Things To Do In Newton MA

Things To Do In Newton MA

Newton is one of the best places to live in the state of Massachusetts. There are museums and parks to visit so you can’t run out of things to do in Newton MA. There are also fancy restaurants you can visit while exploring things to do in Newton MA

Popular Restaurants In Newton

According to, the area is home to restaurants that serve high-quality dishes. You will find restaurants serving great French cuisine, Asian fusion and a lot of pizza and seafood.

Let’s take a look at some of these restaurants you can visit as part of things to do in Newton MA

1. Lumiere

If you are looking for great French cuisine, this restaurant has got you covered. Information gotten from shows that this place located on Washington Street serves nice dishes along with great hospitality. The atmosphere is casual but you will get top tier dishes prepared with high-quality local ingredients.

The menu varies depending on the local ingredients available. A visit to this restaurant should be on your list of things to do in Newton MA.

2. Shaking Crab

If you love spicy food and like eating with your hands, you will love this spot located on Adams Street. There are different types of shellfish to choose from and all are shaken in a spice mix. The atmosphere is festive and it’s enhanced by the tightly packed tables and dim interior. This is a place to come for lunch or dinner as you explore things to do in Newton MA.

3. New England Soup Factory

This is a place you can get a fast meal for a reasonable price. Apart from the fast food, it also serves a selection of healthy sandwiches, soups and salads. This is a perfect spot for you to eat lunch as you explore things to do in Newton MA during the cold winter.

4. Little Big Diner

Though small, this spot serves flavored and delicious Eastern Asian fusion cuisine. Residents of the area consider it one of the best restaurants around. It’s a great place to go for lunch when you want to eat some tasty salads, sushi and dumplings. You can also enjoy spicy stew and noodles.

The lunch period witnesses an influx of locals to the restaurant but you will still get great service from the hardworking staff. There is a bar attached to the restaurant. This place is worth visiting as part of things to do in Newton MA

5. Tartufo Italian Restaurant

This restaurant serves fresh seafood dishes. The interior is designed with white tablecloths and colorful curtains. The atmosphere is bright and festive. You will families seated around the tables in a happy mood eating or waiting to be served. The menu is made up of pasta selections, meat and delicious seafood. There is also a wine list featuring a variety of wines. If you love gluten-free pasta, a stop at this restaurant is one of the things to do in Newton MA.

6. Stone L’Oven Pizza Co

This is a bar and pizza shop. It serves mainly pizza but there is also cold beer to go along with it. It also serves bar favorites such as sandwiches and wings. The pizza is cooked with fresh toppings and you can order for a gluten-free crust. Add a visit to this place on your list of things to do in Newton MA. You can either dine in or order takeout.

Fun Places To Visit In Newton MA

If you are looking for things to do in Newton MA, there are fun places you can visit. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Crystal Lake Park

This park is located at the South West end of Crystal Lake. Visitors take a swim in the lake. According to, the park hosts festivals and events throughout the year such as school field trips and art shows. You can’t be in Newton and not visit the park because it is one of the things to do in Newton MA.

2. Newton Commonwealth Golf Course

One of the things to do in Newton MA is to visit this 18-hole golf course to either play a round of golf or watch different leagues as they play the game. You can also join a public league if you like.

3. Hammond Pond Reservation

This reservation features trails to hike and amazing rock formations. According to, you can indulge in canoeing and kayaking, go hiking, fishing or rock climbing. These activities are some of the things to do in Newton MA’s Hammond Pond Reservation.

4. The Dupee Estate – Mary Baker Eddy Home

According to, the home of the founder of Christian Science is located on Beacon Street. It has become a tourist attraction for visitors of Newton. You should visit this place if you are considering things to do in Newton MA.

5. The McMullen Museum Of Art

The museum is located on Commonwealth Ave. It has a lot of European collections from the 16th century you can explore. Admission is free so you do not have any excuse not to visit this place as you consider things to do in Newton MA

6. Hemlock Gorge Reservation

This is a 16-acre public recreation are owned by the state. It is located on Charles River. There are trails for hiking and picnic benches for those who want to enjoy s picnic. The park is open throughout the year so consider going for a picnic at this park as one of the things to do in Newton MA.

7. Echo Bridge

This is a historic 500 ft long bridge in the Hemlock George Reservation that spans the Charles River. According to, you can view the surroundings from either the pedestrian walk on top of the bridge or the platform underneath where you can hear the echo. Visiting this place is one of the things to do in Newton MA.