Smart Build is the evolution of Smart Coats, a painting company that started nearly 20 years ago and has grown to become one of the largest commercial renovation service providers in the region. 

Many years ago a local immigrant family was trying to make their way in a new country. Armed with a strong sense of purpose and a desire to build a better life for their family, they eventually made their way to the Newton area in which they began to establish new roots. As if the challenges of moving to a new country with a young family weren’t hard enough, they were also first time home buyers trying to acquire a property that would become the hearth and indeed the heart of this family for generations to come. 

In spite of all the odds being against them they managed to acquire a lovely home, the bones of which were great and offered much promise. But it needed some work. They turned to what they were hoping were local “professionals” but equipped with no tools to screen them they had to take a leap of faith. Unfortunately this faith turned out to be misplaced and after a couple bad experiences they were left with a dismantled home, frayed nerves and mangled spirit. They had nowhere to turn and even less recourse. The fly-by-nighters did just that and left them to fend for themselves. 

From the ashes of this tumultuous experience rose the concept of a better way. Our founder Edward Sarkisyan realized from watching his parents struggle through this exploit that nobody should have to experience this type of mistreatment and indecency. 

Our company started out with just a couple guys knocking on doors and painting houses in the local Newton-Wellesley area in 2002. We quickly learned that if you treat people the way they deserve to be treated with courtesy, respect and honesty above all else, clients would recognize that level of commitment and come back time and again. 

And come back they did, not just for their painting work either. We soon realized that our clients preferred to work with a company that could perform all necessary renovation services, like carpentry, that are also needed. Over time past clients asked us to perform other types of projects like Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, which lead to us becoming a full-scale Renovation Contractor. Years later after perfecting our craft we began to service commercial industries including Multi-Family Residential Apartment Complexes, Condominium Associations, Retail Buildings, Office Spaces and more.

Smart Build was formed in 2018 to specialize in providing commercial renovation services including everything from take-offs to experienced project management. Yet we still offer the same personal touch and dedicated customer service experience to every client, regardless of size, in order to maintain the same levels of professionalism that drove us to start this whole journey in the first place so many years ago. We look forward to each and every new relationship that we are able to build through our work and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity afforded to us to do so.