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It is necessary for a bathroom to be energy efficient. One of the effective ways to improve energy efficiency is to reduce the quantity of water that enters the bathroom. This reduces the amount of electricity required to move the water around pipes. It also saves water. A significant amount of electricity is needed to move water around the home. This affects the energy costs of a home.

The bathroom is a part of the house where water a lot of water is used. Reducing the amount of water can reduce energy consumption. This can be done by installing some simple fixtures. The cost might be much at first but it is worth it in the long run. This should be considered when planning bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA homes.

The next section of this article will discuss how to improve energy efficiency in the bathroom.


Improving Bathroom Energy Efficiency

These are ways to make the bathroom more energy efficient.


1. Use Shower Heads With High Efficiency

The homeowner can use shower heads that use less water when carrying out bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA. Most old shower heads have a flow rate that allows large quantities of water per minute but modern shower heads have reduced flow rates with the same efficiency. If a home has only old shower heads, the homeowner should consider replacing them with modern high-efficiency showerheads. The best time to do this is during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA. Click here to see water-saving shower head.


2. Use Modern Faucets

Modern faucets have reduced water usage because they are designed to be highly efficient. Just like modern shower heads, these faucets are easy to install. The faucet aerators reduce water usage significantly. This is achieved by keeping the water pressure high while the flow is reduced. The major problem that faucets can have is leaks and dripping. This can waste a lot of water so the homeowner should always check for these problems to detect them on time. Take a look at these modern faucets here.


3. Install Low-flow Toilets

Newer homes come with dual flush toilets that allow the homeowner to determine how much water to use for flushing. If a home doesn’t have a dual-flush toilet, the homeowner should consider installing a flush converter during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA. The flush converter makes it possible for the owner to adjust the setting to determine the amount of water needed to flush.

The alternative is to install a tank bag. This reduces the amount of each flush by displacing the water used in the tank. Follow this link to find out more about low-flow toilets.

It is advisable not to use a brick in the toilet tank to avoid damaging the pipes. The homeowner should check for drips and leaks in the supply line and toilet tank. This can waste a lot of time if not handled promptly.


4. Use Energy Efficient Lighting

This is where most homeowners get it wrong. They use lights that make the bathroom too bright. The homeowner can use a light meter to measure the brightness of the room and compare it lighting standards of the state. It is advisable to reduce the number of bulbs in the room. The important thing is to use the minimum number of bulbs that will light up the room sufficiently. Using LED bulbs during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA can cut down energy costs significantly. Click here to read tips for bathroom lighting.


When To Replace A Home’s Plumbing

If any portion of a bathroom’s plumbing fails, it could cause damages to the furniture and other items in the home. Plumbing often fails because of aging, lack of maintenance, temperature fluctuations and poor installation. Most of the bathroom pipes are hidden under concrete or behind walls. Therefore, it is important to know how long the plumbing is expected to last and how to detect a failure. This will help the homeowner to know whether to replace the entire plumbing during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA.


Know The Pipe Material

The homeowner should asses the bathroom’s plumbing to determine the type of material used for making the pipes. Piping materials have different life expectancies and they experienced different problems. It is advisable for a homeowner to carry out an inspection of the bathroom plumbing to determine the type of plumbing materials used. For example, most old homes used clay for plumbing and this is not as durable as modern materials. Copper has a life expectancy of more than 50 years; cast iron can last up to 100 years, while galvanized steel can last of about 50 years. PVC pipes have an indefinite life expectancy.

Apart from the life expectancy of the material, the homeowner needs to consider fitting, pipe joints and other components that connect the plumbing to bathroom fixtures. The connections can be compromised by faulty of aged fixtures leading to water backups and leaks. Find out more about types of plumbing materials here.


Signs Of Failing Bathroom Plumbing

There are certain signs that tell the homeowner that the plumbing is failing. It could be a crack in the pipes or leaks. It could also be warped footing or rust-colored water tubing which all point to a leak or corrosion in the pipes. A clogged drain or a leak can cause low water pressure and startling sound from the pipes is a sign that air is trapped in the pipe as a result of a blockade. If crawl spaces and enclosed areas are damp or have mold growth, it means there is a leak somewhere. When the drain moves slowly, it’s a sign of a blockage. They should be cleared with a drain cleaner.


When To Repair And Replace

Homeowners often don’t know which problems warrant a complete replacement and which can be solved with repairs. The best thing is to replace plumbing during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA. The cost can be kept low by replacing an exposed pipe if there is no other sign of a leak. However, if the homeowner wants to remove walls, he should make sure that pipes and joints are inspected to determine if they need repair or replacement.

There are plumbing issues that the homeowner can handle without calling a plumber. These include replacing faulty fixtures and unblocking clogged pipes. Things only get complicated if the problem lies beneath the surface. In such cases, the walls or floors will have to be demolished. The homeowner will most likely not be able to handle this himself; a plumber will have to be called to handle the problem. Read this article this article for more on replacing bathroom plumbing.


When To Call A Plumber

It is best to leave major plumbing work to professionals. If a homeowner decides to carry out a plumbing project on his own without the right experience, it can result in losses such as property damage or personal injury. Here are problems that need the attention of a plumber.


1. Low-pressure problem

When there is low water pressure, there will be dribbling showers and sinks. It could be due to poor pipe design, pipe obstructions and issues from the city supply. The homeowner will not be able to detect the cause of the low pressure. An experienced plumber will be able to detect the source of the problem and proffer a solution to it. It is not advisable for a homeowner to attempt to correct the problem himself because it can damage the sewer lines and worse the problem. Watch this video to know how low shower pressure is fixed:


2. No Hot Water

When there is a lack of hot water, it means that the water heater has failed. Defects in the water heater can arise from minor defects in the components or a total breakdown of the components. No matter the cause of the heater problem, the best thing to do is to hire a plumber to fix it. It is dangerous to try to work on this using the DIY approach because there are electrical and gas systems in water heaters which could cause huge damage of not handled properly.


3. Blocked Pipe

When the bathroom is experiencing backups it shows that the sewer line is blocked. Putting non-flushable items into the toilet can cause this problem. Other causes include sediment buildup or tree roots. The homeowner should not try to clear the blockage by using chemicals because it can damage the sewer lines. Repairing the sewer lines will cost a lot of money. A professional plumber has the necessary experience and skill to identify the cause of the problem and provide a solution. The repair of punctured or broken sewer lines should be left to the pros.

If a homeowner attempts to repair the broken sewer himself, he risks exposing the home to raw sewage. It is can also damage the sewer lines in the neighborhood leasing to thousands of dollars in damages.


4. Burst Pipes

Pipes tend to burst during winter when water in the pipes expands as it freezes. This expansion causes the pipe to break. When pipes crack, it can lead to flooding and water damage amounting to thousands of dollars. It can be difficult to locate affected pipes as the damage can occur anywhere along the pipelines. This is not a problem that a homeowner can handle. A professional plumber will be able to locate the source of the leak and fix it immediately. The homeowner will spend more time looking for the source of the leak while the plumber will be able to locate it immediately. If the foundation or floors are damaged because of a burst pipe, the plumber will be in the best position to recommend repairs during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA.
Click here to learn more about common causes of pipe burst.


5. Major Installation Needed

When a homeowner’s want to install major fixtures during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA, a plumber will be needed. Installing major fixtures requires experience and skill which the homeowner doesn’t have. Attempting to do the installation without the required skill will result in repairs that will cost the homeowner more money. Sometimes the fixtures will need to be reinstalled.

The bottom line is, a plumber is needed during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA homes. Large overhauls will involve projects that the homeowner will not be blessed to handle on his own. That is why the help of a professional is needed. Most homeowners try to save cost by doing things themselves but the damage that can result will cost more money in the long run.


Plumbing Mistakes That Homeowners Make

Many homeowners do their plumbing work to save cost during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA. It is not a bad thing but since most homeowners do not have experience in plumbing, they tend to make some mistakes which could cost a lot in the long run. The next paragraphs will highlight the common plumbing mistakes homeowners make and how to avoid them.


1. Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many homeowners are in love with chemical drain cleaners because they get the job done quickly. With a few quantities of chemical down the drain, the pipes will open and allow waste to flow properly into the sewer. The problem with chemical cleaners is the effect they have on galvanized plumbing material. They corrode these types of pipes and cause leakage. Instead of using chemical cleaners, there are other ways to clear clogs that don’t affect the plumbing adversely. The homeowner can use natural products like baking soda and vinegar to clear the drain. All he needs to finish sprinkling baking soda in the drain and pouring some vinegar. The solution should be allowed to sit for hours and then flushed with hot water. This should clear the drain but if it doesn’t work, a plumber should be called. It is better than using chemical cleaners. The plumber knows how to clear the drain without using chemicals that should affect the plumbing in a bad way. This article has more on the pros and cons of chemical cleaners.

2. Leaving The Water Running

Most homeowners who do DIY plumbing fails to turn the water off when carrying out bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA. It is necessary to do this before starting a plumbing work if not; the homeowner will have to deal with gushing pipes which can cause flooding in the home. This will leave a huge mess behind. If the homeowner insists on doing his own plumbing, he must be familiar with the home’s plumbing before starting the project. As a rule, water should always be turned off before any plumbing work begins. This can be done from the local shutoff valve or at the mains.


3. Performing Work Without Permit

It is necessary for a homeowner to obtain permits before making any major changes to his home’s plumbing when carrying out bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA. This is to avoid devaluing the home because homes, where renovations were done without permits, could take longer to sell or may be sold for less. If the homeowner is working with a contractor, the contractor can pull the permits. The homeowner can also pull the permit himself if allowed. The most important thing is to make sure that permits are gotten for bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA homes before work begins. With permits, local building officials can have oversight over the project to ensure that the project is performed to the community’s code. Permits are not free but they protect the homeowner from fines and ensure that the work is done properly.


4. Doing Plumbing Without Proper Training

Some homeowners do their own plumbing without getting insurance or license which is required from a professional plumber who knows everything about home plumbing. Professional plumbers go through proper training to learn about the work and they go on to gain experience through many years of apprenticeship before obtaining their license. They go through all this to ensure that they deliver quality projects to homeowners when they do bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA homes.

Homeowners who want to take the DIY route on their home plumbing should know that they run the risk of causing more damage to the home. It can cause more money in the long run if he is to hire a contractor to correct his mistakes.

If a homeowner loves DIY, he should make sure that the project is within his skill level. If he is not sure, he should consult a plumber before starting the project to know how it should be done. The discussion with the expert plumber will help him determine if he is capable of doing the project.


How to Save Cost On Plumbing Remodel

It can be expensive to carry out plumbing remodel work. Plumbers charge a fair amount for the work just like other professionals because they know how to get the job done in no time. There are ways to reduce costs on plumbing remodel work. This section will highlight things that homeowners can do to reduce their plumbing costs during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA.


1. Plan Ahead For Plumbing Remodel

It is always good to schedule work with plumber months or weeks beforehand. It will cost less than calling in a plumber for emergency remodel work. Emergency plumbers charge higher fees than plumbing contractors even though they both do the same work. It is best to use plumbing contractors for scheduled projects when the homeowner wants to install new pipes during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA.

Many plumbers can also do emergency plumbing along with remodeling work out of necessity. The homeowner should let the plumber knows that the work is not to be done in a hurry. This will make the plumber understand that the work is not an emergency.


2. Let The Plumber Stick To Plumbing Work

The plumber will charge more if he performs non-plumbing activities. The homeowner should make sure that all peripheral projects are handled beforehand so that nothing will get into the way when the plumber starts work. Such peripheral works include clearing out the work area, pulling out drywall or lighting up the work area. If the homeowner can do these non-plumbing tasks before the plumber arrives, he will pay less for the project. When the plumber arrives, he will be able to focus on the main work.


3. Retain The Plumbing Layout

The homeowner will pay more for plumbing during bathroom remodeling of Somerville MA if he changes the original plumbing layout. It costs money to move around supply and drain pipes. The cost is even higher for sewer pipes. So, it is best to retain the layout as much as possible.


4. Supplement By Doing Some Of The Plumbing

The homeowner will save a lot of money by eliminating the plumber but since the plumber will be needed for some major works, this is not entirely possible. However, the homeowner can save cost by doing some of the easy stuff. If he has some experience, he can run his own pipes but he should leave the major plumbing to the plumber. This is one way to save thousands of dollars on plumbing.


5. Provide Comfortable Working Conditions

If the working condition is comfortable, the plumber will not charge more money. Plumber tends to charge more if the working conditions are not favorable. So, homeowners should ensure that the work environment is comfortable; there should be no roaming pets or children running around. These are distractions that will slow down the pace of the work. The plumber may not be able to deliver his best under such conditions.
Watch tthis video to learn more on how to save cost on plumbing.