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Most homeowners don’t know the difference between general contractors and subcontractors. General contractors are those who provide services to homeowners and other clients, for a set fee and timeline, and they sign a contract for services. General contractors are used in catering, cleaning, recruitment, security services, marketing services, IT maintenance services and building work. They get part of their payment when they complete the project in hand.

Subcontractors are those who take a contract from the general contractor. Subcontractors do work that general contractor can’t do, but general contractors manage the work that subcontractors do. Subcontractors can belong to a company, or they can be self employed as well, like a plumber.


Contract Between Two Parties

When a general contractor chooses a subcontractor for working on a project, he draws a contract document for this purpose, which shows the relationship between the general contractor of Weston MA and the subcontractor. A contract can’t be always perfect, because no matter how good a general contractor and a subcontractor are, they can’t predict what is going to happen on the site, and whether there will be problems or not. Those mistakes that are accepted by both parties and then corrected immediately, are the ones that are less costly: – Ni-Business


Bidding Phase

To find out subcontractors for a project, a general contractor would invite bids from the subcontractors he know and from those who are new. In this case, the subcontractor should always take his time, consider the project documents prepared by the general contractor of Weston MA and then submit a bid. The responsibility of the general contractor here is not only considering the bids that have been submitted by the subcontractors, but also make the financial information about the projects available to them.

When the subcontractor gives a bid to the general contractor, then it should include the proposed scope for the project, unit price of materials and other important information. The general contractor should give the contract to those who are experienced, have proposed a reasonable bid and can carry out the task in hand.


Conference Before Construction

The general contractor of Weston MA should hold a conference before the construction process starts. At this conference, the subcontractors and the workers would be able to meet each other. They would also be able to learn about the designing of the construction process and the demands that the client has put forward. Moreover, the general contractor would tell everyone about their schedule that he has prepared beforehand: – Wikipedia

If the workers and the subcontractors have any questions for the architect or the engineer, then they would be able to ask them at this conference. This conference would give the general contractor a fair idea about the problems that he might face in the future, like materials or labor problems, which can impact the progress of the project. Those who attend the meeting, would be able to know about the facilities that would be provided do them on the construction site.


Proper Information About Scheduling

A general contractor of Weston MA would have to make a schedule for every worker and subcontractor. He has to make a clear schedule of the date when a subcontractor has to start his work and finish his work. If the general contractor draws a network diagram, he would be able to highlight the seriousness of the timeline, with the help of the critical path. If the general contractor is not able to make the subcontractor understand the schedule, then conflicts may arise; such conflicts should be solved right away, or they could harm the project in hand.

The role of the general contractor doesn’t end here, as he has to monitor the schedule, solve any issues that arise and update schedule according to the changes made in the construction design. The project schedule should also include the date on which the materials and equipment for the project would be delivered.


Safety Of The Construction Site

It is the responsibility of the general contractor of Weston MA to ensure that the construction site is safe for the workers and the subcontractors. When a client hires the services of the general contractor, then he would inspect the site first and see if it is a safe working environment or not.
The general contractor should provide the workers with safety equipment; for example, if the workers have to climb a height, then they should have a long and firm ladder.

The general contractor should also see the surrounding area of the construction site, to see if the environment is toxic or the workers might face breathing problems. The workers should be provided with basic necessities, like toilet facilities, clean drinking water and an area to rest. If the general contractor feels that it is necessary, then he should also provide masks for the workers, so that they are not exposed to any health risk.


Payment Method

The client should make payment to the general contractor, in whatever way it is decided in the written contract. The reason why a client should make proper payment is because the general contractor of Weston MA has to pay the subcontractors and the workers as well.

Moreover, the payment that the general contractor takes to buy materials and rent equipment, and some money is left after the purchases, then the general contractor should return the money to the client. This would show the integrity of the general contractor and it wouldn’t be right to take money that the general contractor doesn’t deserve to keep. The contractor has to be honest with the client about the money that has been spent on materials and equipment, and should keep receipts as well.


Project Completion

A good general contractor of Weston MA should make sure that he completes the project on time and the project is according to the wishes of the client. When the project is over, then some workers should be given the task to clean the debris from the site and make it presentable and dust free. The general contractor should not leave any materials or tools behind, which can be a cause of burden for the client: – Forbes

If the general contractor does make sure that the site is left in the best way possible, then it would be good for the contractor’s reputation and the company that he presents. In marketing, the word of mouth is effective and if a general contractor is good to a client, and does a good job, then the client would give him a good review.


Choosing The Best Contractor

Apart from the experience of the general contractor, the client has to see other factors that would tell him whether the general contractor is good or not. A homeowner might seek the services of general contractor of Weston MA because he might want to remodel his kitchen, bathroom or room. Regardless of the remodeling service, the general contractor should be chosen after research and much needed investigation.


Investigating The Contractor

When a client decides to get a remodeling job done, then the first thing he will do is investigate about the general contractors in his area. The homeowner would call up his friends or family, and would ask them if they have sought services of any general contractor lately. He will also visit websites of construction companies in the area, and see the services they offer and if they provide a free estimate on a project. A homeowner should visit online forums to know reviews about a general contractor and the common problems that homeowners or clients face, when they hire a general contractor.


Meeting The Prospective General Contractors

A client should always shortlist three general contractors and meet them face to face. The client should get their bid, references, and ask them questions about their experience. The client’s questions should be like the following:
• Do you have experience in this field?
• Do you have references?
• Have you done a similar remodeling job before?
• Do you have a working crew?
• Do you work for a company?
• Do you have a network of subcontractors?
• What is the payment schedule that you prefer?
• Do you buy materials before the payment?
• Do you rent equipment?
• How long have you been working in this area?

After meeting the general contractors, the homeowner would have a clear idea about which general contractor has appropriate knowledge. He would be able to make sense of their experience and make a decision about who he wants to hire for the project: – Consumer


Litigation And License

A client should be able to differentiate between registration and license of a general contractor. The client should check if the general contractor of Weston MA has a license and that he can do by contacting the relevant authorities. There is also a way to check if the general contractor has a litigation history, and this can be known by visiting the local court records: – Cash-money

The client should check the references of the general contractor, by personally calling the clients and asking them all the right questions. The client should ask whether the general contractor was able to get the job done on time, if the crew that he bought with himself was efficient and if there were any problems after the construction process was done, in terms of the quality of materials and how long the remodeling process lasted.


Detailed Contract With The General Contractor

The detailed contract that the homeowner signs with the general contractor, should be in written. The contract should have the following details:
• Deadlines
• Payment Schedule
• Name of materials
• Cost of materials
• Cost of hiring subcontractors and workers


Permits For The Project

When a homeowner decides to renovate his home, he needs to get a permit for the job. However, not many homeowners know how to acquire a permit and they don’t want to get in the hassle of doing it either. Licensed contractors can get permits, like general contractor of Weston MA and they know the documentation that is needed for the job: – How

If a general contractor asks the client to get the permit, then this should be considered as a red flag. If the contractor doesn’t want to get the permit, then this can mean two things; either he doesn’t have the experience or he doesn’t have a license.


Paying For The Job

It is best if the homeowner doesn’t pay more than 10 percent of the cost of the project, to the general contractor. A general contractor may also use a client’s money to finish someone else’s job, and this could be bad for the client. Some general contractors may ask for more than 10 percent, but they might want it because they have to buy materials for the job.

In any situation, the client should never pay for the whole project, before the project even starts, or this could end in the client getting scammed for the job: – Improve-net


Ground Rules For The Project

A client should always discuss the hours on which the general contractor, the subcontractors and the workers would be working on the project. If the workers would be using the bathroom inside the house, then setting ground rules is necessary. The workers should be given drinking water and food by the general contractor, and when they leave the premises, they shouldn’t leave any trash behind. If they do use the bathroom inside the house, then they should clean the bathroom as well:

Communicating With The General Contractor

When the general contractor of Weston MA is hired for a project, then he should communicate with the client, to provide him with feedback about the project, its progress, and ask the client if he needs to make any changes. This is because if the project progresses as planned, and the client comes up with some last minute changes which can’t be accommodated, then this can be an inconvenience for both the client and the general contractor.

When the general contractor talks with the client, then he will be more aware about the project. He would make sure that all tasks are on schedule and no workers are slacking on the job. It would make the general contractor aware that the client is monitoring the situation: – Bigger-Pockets


Completion Result

The client should not pay before seeing the outcome of the project. He should carefully check if all his requirements have been fulfilled, or if the general contractor has not made the changes that he requested earlier. If the client doesn’t check things carefully, and then blames the general contractor later, the general contractor can always make up an excuse.

A general contractor of Weston MA would always see to it that he does a good job at the construction site. However, a general contractor needs appropriate education and skills to accomplish such daunting projects. To be better at his job, a general contractor would work on his skills, like communication skills and management skills.


Communication Skills

Considering the number of people that a general contractor has to communicate with, the communication skills of a general contractor of Weston MA should be effective. Firstly, the general contractor should have persuasive communication skills, which would help in convincing a client that the contractor is right for the job. He should be a motivational speaker, and it will help when he is speaking with the workers and motivating them to do a good job on the construction site.

The general contractor has to be effective when he is communicating with suppliers and subcontractors. He has to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and the message he is trying to send across, has reached there effectively.


Management Skills

A general contractor of Weston MA would have good management skills. Even if a general contractor is working on more than three projects at the same time, he would be able to handle everything in an organized way, if he has good management skills. He should be able to manage the crew working on the site, the materials that are being used in the construction process and the equipment that is either purchased or rented for the project.

If a general contractor doesn’t have good management skills, then he won’t be able to keep everything organized on the construction site and that would make things very confusing. For example, under management comes making a schedule and making sure that every worker is following that schedule. An organized general contractor would be able to handle this, but someone who isn’t organized, won’t be very effective: – CNBC


Time Management Skills

If a general contractor knows how to be on time, when work starts in the day, then he would be able to see to it that everyone follows the same pattern. The workers and the subcontractors should be on time when they come to work and should complete their tasks on the deadline that has been given to them.

If a general contractor has poor time management skills, then the client might see a delay in his project, and that would ruin the reputation of the general contractor.


Integrity And Honesty

A general contractor of Weston MA can only be successful if he is honest about things and has integrity as well. A general contractor should not overspend the budget that has been given by the client, he should not waste resources and if he is able to save money from the budget, then he should return it to the client. Moreover, if a general contractor has taken a project, then he should see to it that it is completed, and he should not leave it halfway.

A general contractor should be honest, which means that if he thinks that the ideas presented by the client are not applicable or they can be costly for the client, then he should be honest with him. Moreover, if there are other alternatives to a problem, which can be less costly, then the general contractor should suggest those alternatives without any hesitation.


Passion For The Job

A general contractor won’t be able to do his job right, if he is only in the business for money. A general contractor, in order to be successful, has to be passionate about the job. He should be passionate about learning more about construction methods, the advanced methods through which construction can be turned into a fast paced job and so on. He should be passionate when it comes to learning about the latest technology, which can help in designing or architectural aspects of a construction project.


Steps To Becoming A General Contractor

A general contractor of Weston MA would fulfill all the requirements set by state, in order to obtain a license. He would get a proper education, apprenticeship, work along with a general contractor and get as much experience as possible. He would work hard for a job, make sure he applies to reputable companies and they never stop learning about construction.

A good general contractor should have knowledge about building codes and safety codes. He should be able to communicate effectively with clients, motivate workers and at the end of the day, get the job done like he promised the client. The job of a general contractor is not easy, and homeowners should not try to do what general contractors do, because they don’t have the training and the education for this job. General contractor should provide references to clients and, must have a good network of subcontractors and workers, should be able to get a permit from state authorities and must be able to bargain on the behalf of the client, with the suppliers.