Annual Events In Dorchester MA

Annual Events In Dorchester MA

For years that have passed or years to come holidays and celebrations have been a part of Dorchester MA with a few being intermittent while others annual. As much as some holidays are state holidays that Dorchester usually organizes and celebrates, others are unique and privy to the Boston Neighborhood as you will discover in this article.

Annual Taste Of Dorchester

With, admissions starting at $50 the Annual Taste of Dorchester offers all that brings out your taste buds the Dorchester way. It’s a good place to plan a date or go out to discover new food. This event celebrates the many restaurants and eateries in Dorchester with a chance for them to showcase what they offer at the over 20 restaurants that take part annually. At the event expect to take part in silent auctions, raffles, and prizes on top of enjoying live band performances. This event happens in April each year and in case it interests you see here.

Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast

Everything about the rise and activism of Martin Luther King connects to Dorchester as during the time of his rise into activism he was living in the town. The Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast is one that commemorates the contribution of the African American icon to the liberation of the Blacks and equal civil rights for all races in the United States. Meet a few of the people who share the same thoughts process on civil rights coming from all over the world at this event. The event bookings happen in advance and to avoid disappointments book one of the 3 tier tickets depending on your preference.

Dorchester Parade

Every first Sunday of June since 1904, Dorchester holds a parade to commemorate its incorporation as a town on June 1, 1630. The town’s authorities guide the parade route and if parades are your kind of invent then this one is definitely for you to attend and be a part of the celebration of this town. For more information or walk down the history of this parade click this.

Annual National Pizza Day Celebrations

Every year on February 9, United States celebrates the National Pizza day and Dorchester has its own fair share of the celebrations. On top of many homes making the different pizza of their own, there are many vendors of pizza of all types in the neighborhood on this day and all coming at discounts. Grab a pizza or two to celebrate this day. Also, keep in mind that there is always a venue for you to celebrate the day and only miss out if you must.

Dorchester Multicultural Day

There are lots of advantages that come with diversity in culture and races. Dorchester MA has quite a mixed culture ranging from several races and to appreciate this, the town has set aside a day to celebrate each of the races in the town. At the event, you will discover the different things that make up the different cultures from food to dressings and more. The event also holds a live performance, art area for kids and prizes to win. Visit their Facebook pageto make reservations at no cost.

Boston Caribbean Carnival

The Caribbean carnival is filled with colors and one that brings Trinidad and Tobago to Boston. This event is in celebration of the American Caribbean culture that has been growing over the years with the rise in immigration from the Caribbean to the United States. All that aside, the celebration is a good place for you to enjoy yourself with matching bands, dances, live music, and food and drinks the Caribbean way. The event holds in Roxbury MA or Dorchester MA in Greater Boston and on the last Sunday of August every year.

Boston Caribbean Kiddies Carnival

A week before the Caribbean carnival comes the kid’s version of the same. This is a great event for the family to have the little ones enjoy their own version of the carnival. Its holds on the second last Sunday in August where the kids get to compete in a beauty pageant as the main activity on top of several recreational and fun activities.

Puerto Rican Parade

The last Sunday of July each year at the Egleston Square to Franklin Park, the Puerto Rican Parade and festival holds in Dorchester MA. This is in celebration of the resilience and unity of the Puerto Ricans whose home country has been marred with several natural disasters and lost loved ones. The Parade and festival have lots of booming Puerto Rican reggaeton music, dancers here to make this festival enjoyable.

The Annual Boston City Singers Winter Stars Holiday Concerts

When the long winter holiday comes in December, it might be a case where concerts and events celebrations are limited to indoors and The Annual Boston City Singers Winter Stars Holiday Concerts offer just that for you. With 2 performances each year, one at Jamaica Plain MA and Dorchester MA, when the City Singers come to the neighborhood it’s something you cannot pass but give yourself a treat to this. Enjoy the Jewish Hanukkah, African Kwanzaa, and Christian Christmas rhymes presented by the choir. Admission is free at all venues with an option to donate funds towards the Boston City singer’s scholarship.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The patron of the church of Ireland St. Patrick is celebrated all over the world and Dorchester celebrates this day with a parade across the town. Did you know Greater Boston is the city with the greatest number of people with Irish ancestry in the United States? It’s only normal to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the way it is. There is plenty of fun, drinks, restaurants, pubs, and hotels amongst others across the town you can enjoy on the day. This event holds every year on the 17th of March.

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