how to use these tools. The contractor would have access to the following tools:
• Tape, that is used for taping the ceilings and creating stripes (also called masking tape)
• Drop cloth-to protect the floor from paint and to spend less time cleaning after the day ends
• Paint tray, which can fit a gallon of paint in it
• Paint roller & roller refills, which can make the job of covering a wall with paint, quick
• Ladder, which makes it easier to reach heights and the height can be adjusted as well
• Small brushes, for a touch up when the job is over
• Paint scraper, which removes old paint or loose paint
• Load scraper, to remove paint from those areas that are small or tight

Quality Work

When a client hires a painting contractor of South Boston MA, as compared to a painter, then he is offered a professional and high quality job. The painting contractor will use good quality paint, will have workers with him who will peel the old and loose paint off, and the job would be done according to the schedule decided.

When the final coat is done, the client would be able to tell that is done by a professional: – Ezine
The surface of the paint would be smooth if it is done by a professional, but if it isn’t, then the roller techniques used, the condition of the floor and the nearby furniture and the dried paint steaks would give it away.

Knowledge About Every Aspect

When a client is hiring a painting contractor of South Boston MA, he would question him about how he is going to start and finish the project. The answers that the contractor gives to the client, would tell how much knowledge he has about painting, and whether he has done similar projects in the past or not.

The client can also question the contractor about application methods, the kind of tools that would be used and whether they know where to buy quality paint from. If a painting contractor is not able to give detailed answers or give satisfactory answers, then the client would understand that the painting contractor is not an experienced one.

Services Provided By The Painting Contractor

There are painting contractor who would just paint the walls and get over with the project, but there are painting contractors who would provide multiple services to the client. They would first provide an estimate to the client, check the room that needs to be painted, whether the wall is damaged in any way, if the paint has to be peeled or not and they give a warranty to the client as well.

A client can always check the packages that painting contractors give, see if the services fit their budget and then make a decision about hiring a painting contractor of South Boston MA.

Clear Communication & Trust Building

When a painting contractor understands what the client wants and what he has envisioned for his room, then he would be able to set objectives and accomplish them. A painting contractor of South Boston MA establishes clear communication with the client, so that he is able to build trust and credibility. If the painting contractor develops a plan, that clearly shows what the client wants and how it can be achieved, then he would be able to win the trust of the client.

If the client trusts the painting contractor, then he won’t micromanage him and would leave him to do things in the best way possible: – Architectural-Digest

The painting contractor can also build trust by sharing references with the client and showing him the company’s website, so that he is able to do research on his own.

Full Authority With The Client

The client has the authority to decide what should be done with a room; he decides the color schemes and the texture that he wants. If a painting contractor gives suggestions and doesn’t try to force the client to choose something that he doesn’t like, then that is one of the ways to identify if someone is a professional painting contractor.

The client should also ask the painting contractor of South Boston MA about his crew, and the subcontractors who would be working on the project. It is best to know about who would be working in the client’s home, so that if a client has reservations about a worker, and wants to run a background check on him, then he can let the painting contractor know about it. However, a client might not feel the need to do this, because a painting contractor of South Boston MA would already run a background check on those who would be working with him, on the project; this is part of the hiring process.

Painting contractor of South Boston MA not only provides residential painting services, but also commercial painting services, and there is a difference between the two.

Residential Painting Services

Residential painting services are provided by painting contractor of South Boston MA. They have smaller teams, who are experts in simpler jobs, like painting the interior and exterior of a house. Their schedules are limited to business hours and they don’t have much knowledge about the tools that are used in commercial painting. A residential painting job is more likely a small scale job, for which a few numbers of experts are needed.

In residential painting, homeowner usually get their homes pained when it is a special occasion like Christmas, or their last paint job was years ago. This is why, residential paining jobs are considered seasonal as well. The budget provided to the painting contractor is not huge either.

Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painting jobs are more complex in nature and deal with commercial paint materials. A painting contractor of South Boston MA would bring a bigger team with him to a commercial paint job, and would also offer more services. For example, improvement of commercial interiors, electrostatic painting and sandblasting: – Biz-Fluent

As compared to residential painters, they have a tough schedule and timeline to stick to, which is why they need more specialized workers on their team.

Painting contractors working on commercial projects have more experience, as they work with clients, subcontractors and suppliers, more than residential contractors do: – Quora
They have the ability to handle large scale projects, and follow strict government rules and regulations, like getting a permit.

Process Of A Paint Job

If a homeowner hires a painting contractor of South Boston MA, the homeowner should know how a paint job progresses. Understanding the process would help the client analyze whether the project is on schedule or it isn’t showing much progress.

Preparation Of The Surface

If the exterior of a home needs to be painted, then it needs to be washed with pressure washing first. Pressure washing is an economical way to wash away the paint and mold from the walls. It doesn’t only work on a wood surface, but also on stucco and coquina. The key here is to remove the debris and protect the surface at the same time.

Preserving The Wood

If the interior and exterior surface of the home is made of wood, then it would be protected and enhanced by the painting contractor of South Boston MA. The key here is to make sure that the products used are applied properly and professionally to every area: – Budget-Dumpster

Colors Used

A painting contractor of South Boston MA would give the client a catalogue of colors, from which the client can choose the color that they like best. It is up to the painting contractor to suggest to the client, whether the color is available and if it will suit the exterior or interior of the house.

The client should also take a look around, assess the kind of feel that they want to give a room and whether the colors they have chosen, go with the furniture and the curtains in the room. If they want bright colors, or warm colors, then it is best to ask a professional for help.

Application Of Paint

A painting contractor of South Boston MA should be experienced, and that experience should show in the application of paint. When the homeowner sees the room, he should be able to see professionalism on the job done.

Clients Looking For Contractors

Once a client understands the importance of a painting contractor of South Boston MA, and want to hire him, they should first do their research, in order to find out the best painting contractor. If an inexperienced painting contractor is given the job, then he won’t be able to produce a smooth service, as compared what a professional and experienced one can.

Ask Around For Good Contractors

The first thing that any client would do is that he would ask around his friends, family or neighbor if they know any good painting contractors. At some point, someone might have painted their room and sought the services of painting contractor of South Boston MA. If a client asks around, then he can become better informed about the style of different painting contractors, which one is good at following schedules and which one is better at managing things on the project site.

Payment Of The Crew

Even though it is the job of the painting contractor to pay his crew, it would be good for a client to know how the crew is being paid; by the hour or for the whole project. This is an important factor because if the crew is being paid for the completion of a project, then there interest would be in meeting deadlines and seeing the project through as soon as possible. If they are being paid by the hour, then the painting contractor might want to rush the job, so that he doesn’t have to pay the crew that much.

Details In The Contract

A painting contractor of South Boston MA would create a detailed contract for the client. In the contract, he would mention the number of people in his crew that he has hired, the materials he would be using, a warranty for the client in case something goes wrong in the future and more details about the project, which matter.

The thing is that the client should protect his interests when he signs the contract. He should see if the contract benefits him, while the painting contractor would try to get compensation for his work and his crew.

Deposit For The Project

If a painting contractor is asking money for the whole job before the project has even begun, then this could be a red flag that the client should worry about. A painting contractor of South Boston MA would not have any problem financing the project, so there is no point in paying a huge deposit beforehand. The client can pay the contractor half of what he owes him, during the project, and the rest when the project is done according to his satisfaction.

If the client makes the mistake of paying the painting contractor the full amount, then he might see the painting contractor and the crew leaving with an excuse, before the project is even over. This is why a contract is needed, as it would provide legal support for the client.

Communication Process Established

A good painting contractor is someone who communicates well with the client, by providing him feedback about the progress of the project. If the client calls the contractor or visits the site in person, and doesn’t find the contractor very cooperative, then that would give a bad reputation to the contractor. A client should always seek a painting contractor of South Boston MA, who has the skill to effectively communicate with clients and knows about work ethics: – WikiHow

Liability Insurance For The Workers

When a painting contractor comes from a reputable company, he comes with liability insurance. The liability insurance is something that clients should look for, as it decreases the burden on the client. If any unfortunate accident takes place with a worker, during working hours, then the painting contractor would be liable and would compensate the worker.

If a painting contractor has liability insurance, then this would also show his core values and it would show that he cares about his crew and their health. A client should also ask the painting contractor if he knows about safety measures that painting contractors are to take in the workplace, as he wouldn’t want the paint job to be halted because of any incident.

Job References And Portfolio

To find out about a good painting contractor, the references and the portfolio that the contractor provides would come in handy for the client. He would be able to see the properties that the painting contractor has worked with before, what those properties looked like before and after, and the style of the contractor. The client would be able to see from the portfolio, how long does it usually take for a painting contractor to complete a job.

Rushing The Job

If a painting contractor is volume oriented, then he would only rush a job and not provide quality work for the client. The main goal of such unprofessional painting contractors is to take as many jobs as possible, get money, do a poor quality job with low quality materials and then move on to the next job.

Management Responsibilities Of The Painting Contractor

A painting contractor of South Boston MA would manage the whole project, and this is one aspect that a painting contractor should look forward to. If a painting contractor is not managing the crew, the materials and the subcontractors, then this would be a problem for the client, as he would have to look over things on his own.

Managing a project, along with labor and materials, is one of the major responsibilities of a painting contractor and they have to fulfill this responsibility. When a painting contractor manages a project, then this saves the client’s time and he doesn’t have to take stress as well. Watch this video:

Outcome Of The Project

The difference between a professional painting contractor of South Boston MA and an inexperienced painting contractor would show when the project ends. The client would be able to see how smooth the surfaces of both exterior and interior walls look, when the professional contractor is done with his job. This is why the decision of who to hire as a painting contractor is an important one, and a decision that clients should take after careful analysis and research.

There are many benefits of hiring a painting contractor South Boston MA; they provide an estimation to the client, they provide quality painting services and the client doesn’t have to do much in the whole process. The client gets to focus on things like picking colors, while the painting contractor worries about the right application method for those colors and that is a benefit that a client shouldn’t miss on.