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Bathroom Remodeling Of Wellesley MA

It is important for a homeowner who wants to work with a bathroom remodel contractor to ask certain questions before the project begins. It is a mistake not to do this. In fact, a good contractor will expect questions from clients.

This article will discuss questions to ask a remodeling contractor before hiring one for bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA.

Questions To Ask Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Bathroom remodeling is a serious project. The homeowner must ensure that he picks the right contractor for the job. Here are things to ask prospective contractors.

1. Samples Of Past Remodeling Work

The homeowner should ask the contractor for a portfolio of past work. A good contractor should be able to provide this. The homeowner can read reviews about the contractor online and look for details on their work quality, punctuality and communication skills. Negative reviews are red flags which the homeowner shouldn’t neglect.

2. The Specialty Of The Contractor

When looking for a contractor for bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA home, the homeowner should ask the prospective contractor if he can handle the kind of project being proposed. Some contractors are only good at certain projects. For instance, a contractor may specialize only on small bathroom remodels.

Asking the contractor about his specialty will save time and effort because a site visit might not be necessary if his specialty is not what the homeowner wants. The homeowner should ask if the contractor can offer bathroom design services so that he will know whether to hire an architect or a designer for that purpose.


3. The Number Of Projects Handled At A Time

The homeowner should ask the contractor the number of projects he runs at the same time. It is important to hire a contractor that has time for the project and can build long-term relationships. The homeowner and the contractor must be on the same page on how often the contractor will be on site once the project starts. The homeowner should know how long each stage of the project will take and the factors that could extend the timeline. A good contractor will not be afraid of accountability, he will be reaching to make things clear to the homeowner about the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA.

4. The People Who Will Work On The Site

It’s is common to seen many general contractors serving as the head of the project while hiring foremen to do the work. The homeowner should ask to meet with the person who will be managing the projects and ensure that he is fine with having that person at his house every day. If the project is highly specialized, the contractor may hire many specialists to handle different aspects of the projects. This is not a bad thing because specialists are needed for tiling and painting. The important thing is for the homeowner to know what will be subcontracted out and to whom.

5. The License And Insurance Of The Contractor

It is necessary for any contractor who does bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA homes to be licensed and insured according to local and state standards. The need for insurance is that it protects the homeowner if the home gets damaged during remodeling or there is an accident on the site. The homeowner should also make sure the contractor is bonded. This will protect him if the contractor fails to finish the work.

6. The Permits Needed For The Project

A licensed contractor should be able to obtain permits for the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA home. If he is not willing to get them, that’s a red flag. Permits are needed to ensure that the work is up to code. So it is necessary to ask to see the permits before the contractor starts the project.Click here to learn more about building permits.

7. How Work Is Done

The homeowner needs to ask the contractor what time work starts and ends in a day. Will the site be cleaned up every day? How will floors be protected from damage if the subcontractors are working inside? These are the things to talk about before hiring a contractor and if us important to have them stated in writing. The reviews the homeowner has read about the contractor will tell him whether the contractor is actually telling the truth about their working style.

8. The Payment Schedule

The homeowner needs to know the payment schedule of the contractor for bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA. The usual initial deposit before the work starts is 10%. If a contractor asks for more than that, it is a red flag. The contractor should state in writing when the money is due and how much. Find out how much contractors usually charge here.

9. A Breakdown Of Costs

The homeowner should ask the contractor about the costs for each component of the project such as plumbing, electrical work etc. This will show whether the contractor is charging a fair amount. It also helps the homeowner to know if he needs to make budget adjustments. It is advisable to get a cost estimate from local professional upfront to compare with what the contractor will be giving.

10. How Issues Are Resolved

Issues could arise during the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA homes. There could be miscommunication and differences of opinion. The contractor needs to state how these issues are resolved. A good contractor should able to take responsibility for faults that are his and not blame it entirely on the client. The contractor should also be willing to make things right with the client.

11. What The Contract Covers

The homeowner should make sure he understands every aspect of the contract. He should be free to ask the contractor to explain everything about the contract to him. The contract should clearly state the start and end date. All the plans for the remodel should be put into writing even though changes could occur along the way. The contract states what to expect and when. This gives the project a sense of direction and prevents conflict. Click this link to find out what every remodeling contract should contain.


Bathroom Remodeling Secrets Contractors Don’t Like To Reveal

There are things that will make a bathroom remodeling project go smoothly and cheaper. But most homeowners are unaware of these secrets and contractors won’t tell them either. We will discuss some of these secrets below.

1. Make Plans Before Hiring A Contractor

While it is good to have a contractor on board from the start, the homeowner will save some money by gathering ideas and drawing up a budget before contacting a contractor. Remodeling can be exciting but the homeowner must not be in a haste to get it done. There are things to consider and factor into the plans. What will be the impact of the remodel on the value of the home? So, it is best for the homeowner to have a clear idea of what he wants to do and how much he can spend before contacting a contractor for the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA.

2. Do Some Research When Looking For A Contractor

It is advisable for homeowners to look ask friends and real estate agents for help when looking for a contractor. That’s one of the best ways to find a good contractor. Word-of-mouth referrals can help homeowners find the right professional for the job. Real estate agents can also help homeowners find the right contractor. The homeowner should check the contractor’s credentials and hold an interview to know more about the contractor.

3. The Lowest Bid Isn’t Always The Best

When planning bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA home, the homeowner should get bids from at least three contractors. This will help him have an idea of the market price of the remodel he intends to do and give him a basis for bargaining. The lowest is not always the best and the highest bid should not be rejected automatically without some consideration. The ideal thing is to hire a contractor who will deliver high-quality work.

4. The Budget Is Not Static

Homeowners who are planning to do bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA home should know that the amount he starts out with during the planning stage will most likely change when it is time to buy materials. That’s when he will know the actual cost of the materials. A good contractor will help the homeowner make this calculation and at the same time balance material cost against profit. They will also include unforeseen expenses that might arise in the course of the work. Follow this link to find out how much a bathroom remodeling costs.

5. Get Designs From Architects

Contractors work with whatever plans homeowners give them. It is advisable to get 3D drawings from architects. They will make it easy for the homeowner and contractor to understand the plan better. There should be checks and balances between the architect and the contractor form the start. This is to make sure that the best decisions are made from the beginning of the project. The aim is to save cost and avoid problems in the future after bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA.

6. Get Everything In Writing

No matter how much a homeowner trusts a contractor, it is advisable to always put everything in writing. A written contract protects the contractor and the homeowner. The scope of the work and the costs of every aspect of the project should be stated in the contract. There should be a start date and a finish date. The payment schedule and what it covers should all be spelt out in the contract.

7. The Layout Is Best Left Untouched

In the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA homes, one way to keep costs down is to leave the layout untouched. It can be difficult if the homeowner wants to do an aggressive bathroom remodel. If the layout cannot be left completely untouched, some fixtures such as sink, toilet and shower can be left alone. As much as possible, the homeowner should avoid making changes to the layout because it can significantly increase the remodeling cost.

8. Knowing The Timeline Is Important

It is important to know how long the project is expected to take so that things can move at the right pace. It is possible to fall behind schedule and one of the reasons for that is an unforeseen structural problem. When this happens, the homeowner should know that this is not the contractor’s fault. But these unforeseen situations can be prevented by hiring a home inspector before starting the remodel. The home inspector will detect any problems before the work starts. This will enable the homeowner to handle them on time to avoid extending the timeline for the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA.

9. Shop For Materials Locally

It’s the age of online shopping and many people undertaking remodeling projects shop for material online. But it is advisable to shop for materials locally as much as possible. If the homeowner needs to finish the work in time, it is best to buy materials form the local market because there could be shipping delays if the materials are bought online. Critical materials should be bought from local stores to avoid this trouble. It is easier to return wrong or damaged items if bought from a local store.

11. Cheap Cabinets Are Not Always The Best

During bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA homes, homeowners tend to go for cheap cabinets to save cost. But this is not ideal. There should be room for high-quality cabinets in the budget from the beginning. Less important items can be removed from the budget to accommodate this. Watch this video on bathroom cabinets to learn more.

12. Certain Countertop Options Save Cost

It is important to choose countertops for bathroom carefully. In the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA homes, granite will save the owner cost on maintainable than marble. It withstands heat and abrasion better than marble or soapstone. A contractor wouldn’t tell the client this because he would want to always come and do maintenance on the marble. Check out some beautiful granite countertops

13. Get Durable Tile Flooring

The homeowner should take it upon himself to find durable tiles for the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA home. The contractor will most likely not say anything if the homeowner chooses materials that would not last as long as expected. So the homeowner should ensure that he gets slip resistant tiles that will last for decades. Some research would be needed here.

The recommended tiles for bathroom flooring are the grade 1 or grade 2 and the water absorption rate should not be more than 3-7%. The slip resistance should also be checked. gharpedia to read more about properties of ceramic tiles.

14. Don’t Buy Unnecessary Finishes

Many homeowners inflate their remodeling budget by including unnecessary finishes like expensive paints. It is best to know the paint that will do the job well. It doesn’t have to be very expensive to give the bathroom a good look. There is no need to spend money on paints that are meant specifically for bathrooms because any interior paint with good mildew resistance will do. This will save the homeowner money to invest in other parts of the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA. Click Here is a guide to bathroom finishes.

15. Skip Trendy Designs

It can be tempting for homeowners to go with the latest trend in bathroom remodel but the truth is, the latest trend can blow the budget. Trendy designs are expensive. The homeowner doesn’t need to go for every design that catches his attention. The ideal thing is to choose a great design that can fit into the budget. A small budget can still achieve something beautiful.

On the other hand, the homeowner shouldn’t assume that certain items that sound trendy are out of his budget. That is not always the case. Some custom bathroom cabinets are actually affordable. Heated floors are also affordable. The bottom line in choosing fixtures and appliances is to go for what works for the homeowner considering the design and the budget. Find out some modern yet simple bathroom designs here.

18. Include A Bathtub To Increase Resale Value

When planning the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA homes, homeowners should know that adding a bathtub can significantly increase the home’s resale value. If possible, a standalone shower can also be installed. However, the homeowner should avoid breaking up a wall to install both. So if what the homeowner can afford is a standalone shower, that’s fine but having a bathtub inside the house is important if he wants to put the house up for sale.

Double vanities also add value to the home as many homebuyers look out for this. It is advisable to add one in the master bathroom. Still wondering if a bathtub is a necessity? Read an article comparing bathtubs and showers cersanit.

19. Research Toilet Options

The toilet is a carry important component of the bathroom. The homeowner should carefully choose the toilet he wants. The contractor will install whatever toilet the homeowner buys. He may not give any recommendations on the best brands to buy and may also not tell you that there are different types. If the homeowner buys a low-quality toilet just to save cost, he will spend more money on the long run carrying out repairs. A common problem that could arise is a fault with the flushing system and when that occurs, a plumber will have to come and fix it. Plumbers don’t work for free! Click here to see the different types of toilets that can be used for bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA homes.

20. Move Into A Temporary Accommodation

During the bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA, the house will be in a mess so it is better for the homeowner to move into temporary accommodation. This is necessary if a major renovation is being carried out. It will reduce exposure to harmful materials. Valuables should be stored in a safe place away from the work site to avoid getting damaged.

21. Be Involved In The Entire Process

It is advisable for homeowners to be involved in every stage of bathroom remodeling of Wellesley MA home. Even if the homeowner is staying in temporary accommodation, he should regularly check in with the contractor to make sure that everything is going as planned. He should also visit in person at least once a week and be present during crucial phases of the work. He needs to be around to make sure that the right color is being used to paint the walls. It is important to stick to the plan because last-minute changes come with extra costs and can also cause complications. It is best to focus on the contractor rather than the subcontractors when trying to ensure that the right thing is done.

22. The Homeowner Can Obtain Permits For The Project

Most times the responsibility of obtaining permits is put on the contractor but the homeowner can actually get the permits. Some contractors tend to waste time trying to get permits. Nothing stops the homeowner from getting the permits. In fact, some contractors argue that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain permits. That is why they charge the house owner for obtaining them. The homeowner can always decide to pay the contractor to get the permits don’t needs to be made clear from the beginning who is obtaining the permits.