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Bathroom Remodeling Of Wayland MA

It is a known fact that bathroom remodeling is a time consuming task. There are tools and materials needed for the project that will make the process easier. These tools need to be on ground before the bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes can begin. This will ensure that the work goes smoothly.

The next section of this article will discuss tools and materials needed for bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes.

Tools And Materials For Remodeling

1. Construction Tools

The homeowner who wants to remodel a bathroom should have construction tools such as screws, hammers, mails, drills, measuring tape, sandpaper and table saw. A razor knife and wet saw will help with tile cutting. A sledgehammer and chisel will be needed for demolition of walls and cemented items. These will make it easy to break hard surfaces. A mallet may also be needed for this purpose. Find out more about bathroom remodeling tools here.

2. Building Materials

The building materials will make up the bulk of items the homeowner will need for the remodel. These materials include floorings such as glass or ceramic tile and wood. The homeowner can go with tiles because they are the most affordable and durable flooring material for the bathroom. Tiles can withstand heavy moisture and humidity. Wood and carpets are poor choices for the bathroom floor because they are not durable and water resistant.

Tiles are also good for walls, bathtub surrounds and shower stalls. Other materials needed are silicone and caulk which are used for setting fixtures. Paint is also needed to add color to the rooms and make it appealing.

3. Fixtures And Furnishings

Common fixtures needed for bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes are a vanity with sink, toilet, lights, shower or bathtub. Pipes are also needed to connect these fixtures to plumbing. Without proper plumbing work, they will not be functional. The homeowner will also need storage spaces such as shelving, cabinets or built-in storage. Soap dishes, towel racks and shower curtains are also needed.

4. Other Appliances

The homeowner can add a few extra items to the room during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA home depending on his budget. These extra appliances include fans, heating devices, tile warmers, faucets and bidet. Follow this link to learn more about bathroom heaters.

5. Safety Gear For Protection

Bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes require wearing safety gear to prevent injuries during the work. These items are needed along with the other supplies mentioned above. They include eye protection and hand gloves. The homeowner or contractor needs to wear these during demolition. Comfortable work shoes should also be part of the gear.

Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes To Watch Out For

Bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes can be daunting. It is fun to come up with design ideas but there may decisions to make about the project. In the process of making these decisions, mistakes could also be made. The homeowner could make the mistake of ordering the wrong size of bathtub or sink. The sink could also end up being installed incorrectly. These mistakes will cost the homeowner time and money.

The next paragraphs will highlight some common mistakes homeowners make during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes and how to avoid them. Knowing about these potential mistakes will help the homeowner approach the project with more confidence.

1. Not Committing To A Theme

When a homeowner starts a fresh remodeling project, there are many exciting possibilities to explore. But these opportunities need to be narrowed down to make the project successful.
It is good to explore different options but there should be a theme. The bathroom should be remodeled based on a cohesive idea. The style should be defined because it affects every other aspect of the project such as fixtures. Other remodeling decisions will be based on the theme of the project. This is a mistake most homeowners make. Without a theme, the project will not have a defined direction. Click here for suggested bathroom themes.

2. Not Paying Attention To Colors

In the bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes, the color scheme is one of the major design decisions the homeowner needs to make. Most people do not think about the color of the bathroom from the beginning. But it is a mistake to leave it till the end. The color scheme should be decided at the beginning of the project. It will affect the floors, fixtures and accessories. The bathroom will look appealing if everything fits in with the color scheme. Find out bathroom paint color ideas from this site.

3. Not Utilizing Natural Light

It may not seem like a big deal to have a bathroom without windows but it is really a big deal. Without windows, natural light cannot find its way into the bathroom. The homeowner will also not be able to get any outdoor view. No windows mean that artificial lights will be the only source of illumination. During bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA home, the homeowner should consider adding a window if the current bathroom doesn’t have one. If the current window is tiny, it can be expanded to allow more natural light to get in. Natural light plays a great role in the aesthetics of the bathroom so its important should not be downplayed.

4. Not Installing A Bathroom Fan

Even with windows, the homeowner should add a bathroom fan to aid ventilation. Since the bathroom is a high moisture environment, a fan will prevent moisture accumulation which could lead to mold formation.

5. Not Paying Attention To Flow

The flow of a bathroom is an important part of its design. The way fixtures are placed affects the flow of the room. The homeowner should also consider how the remodeled bathroom will fit the rest of the home. It should be an extension of the style in the living area. It won’t be nice if the bathroom doesn’t flow the rest of the house.

6. Choosing the Wrong Tub Or Sink

This is another mistake homeowners make during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes. Not every sink or standalone tub works for every bathroom space. It might be better to use a shower/tub combination. The homeowner should determine if a pedestal sink might be the best for the bathroom instead of a vanity and sink. Find out how to buy bathtub here.

7. Going Above Budget

Just like any other project, homeowner carrying out bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA home should ensure that he knows his budget and stick to it. It is irrational to buy materials that are above the budget. The homeowner should discipline himself to stay within budget. Blowing the budget could land him in debt or make him not to be able to complete the project.

8. Getting Lazy Toward The End

It is very easy to make little mistakes towards the end of the project during the bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes. But this could cause bigger problems. The homeowner can end up with an improper sink or shower installation. To avoid this, the homeowner needs to stay alert and watch out for potential problems that could come up at the last stage of the project. Early detection means early correction.

9. Paying Too Much For Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures come at different prices. Most homeowners who want to do bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA home are often ignorant of the prices of these fixtures. This makes it easy for them to overpay. To avoid this, a homeowner should do some research and ask contractors how much fixtures are expected to cost.

These are some common mistakes homeowners make when doing bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes. To make the most out of the project, homeowners should do their research, pay attention to details and make informed decisions.

Common Problems In Bathroom Plumbing

It is not unusual to encountered plumbing problems after bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes. Plumbing problems often require immediate attention because they affect the functionality of the bathroom. The next paragraphs will look at different plumbing problems that could occur in the bathroom.

1. Sink Problems

Bathroom sinks are prone to problems after installation. The good news is that most of these problems are easy to fix without incoming a plumber. However, it is still good to call a professional plumber to fix these problems to ensure that the work is done neatly. Some of the problems with the sink include:

• Clogged Drains
Clogged drains are often due to the accumulation of debris and food particles left in the sink. When there is a clogged drain, the homeowner should call a professional plumber to work on the sink instead of using commercial chemicals. The plumber will be able to diagnose the problem and offer tips on how to avoid a repeat.Click here to find out how to unclog a bathroom without chemicals.

• Leaks
It is common for leaks to appear under the sink due to the accumulation of water. This can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which will make the bathroom to stink. The homeowner should check to make sure that the drain basket isn’t faulty. If it is faulty, it should be replaced. A plumber should be called if the leak is big. Big leaks mean water will slip into the structures around the sink and create more problems.

2. Toilet Problems

A problem with the toilet shouldn’t be taken lightly because it could cause a lot of inconvenience to the occupants of the house. It would be bad for the toilet to be allowed to overflow or leak before the problem is addressed. Common problems with the toilet include:

• Problem with Flushing
The toilet could fail to flush because of a flusher problem. The homeowner should check to make sure the flusher responds normally. The water level should also be checked to see if it rises and drops as it should. The toilet should always be maintained to avoid problems such as double flushing.

• Problems With The Tank
One common problem with the tank is slow filling. If the tank makes an unusual noise or takes a long time to get filled, the homeowner should call a professional plumber to inspect the handle, float balls and flush valves to determine what is responsible for the problem.

Watchthis video on common toilet problems and how to fix them:

3. Drain Problems

The common problem with bathroom drains is clogging. This can normally be handled by the homeowner without involving a plumber. But if the problem cannot be solved by cleaning the drain stopper, a plumber may need to take a look at it. The elbow joints will be examined to determine what is clogging the pipe. The drains and stopper might need cleaning. The drain joints might need replacement if they are damaged.Go here to find out how to fix bathroom drain problems.

4. Problems With Bathroom Fixtures

Fixtures can develop problems after bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA home. The good thing is that they are easy to replace. However, it still requires some experience. Common problems include.

• Dripping Faucets
Dripping faucets cause waste of water and money. The homeowner should ensure that faucets are properly installed during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA to prevent this type of problem. A plumber should be called to check anything unusual about fixtures such as vibrating parts, squealing noises and worn-out screws.

• Damaged Water Heater
The water heater is damaged if the water temperature is not consistent or if it is not working as it should. A professional plumber can detect the cause of the problem and fix it in no time.

If a homeowner is planning to install a water heater at home during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA, a plumbing contractor should be hired to do the job to minimize the chances of it having problems in the future.

5. Bathtub Problems

Bathtubs just like other fixtures can have problems after bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes. It is not easy to fix a faulty bathtub so the help of a professional plumber will be needed. The common bathtub problems include:

• Leaks and Overflows
When the water in the bathtub doesn’t drain properly, it could lead to overflows. To address this problem, a plunger can be used to make the water flow again. But this is a temporary solution. The underlying problem needs to be determined and handled. This is where the services of a professional are needed.

Leaks and overflows should not be ignored because they can damage the pipes and structures underneath. Bathtubs should be properly installed during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes to avoid this problem.

• Faucet Problems
The bathtub faucet can have problems and one of them is dripping. A dripping bathtub faucet can increase the home’s water bill if not addressed. The fixtures might need replacement after the plumber has diagnosed the problem.

To learn more about bathtub problems and how to fix them, click this link.

Using A Steam Shower In The Bathroom

Steam showers are becoming popular as more people look for ways to turn their small bathrooms into luxury spas. Many homeowners are now interested in having steam showers in their homes. The reason is that, apart from being easy to use, they offer great health benefits. Another reason is the value they add to the bathroom and the home in general. With a steam shower at home, homeowners wouldn’t have to worry about paying for spa passes. They will be able to get the spa treatment right inside their homes. This saves them a lot of money and time.

To make it even better, the steam shower is easy to maintain because of its small size compared to the saunas and steam room. The small size also means that it will take up little space. The next paragraphs will discuss how steam showers work and the benefits of having one at home.

How It Works

A steam shower is a sealed enclosure that traps moisture in the shower. The owner only needs to step inside the enclosure and activate the steam generator using a control panel. The generator heats the water to boiling point where steam is produced. The steam is then channeled to the shower head.

There are digital controls on modern steam showers that allow users to activate the shower easily. It also makes it easy to adjust the length of time the user wants the shower to operate and the temperature of the steam.

Some steam showers come with sound systems that allow owners to listen to cool music as they shower. Some can also add different scents to the shower.

Watch this video on steam showers.


How Are Steam Showers Better Than Saunas?

Steam showers have some advantages over other spa fixtures such as saunas. A steam shower begins to work immediately it is turned on. This eliminates any waiting time because the steam starts flowing immediately. All the user needs to do is press the button. The steam shower heats water to a temperature that can be tolerated by the skin. This means there is no risk of burns.

Steam showers do not consume a lot of water. This helps to keep water bills low. This is why homeowners should consider installing steam showers during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes.

Advantages Of A Steam Shower

A steam shower has many advantages when compared with conventional showers. The one that stands out is the fact that it is eco-friendly. Apart from the feeling of luxury it adds to the bathroom, there are also health benefits. Here are some reasons to use steam showers.

1. Clearing Nasal Congestion
Steam is a good nasal decongestant and since steam showers basically produce steam, users enjoy this benefit. Homeowners who are allergy sufferers will benefit from installing a steam shower.

2. Relaxation
Steam showers are good for relaxation after exercise or a hectic day. The warmth improves blood flow and facilitates the removal of metabolic wastes that cause muscle soreness. It also helps with blood circulation because it opens capillaries. This in turn lowers blood pressure.

3. Skin Health
Steam opens pores on the skin and improves perspiration. This is good for the skin as it prevents the formation of pimples and blackheads. Steam is also good as a pre-shave treatment. Warmth and moisture are known to aid shedding of dead skin and softening of hair follicles. This reduces the risk of razor burn during shaving.

4. Touch Of Elegance
Steam showers are high-end fixtures that give the bathroom a touch of elegance. It’s like having a spa in the home.

5. Increase In Home Value
Steam showers increase a home’s value if it is added during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA home.

6. Stress Management
Because it is relaxing, spending time in a steam shower is the best ways to relieve stress. A steam shower before bed will guarantee quality sleep throughout the night as many users have testified. Everyone needs a sound sleep after a hectic day.

Why Homeowners Buy Steam Showers

Apart from the advantages listed above, there are other reasons why homeowners buy steam showers. A major reason is the comfort it provides. It requires a lot of time and money to get to the spa. In fact, the average homeowner may not be able to afford spa expenses. Buying a steam shower brings the spa experience to the home. It will save the homeowner travel time and money. Spa membership often requires monthly or yearly renewal fees.

These and many more are the reasons why homeowners buy and install steam showers during bathroom remodeling of Wayland MA homes. With a little investment, the homeowner will create a spa right in his home. Little wonder this fixture is becoming common in many bathrooms. Check out this article on steam showers to learn more.