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We don’t have painting in our regular budget but when required, we have to get in to it and get it done. It secures the home and it makes the home look updated. By getting the house painted we get the house cleaned as all the dirt is removed from the wall, it gets washed and then cleaned properly. The untouched items in the home also get a chance to get picked up and then getting organized. Hence, house painting ones in a while is a great idea to have a fresh feeling. If you have tenants living in the house, keeping it painted time to time give them a satisfactory feeling that they are being taken care of. Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA provides painting service in all kind of areas. They are available for the residential and commercial painting services

The style of working and other requirements are different in residential and commercial painting but Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA is available in both the cases.

Residential Painting

To make your old home look new, painting is comparatively inexpensive idea then to change the belongings in house completely. Along with changing the look there are many other benefits like having the walls repaired and having everything finished as that comes in the process of painting of that particular surface or thing. Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA in its residential painting section provides many services like wall repair, wallpaper replacement, popcorn ceiling removal, fence and deck finishing, washing the walls etc.

Color Related Consultation

Colors are make up for the walls but the difference between the human make up and wall make up is, the wall make up is for years together and it cannot be changed so easily like you can remove the make up in the night with ease and then get in to other kind of make up on the next day. Here when it comes to wall paint, there also we have matte, glossy or satin finish, which not necessarily can be applied to all type of walls. After seeing the advertisement of the Color you may get desperate to get the same shade on the wall of your home but not necessarily the Color comes the same way on your walls as well. Colors have variety on the basis of texture and also the shades. A Color counselor from Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA will be able to figure out the type of shades and the type of finish or texture which can be suitable for your walls. It’s not wise to run behind the new trends and also the advertised varieties which may not be able to give the same results to you. There is also consultation required when it comes to the space. Like for exteriors one should choose the Color differently and for interiors one should go for different type of Colors. While choosing the Colors for kids’ room, study room, library, living room, family room, kitchen bathroom etc, one needs different type of mind set as, at some spaces simplicity is the key and at some places the liveliness is what is required. People of every age have different kinds of energies and that is why they have different types of Color choices. A Color counselor will be able to help you with choosing the Colors for different areas of the house and also the brands which fulfill such needs with their products so that you get the pleasing results from your choices.

Wallpaper Removal And Replacement

Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA will clean the wall of anything which is required to be removed to give a finished look after painting. They follow a process and removal of wall paper also is a part of the preparation for painting. You may want to get the painting done after removal of the wallpaper or you may want to get wallpaper stuck on the wall after the previous one is removed. This also needs couple of steps to be followed like pulling the wallpaper out, scratching the wall to remove the remaining paper chips and provide it a proper finishing so that new wallpaper can be fixed smoothly. There are varieties in wallpaper as well. Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA has all the options in their catalogues. There Color counselors already have prepared few wall paper formats which they can change accordingly to your requirement and choice.

Popcorn Ceiling Treatment

The popcorn ceiling used to be the pride of the house once but now everyone likes the ceiling which is smooth and flat as well so that it is easy to clean and the reflection of the light is more and easy. The crew from Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA has mastered in removing the popcorn ceilings as well so that you do not have to call the building contractor for this small task.

People at Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA know how to remove it with ease, without making your belongings dirty and also again making the surface clean and finished. They apply some water on the wall so that it can be removed easily and also not much dust comes out. They will cover the floor using the thick plastic material and also any items which are there under the ceiling. Post removing the ceiling next comes the finishing of it and also filling any uneven spaces over there. The experts will fill the uneven spaces and will give a skim coat followed by the base paint which is a primer coat. Post all this, they will paint it with the Color of your choice.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing works in two ways. First, it becomes essential to remove all the impurities stuck on the wall from a long time before painting. They do not just come and start painting but they make sure that any dust or mud is not stuck to the wall yet and it does not become the part of the paint later and spoil the Color shade –

Second pressure washing is also provides new look to your deck, patios, siding etc. There can be any surfaces which may not require to be painted but having them pressure washed makes them look new. Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA is there to help you if you want to just get the pressure washing done for any of the surfaces.

Healing The Cracks And Holes

People at Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA believe in doing a long lasting job and they want the Color to come with the full potential. The more the wall will be even, the better the Color will look. Before starting the painting work, they first clean the surface by pressure wash and then fill the cracks also any holes in the wall which might have been created by the insects or may be the material in the wall would have got shrink due to the changing weather. Hence you do not have to call someone just for the repair as they will repair your walls also before starting the main job.

Securing The Floor Before Painting

The crew at Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA makes sure to not to make the floor dirty. During the process, the dirt may fall down and it may make the floor dirty and also harm the finish of it to some extent. Hence they make sure to cover the floor before starting the work. By doing this they reduce their own job as they have to clean it after the painting which will be time consuming if they do not take care from the beginning.

Securing The Furniture

Along with securing the floor they also secure the furniture in the room. Everything in the space cannot be moved out. Hence people at Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA also try to cover anything in the room by the thick plastic sheets so that those items like sofas, beds also do not get dirty due to the painting activity.

Furniture Finishing And Painting

Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA is not just into the wall painting. People at Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA, are also experts in the wood and metal painting. You may want to get your door, stands, tables, cabinets etc also finished and painted again so that along with the wall the entire home get a new look. They will clean the doors and windows properly and Color them. They will also work on finishing the cabinets and giving them new looks. There are new trends in cabinet painting. Get your cabinets painted by a bright Color from inside and then have the lighter shade painted outside. The contrast will give a magical look to the cabinets. You can go with any plan and paint.

Fence Painting

Fence is such a part of the exterior which is usually ignored but it is very much important to make your house look comparatively beautiful. While having a stroll in the street what kind of house drags the attention? The house which has an attractive fencing drags the attention the most

Fence is the first security guard of your home and hence it becomes important to secure and maintain the fence time to time. It creates style and it gives safety to your home. Now to suddenly get the home more attractive getting the fence painted is a shortcut. It makes the home attractive at the same time it also makes it more secure. The fence will remain strong for a long time if you keep maintaining it.

If you have a wood fence, it may break down by the intense moisture and sunlight. If the moisture get in contact with the wood and if it gets in, then wood may get cracked or twisted. Wood gets rotten when it comes in contact with the moisture and the water. The wood is sensitive towards sunlight as well and if not secured, it gets ruined very soon. If you have a wooden fence, then make it a point to have it maintained and repainted when required. Now there are two types of securing or finishing techniques. You can either go with the paint or you can also get the staining done for your wooden fence. Painting is a long lasting option which can last for many years and it makes a shield around the wood which keep is safe from the water and sunlight.

Though paint provides security for many years but it takes away the natural look of it hence many people like to go with the staining on the wood. Staining gives the similar look and it gets observed by the wood till deep which makes the wood protected from the moisture but it is not effective in proving the protection from sunlight. In comparison to the paint you need to get the staining done more often but still due to the look many people like to have the staining done on their wooden fence. No matter whatever is your choice, Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA gives the expert service in both the cases. In the fence painting also there is some preparation required. It is to be washed by the power washing tools to make sure it’s cleaned properly. Then only the paint will give the finish as expected. Then it’s better to secure the surface down and nearby so that after the work there is no cleaning work left. The wood needs to be scraped properly following by sanding and then it needs a primer to be applied all over where the painting is going to be applied. In case of metal fencing the wire brush should be used to scrub the metal. Then a primer which can protect the metal from the weather should be applied all over. The wood fence can be primed by a normal primer as well. There are different techniques related to the paint and staining. Whichever is appropriate as per the fence shape and size, Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA will use that technique. They have all the required, brushes, rollers or any tools which can give the fence a gorgeous look.

Maintaining The Decks

If you have a deck having that refurnished, maintained and painted is not an easy task. Decks need to be secured properly. Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA is there to secure your deck and then provide it the look you have decided for it click here.

The different kind of paints can change the look of the paint entirely. You can have it painted or you can also keep the natural look by certain type of treatments. As decks are made of wood mostly, the wood is very much weather sensitive and it never should be left unfinished if you want it to live long. Just like the fencing you can choose the look to be natural which is staining and you can choose it to look little artificial by having it painted. The paint looks artificial but it makes the deck more secure. The staining looks natural but then you will have to spend money in getting it maintained more that the paint. Looks or the budget friendliness, whatever you choose, Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA will be there to assist you. There is an online estimate facility hence you can just fill the requirements and can get the estimate and then you can proceed with the actual estimate by having the deck inspected by someone from Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA.

Commercial Painting Service

Having the commercial spaces painted is much more difficult than the residential painting. Color scheme or design a part, the problem with getting the commercial space is we have to suffer a lot of work –

By any chance if the painters do not complete the job in the given time, it may cause crisis at work. People can get disturbed and you may lose some important business deals. Hence here along with the beauty and quality the timeliness is what is important the most.

Big Team

Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA has a big team of painters and when it comes to the commercial painting they send a big team with a plan so that the work can be completed as fast as possible. They understand how important a business person’s time is, that is why they have trained the big staff to work fast but with perfection.

Working For More Hours For Commercial Painting

Staff from Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA when takes a commercial project, always tries to work for more hours than usual. They take big projects and complete them in no time using the big crew working in the shifts. They reach early and work till late no matter what is the time and how the weather is, so that your workspace can get ready soon and the work does not suffer due to the painting activity.

Good Commutation

It is made sure that the team from Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA which is sent for the commercial painting projects, each one of them communicates well. Though when it comes to the work related discussion or requirement, there is a point of contact who is extremely good in communication to understand and respond to any needs of the clients.

Painters In Uniforms

The crew involved in the painting activity is in the uniform so that the people working in your workspace do not get confused. . The staff members being in the uniforms, provides a secure feeling to anyone who uses that space.

Licenses Painters

The painters at Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA are licensed. They have required skills and abilities and have the legal permission to do the painting activity.

Professional Behavior

The crew which is sent to the commercial spaces has been trained especially to behave well politely with the people and has been trained to work in such a way so that no one gets disturbed. All of them have already decided their parts of the jobs and that is why they do not need to talk, scream or shout.


They Are Committed

At Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA, you will never find any worker who runs away in between. All of them have signed a bond with the contractor and hence they are committed to the job they are doing. They are the happy and committed workers of the Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA and they never leave a job before completing.


Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA is very much updated of all the new business related painting trends and when you ask them they will suggest you what kind of painting will be suitable for your needs. There are offices, shops, warehouses and many more different types of commercial spaces and hence at some spaces more than the looks the durability matters. At some spaces, more than the cost effectiveness the beauty and finish is more important. Hospitality industry prefers the beauty of the space more that the cost effectiveness as they need to attract a class for whom the facilities are more important than saving the money. Painting Contractor Of Wellesley MA is able to take care of all types of needs and they have all the possible options to work on.

Hence whatever is the requirement just give a call to them and they will manage it. There are many other services like staining and epoxy finishing on the floor and artistic painting and staining which makes the space look expensive as one can create the illusion by painting and even the metal can look like wood. You don’t need to plan much but just to tell them what you need and they will come up with a plan. It’s very helpful when you are looking for the painting in your business setup. You may not have time and energy to think about the Color in your warehouse or your office. You can just trust upon them and tell your budget and they will make the space beautiful for you. They will also suggest the appropriate options so that you can enjoy the paint for a long time.