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When a homeowner feels the need to remodel the kitchen, the bathroom or any other room of the house, he has to hire the services of a general contractor of Watertown MA. This is not an easy thing to do, because the homeowner would be entrusting a part of their house to the general contractor; it is similar to giving one’s own valuable asset to someone else.

A homeowner would want to make sure that the general contractor doesn’t abandon the project, doesn’t fail to fulfill the requirements of the homeowner, doesn’t misrepresent the facts that are essential for the project and doesn’t demand any payment before a contract is signed.


Phases Of A Construction Project

There are four main phases of a construction project:
1. Bidding
2. Pr-Construction
3. Construction
4. Completion

The general contractor of Watertown MA is responsible for monitoring these four phases, and must keep in mind the demands made by the client or the requirements set by him about how a project should look like in its completion phase.


Bidding Phase

In the bidding phase, a general contractor of Watertown MA would receive bids for special equipment and special requirements. Further, in this phase, the general contractor will make a list of the scope of work; this will include materials, labor, equipment and the things which have to be rented.

Then a quantity survey will be conducted, which will be a survey for items for subcontractors and labors, temporary facilities and rentals; the contractor will then carry out a cost breakdown. The inspection of the site takes place in this phase, where the general contractor checks the site and sees if it is similar to what is shown in the plans, if they have access to the site or not, if there are proper utilities available on site, if there are locations where a temporary toilet, field office, phone and storage house can be installed. A site inspection will give the contractor an idea about whether the location is problematic or not: – Quora

When all of these steps are completed, then the general contractor of Watertown MA will submit a proposed bid to the client.


Pr-Construction Phase

In this phase, a general contractor of Watertown MA will obtain the materials approved from suppliers, will hire subcontractors and post jobs for workers, and get rentals that are in accordance with the bidding phase. The general contractor has to make sure that before the construction starts, there is temporary power, water, toilet facilities, field office, telephone and gates installed on the construction site.

The general contractor will then consult with the subcontractors, whether the materials and supplies available are adequate, and if anything else needs to be delivered by the suppliers. The general contractor will make sure that he has an adequate number of workforce for the job, or else he will face problems in the future.

In this phase, the general contractor will also show the schedules for the start of the construction and the end of construction, mentioning the different tasks which have to be done. A construction job can take weeks or months, depending on the scope of the work and the labor that is working on the job: – Strikingly


Meeting With The Workers

In the per-construction phase, a general contractor of Watertown MA would meet the subcontractors, employees and other staff on the construction site, and this meeting will have the following agenda:
• Introductions of everyone who would be working on the site
• Emergency phone numbers
• Roles of each employee
• Contact information of the main office
• Contact information for engineer, consultant, building inspector and contractor’s office
• Methods of communication
• Scheduling of tasks
• Organizational relationships
• Change in order or proposal
• Progress meetings
• Substitution for employees
• Safety permit
• First aid kit
• Working hours
• Supervision
• Security rules and regulations
• Parking
• Utilities and other services
• Review of schedule
• Questions from the employees for the general contractor of Watertown MA about the things they don’t understand

The contact information for subcontractors and workers can also be shared with the client, if needed: – Best Job Descriptions


Construction Phase

In this phase, the general contractor of Watertown MA schedules the work according to the construction schedule that was decided in the pre-construction phase. The general contractor then provides supervision for the labor and the subcontractors, and for this, the contractor should have adequate knowledge to not only assist, but also supervise the project.

He should have the skills to coordinate tasks with different departments, and inspect the tasks that are finished by workers. An inspection is necessary, because here the general contractor would be able to assess if things are going according to what the client wanted: – LinkedIn

If there are changes made in the design of the construction, then these changes need to be accommodated and the current schedule needs to be adjusted.

As decided earlier, the general contractor has to hold progress meeting with the subcontractors and the workers and inform the client about the progress as well. They should keep a record of the following things in written, to use them in the future if needed:
• A list of subcontractors
• A list of materials
• A list of the suppliers
• Record of shop drawings
• Schedule of the workers and subcontractor
• Activity log
• Changes that are requested by the client and approved by the general contractor
• Meetings held to discuss safety and progress
• Reports of inspection of the construction site


Completion Phase

In this phase, a general contractor of Watertown MA makes final payment to the architect, subcontractors and the workers involved in the project. He gives warranties and manuals to the client and then holds another inspection the construction site.

The completion phase is about making the site look furnished and presentable. The workers remove the debris from the site, every surface is cleaned, so that it is in accordance with the requirements set before: – Learning-path

When a homeowner decides to hire the services of general contractor of Watertown MA, then he should look for five things in the general contractor.


Experience & Past Projects

A general contractor, if he has experience and has done well in the past, won’t be hesitant to show the client a portfolio of his past projects. If he is working on multiple projects, then he will show the client in real, how he manages a project and the people who work with him on a job.

If a general contractor has experience, then he would be able to handle the project of a client in the best possible way. He won’t make mistakes that general contractors make when they are starting with their career. Moreover, an experienced general contractor would have a network of workers, subcontractors and suppliers, who have worked with him in the past and that would benefit the client, as he would be getting professional services.



It is not easy to find out about the reputation of a general contractor: – Career-Trend
It is important that the client asks about the general contractor from his friends, family or even neighbors and he should confirm whether the business card of the general contractor is legit or not.

Experienced and professional general contractor of Watertown MA knows that they would be asked about their past jobs from their current client, which is why they show references to them. The reputation of a general contractor matters; if the reputation is not good, then it might mean that the general contractor doesn’t complete his tasks and leaves the project in the middle. There are general contractors who can scam their clients, which is why researching about them and learning about their reputation should be an important for the client.



The integrity of general contractor matters; if a general contractor has integrity, then he wouldn’t over charge a customer and will fulfill their requirements. If things go wrong during the project, then the general contractor won’t blame things on others and would take full responsibility for what they have done. They will do anything possible to rectify a situation. When it comes to organizing a site, the general contractor should see to it that the trash is disposed off properly and the materials are stored in a proper way.


Flexibility & Timing

The general contractor of Watertown MA is not the only one who would be involved in a construction project. There are going to be plumbers, painters and window installers at the construction site as well. It is up to the general contractor to see that every aspect is completed within the time frame that is set. A general contractor might even have to work extra hours, or weekends, he might have to meet one subcontractor one day, and suppliers on the same day. In order to be flexible, the general contractor should have good time management skills: – Seek


Listening Skills

The general contractor of Watertown MA must have good listening skills, because he has to understand what the client wants, and if the workers have any questions about the construction project. There might be some things that homeowners want and but can’t be done, because either their budget doesn’t allow it or it is not possible, structurally.

The general contractor should listen to the client and then give his informed opinion about whether that thing can happen or not. He can then offer an alternative for the client, and listen to the opinion of the client on that alternative: – Job Hero


Adjusting To Working Conditions

If a general contractor is working on a bathroom remodeling project, then he would be faced with less harsh conditions, as compared to when he is working with the construction of a new building. A successful general contractor is someone who can adapt to different working conditions in not time, and who has the mental and physical capacity to handle construction projects.

The general contractor not only has to adjust to the working conditions on his own, but he has to make sure that the workers adjust to the construction site as well. For this, the general contractor has to provide them with welfare facilities, like temporary washroom, temporary rest space, clean drinking water and food on time. If these facilities are not provided to the workers, then they would feel demotivated.


Time Management Skills

A general contractor of Watertown MA would have good time management skills. He should be able to multitask and manage time when meeting with people and managing them. For example, when a construction project starts, a general contractor has to meet different people, but it is possible that he might have to meet three subcontractors on the same day.

When a general contractor shows his time management skills, then the workers will follow suit. Time management skills would ensure that a client would get his project on time, and this would positively affect the reputation of the general contractor as a whole.

Only those general contractors, who are experienced and have worked on similar projects, would have skills that would benefit the client a great deal. There are many benefits that a client can derive from hiring the services of general contractor of Watertown MA.

Management Services & Being In The Front

If a client doesn’t hire the services of a general contractor of Watertown MA then he would have to handle the project on his own. The benefit of hiring a general contractor is that he would manage every aspect of a project, and he will take a lead in doing so. A general contractor also takes the burden on himself, when a worker gets injured, or there is an unfortunate incident on site: – Snag-A-Job

It is not easy to manage a construction site, because there are many workers to manage and there are tools to manage as well. If the general contractor is present on site, then it would be chaos because no one would be managing the site. The tools won’t be stored in a safe place, the workers won’t know what their schedule, duties and responsibilities are and materials won’t arrive on time as well.


Paying Attention To Details

If a homeowner decides to manage a construction project on his own, then he won’t be able to pay attention to details, the way a general contractor can. The homeowner might have his own business to look after, he might have no experience in managing a remodeling or a construction job, he might not know any suppliers, subcontractors and workers, and when he hires the services of a general contractor, he will benefit from stress-free project that the general contractor brings him.

A general contractor will pay attention to tiny details during a construction project, because he has the experience to do it. They pay attention to things like supplies that are needed by the subcontractors and workers, they pay attention to the quality of materials ordered and they look after the kind of work that is being done.


Communication & Coordination

A general contractor of Watertown MA would create coordination between different departments, so that they are able to function properly. The general contractor would see to it that every worker and subcontractor know his schedule, and each and every employee for the job is able to coordinate with each other and work smoothly.

A general contractor has to communicate with many people. He has to talk to subcontractors, suppliers, and workers, and this is why he has to effectively communicate with them. A general contractor should be able to differentiate between which tone to pick for different kinds of people; for example, the way the general contractor talks to the client, he can’t talk in the same way to a worker. When motivating workers, general contractors should know how they should be motivated and what incentives they need to work effectively.

Employment Issues

When a client hires the services of a general contractor of Watertown MA, he doesn’t have to deal with employment issues. A general contractor would hire workers, based on their skills and abilities, and if they don’t work according to standards set for them, then the general contractor would fire him.

The client doesn’t have to deal with hiring workers, and this could be a good thing. Only a general contractor knows the kind of workers that are needed for the job that has been assigned to them. Moreover, they can rehire the crew that has worked with them in the past projects, saving time of the general contractor. The general contractor would have contacts with suppliers and subcontractors, and this network is something that a client won’t have.


Stress Free Construction Project

A general contractor of Watertown MA will manage every aspect of the project, from start to finish, which would provide the client with a stress free construction project. The client only has to get feedback from the general contractor every now and then, to know about the progress of the construction site. The general contractor should always keep a record of every material bought, the salaries of the workers, and must keep receipts to show the client. The client would feel more satisfied if he is shown proof of purchase, and he knows where the money that he has given the general contractor, is spent:


Saving Cost

The client would not only be able to save time, but cost as well. General contractor have a network of suppliers and subcontractors, and they would know from where the client would be able to get a discount. A client should hire the services of a general contractor of Watertown MA, because it is not necessary that the materials which the client buy for the construction project, are of good quality and are given to the client at a reasonable price.

Some suppliers, when they see an inexperienced client, they won’t hesitate to charge the client extra for the materials. Clients don’t usually do research or do a comparison of prices, when they are buying materials for their construction project. A client can save cost when he hires the services and expertise of a general contractor.


Beware Of Scams

When a client is about to hire the services of a general contractor, he should do proper research. There are general contractors out there who scam clients, take away their money and don’t provide the services which they have promised the client. The client is then left with a small budget, and no good general contractor.

A client should ask around from friends and family, if they know any good general contractor who has worked on a remodeling job in the past. When they do meet a general contractor, it is best to check if the license that he has shown the client is real or fake. The client could call up the past clients of the general contractor or call the local authorities to know if the general contractor is legit or not.

There are many skills that successful general contractors require; they need these skills so that they are able to complete projects and accomplish tasks on time. General contractors should always communicate effectively with clients, to know what they want. They should discuss every little aspect of the construction project with them, to see if they are on the same page.

A general contractor of Watertown MA would always be honest with his clients. He would tell them if a design or some aspect of the construction project is unrealistic, so that the client doesn’t have to face disappointment when the project ends. A client should not think about doing construction related things on his own.