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A general contractor is someone who is responsible for monitoring a construction project and enters into a contract with an individual who owns a property. A general contractor Wellesley, MA, can also be called a direct contractor and this is because there is no middle person between the property owner and the general contractor; check out the link.

In some cases, general contractors are also called construction managers and these definitions are because of their various roles and responsibilities.

Some of the main responsibilities of a general contractor include:
• Managing the project of a property
• Hiring contractors
• Supervising contractors
• Supervising and hiring laborers
• Choosing materials that can be used on the property for construction purposes
• Preparing a budget for construction
• Making sure that the project has a schedule and the schedule is strictly followed
• Solving problems as they occur
• Coordinating with engineers and architectures


Becoming A General Contractor

There are individuals out there who like architecture, designing and building. They like to see skyscrapers stand in front of them, that they have designed on their own. However, no matter what great ideas individuals have, they all have to start somewhere. The career requirements for a general contractor are:

• A bachelor’s degree, particularly in construction management
• The Experience depends on the position for which the individual is applying for, but two to seven years is something that is required by different companies
• Must have good communication skills
• Must have good decision making skills
• Must have the ability of time management
• Must meet deadlines
• Must take initiatives to save time and money

To further define and simplify the steps that are needed for an individual to take, in order to become a general contractor Wellesley, MA, are discussed further in this article; visit the link.


Getting An Associate’s Degree

Like any other profession, the first step to becoming a general contractor Wellesley, MA, is to get an associate’s degree in the constriction management or technology field. The reason why a degree matters is because it increases the chances of an individual getting ahead. Also, an associate’s degree gives the individual a chance to learn about relevant things like how to estimate cost of a project, which tools are best to use during the construction process, which machinery is important and the techniques through which the process of roofing can be done.


Experience For The Job

No one would hire a general contractor if they don’t have an experience. To gain experience, the individual should try working alongside a general contractor, particularly one who can provide them with guidance while they are doing a job; go to the link. As an assistant to the general contractor, the individual will be able to learn about many different tasks like how to track permits for construction, how to monitor purchase orders, the process of collecting documents and making sure that the communication flows smoothly so each subcontractor knows about the problems that the other one faces.


Certification For Construction Management

Even though some companies may not ask candidates for certification, it is best to get a certificate for the knowledge and skills that an individual has in this field. They can also get other certificates that general contractor Wellesley, MA, usually get like Certified Construction Manager certificate, which they can get through the Construction Management Association of America.


Bachelor’s Degree

A candidate for general contractor would have more value if he gets a bachelor’s degree as well, and the major should be related to the construction field. The reason why this would be helpful for the individual in the long run is because such degree provides them with training in construction and design; click on the link.

They would be able to learn about construction materials, how to read blue prints, prepare estimates and carry out a risk management assessment.


Roles & Responsibilities Of A General Contractor

There are a lot of things that a general contractor has to accomplish on the property site, which is why property owners seek the services of general contractor Wellesley, MA. These roles and responsibilities are important because they involve managing a property that has a part of it under construction and if it is not managed properly, then chances are that the time and the money of the property owner will go to waste.


Execution Of Plans

When the general contractor Wellesley, MA, is on the property, he has to make sure that each and everything that has been planned beforehand, is being executed in a timely manner. He needs to see if the resources provided to the subcontractors are being used properly, but the important thing here in terms of execution is the timeline, which serves like a guideline for the subcontractors, when they want to finish a task; visit the link.


The Role Of Human Resource Management

The general contractor is responsible for hiring subcontractors and other employees needed to complete a job on the property. After hiring takes place, the general contractor needs to explain to the subcontractor and other employees what they are suppose to do and what time frame they are to follow. They also have to manage the payroll of the employed workers and subcontractors and see to it that they are paid on time, and don’t have to face any problems when they want their payment. These services are provided by general contractor Wellesley, MA;


Finding Materials For The Job

General contractor Wellesley, MA, is responsible for finding out quality and cheap materials for the construction. During construction, if the materials are not of quality, then the place constructed would start to show how it is not made of good materials.

Finding cheap materials may not be easy, but general contractors have connections with suppliers that they know will give them a good price. This is why, finding a general contractor that has experience in the field of construction on the property, has its many benefits. This is something that property owners should look for when they hire a general contractor, or seek services of general contractor Wellesley, MA; click on the link.

Apart from finding materials, the general contractor needs to see that the materials are available to the subcontractors and the workers, when needed. If the materials are not supplied on time, then it will be difficult for the personnel to accomplish their tasks on time and without any delays.


Permits & Licenses

Not every property owner knows what permits and licenses are needed, when construction is started on a site. This is where the general contractor Wellesley, MA, plays his part. The general contractor makes sure that licenses and permits are taken from the authorities before the construction starts. Doing so, would give the assurance to the client that no legal problems would arise during construction and the construction won’t be stopped abruptly.

This is why a general contractor needs to know about the law of the state in which the construction is taking place, the permits he needs, the documents he has to file to get those permits and whether he has any license that is required by the state or not.


Budgeting & Allocation

It is the responsibility of the general contractor Wellesley, MA, to form a budget for every task that is to be completed on site. Secondly, he should see to it that the budget is followed and no subcontractor or worker goes over the budget; link text. When the general contractor makes a budget, he shows that budget to the property owner, and then allocates that budget to each and every subcontractor.

The allocation of the budget is important because every subcontractor should get the finance he needs to get the job done; nothing more and nothing less. If the budget allocation is not done in the best possible way, then this could raise financial concerns for the future of the construction project.


Execution Of Changes When Needed

The client might need something different one day and something else the other. However, this doesn’t mean that he would keep on making changes, but there would be minor changes that need to be implemented by the general contractor. If something has to be changed, this might make subcontractors and the workers anxious, as they might feel that these changes are going to disrupt their timeline.

This is where the general contractor Wellesley, MA, has to play an effective role and ensure that the workers and the subcontractors that there is room to enforce changes and they can be implemented. It is all about managing the changes properly, so that they don’t cause chaos or disruption to the construction process.


Emergency Situations

When construction is going on, emergency situations are inevitable. However, the most important thing is how those emergency situations are dealt with. In case of fire, for example, what steps does the general contractor takes? The way an emergency situation is handled, determines the experience that the subcontractor had before the current construction job and how well he can make decision in crucial situations; be sure to check out the link.

To accomplish these tasks and fulfill these responsibilities, there is no doubt that the general contractor should have a specific set of skills.


Communication Skills

Communication skills are very important for a general contractor Wellesley, MA, because he has to communicate with subcontractors, official authorities, workers and clients and has to be effective in his communication. He should be able to influence the opinions of people and persuade them to do things that he sees are the right way to do them. The general contractor should have good verbal and nonverbal communication skills, because they both matter equally in this profession.


Team Management Skills

When working on the construction site, there will be different teams working that need to be managed by the general contractor. It is a skill to see if all teams have the ability to work together in harmony, without any serious conflict. The work environment should be productive and not hostile because it would impact the end result, either way.

Apart from managing teams, a general contractor should know how to solve conflicts between teams, make them more productive and efficient and built trust amongst them. Even though the strict schedule of a construction project may not allow the general contractor to do team exercises, he has to be creative in terms of building trust among the workers and the subcontractors.


Knowledge About The System

The system in which the general contractor is working, he should have proper knowledge about that system. If he doesn’t understand the system and the processes, then it would not have a positive impact on the construction project. He needs to know how to start a construction project, what to do in case things go wrong and how to manage people properly to get the best results possible.


Public Relations

Being effective in terms of communication is not the same as public relations. Public relations are more about satisfying customers and other personnel like architects. The general contractor here has to work his magic when meeting people who he is working for; he needs to remember that he represents a company and should know how to mingle with others; go to the link


Financial Skills

Financial skills are important for a general contractor; he should know how to read financial statements, understand them and then make financial reports during the project, which can be shown to the client. Financial skills are also important because they make a general contractor Wellesley, MA, literate about how the finances of a project should be handled better.


Safety Requirements

There are employees who know about safety requirements, but unless and until they are told explicitly about such requirements, they don’t follow them. Thus, the general contractor Wellesley should know how to execute safety requirements, and how to assess if there are any obstacles in the way of the requirements which need to be implemented.

The general contractor has to constantly raise awareness about safety requirements and the importance of their enforcement, and for this, he needs to have the skills to persuade other people on why they should be following rules and regulations.


Decision Making Skills

A general contractor Wellesley, MA, has to make a decision at every step of the construction process and should have the skills to make effective decisions on time. Further, he should be able to make decisions when they should be made, instead of delaying them and then consulting from others.

Moreover, the general contractor Wellesley, MA, should have problem solving skills, which means to come up with effective solutions when workers and subcontractors face problems on site. If the general contractor has these skills, then the construction workers would be able to work efficiently and smoothly, without any hurdles and hassles.


Adapting To Change

A good general contractor Wellesley, MA, would have the skills to adapt to change. This is because he won’t be working on one contract at a time, and may have to deal with several teams and collaborate with subcontractors. He needs to be flexible in terms of how he handles the roles and responsibilities of being a general contractor.

If he is not flexible and has the same tone and working style for everyone, then that might not be very effective. There are people who like to talk about casual things before they start talking about business, and then there are people who like to get down to business as soon as a conversation starts and don’t beat around the bush. Thus, the general contractor has to have a different approach for each person, depending on the nature of business with them and the topic of conversation.


Organization Of Tasks

Without organization, general contractors would be at a loss. They won’t be able to manage the workers and subcontractors working under them. If they are well organized, which means they have the required resources and finances in hand, then they are able to meet deadlines and make sure that work goes smoothly on the property being constructed; go to the link.

If things are delivered on time the client would be more than satisfied, the outcome would be smooth, and the general contractor would be recommended by the client to other people as well.


Interest And Self Motivation

A general contractor Wellesley, MA, would only be able to do a good job, if construction and managing construction on the site is his passion. If someone joins the field of construction without any passion or interest, then he won’t be self-motivated to do a good job and might actually find out ways to do nothing on the job.

If someone is passionate about this field, then they would know how to start construction and where to end it, they would find creative ways for the subcontractors and the workers to do their job and they will find ways to handle the project well enough to please the customer. Self-motivation is everything in this case.


Delegation Of Tasks

Micromanaging doesn’t work in every scenario and sometimes, the subcontractor wouldn’t want a general contractor to micromanage them. It is best if the general contractor Wellesley, MA, delegates tasks to subcontractors and workers, tell them what they need to do clearly and then let them do their job in their own way. However, this doesn’t mean that the general contractor should not be monitoring the subcontractors and the workers; this simply means that the general contractor has to give them enough space to do their job, like they are used to doing it.


Prioritization Of Tasks

There are tasks which are more important than others and this is something that a general contractor should realize. He needs to know which tasks belong to which subcontractor and whether these tasks are important and must be completed in the start or not. Prioritizing tasks would give the general contractor the opportunity to do tasks on time and avoid any kind of mismanagement that may happen, if an important task is saved for the last.

For this, the general contractor Wellesley, MA, should consult with subcontractors and workers, and should make a list of all tasks and then point out the ones that are important and need to be started right away;

These priority tasks may take a lot of time to accomplish, which is why they need to be started at an early phase of the construction process.


Risk Management Analysis

A general contractor should have the skills to assess the risk of a project. There are risks associated with every project; some can be identified from the very start, like maybe the client won’t be able to pay for the whole project and might have to raise finance later. However, there are risks that come in later, and in order to effectively counter the challenges, it is important for general contractors to have a contingency plan. For example, if a subcontractor quits, then who will take his position?

A general contractor has contacts with other subcontractors and that should be the contingency plan here; to use the alternative subcontractor.


Feedback From Workers & Subcontractors

There is no doubt that a general contractor has the responsibility to handle different tasks related to a construction site; however, this doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be talking to others for feedback. Feedback is important because at times, subcontractors may have more insight about the things that are happening, and might go wrong in the end and this kind of feedback can be very helpful for the overall project.

The roles and responsibilities of a general contractor Wellesley, MA, shows the many reasons why they should be hired for the services of managing a construction site. There are property managers who can afford such services and it is best if they make use of them, because if they try to do everything on their own, then it is most likely that they are going to mess things up.