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A siding contractor Cambridge MA click here is a professional who runs a business that helps property owners in Cambridge MA to install different kinds of siding on buildings. Information found here indicates that siding is installed on exterior walls and is made up of horizontal pieces that fit together to protect the wall against moisture damage. Properly installed siding improves the durability of the building exterior.

When it comes to upgrading or repairing the siding on a property, the decision to hire a siding contractor is an important one for a property owner. The best siding contractor Cambridge MA is one that understands what the home needs and gets the job done in a timely manner. It is, therefore, necessary to take the time to hire a good and competent siding contractor.

Siding is an important part of the overall aesthetics of a house. A property owner who is looking for a siding contractor Cambridge MA click here should know the types of siding available and the implication of different choices in terms of longevity and maintenance. The property owner should choose a contractor who will fully explain the different options and deliver excellent work.

This article will discuss what to look for in a siding contractor and red flags to watch out for.


Things To Find Out From A Prospective Siding Contractor Before Hiring

There are questions that will help the property owner to determine the right siding contractor Cambridge MA.

1. The Location Of The Contractor’s Office And The Age Of The Company

The first questions to ask the siding contractor Cambridge MA is where his office is located and how long the company has been in the business. This gives the property owner the basis for further questions. Established siding contractors have their offices in the Cambridge area. If a contractor can provide an address in the area, the property owner will be confident that he is not dealing with a scammer. It is advisable for the property owner to drive to the office to confirm its existence. The age of the company tells how much experience they have in the business. The owner should hire a company with years of experience.


2. Samples Of Jobs Completed And Reviews/Referrals

The property owner should ask the prospective contractor if he has samples of works completed in the past and any referrals. These are very important while looking to hire a quality siding contractor Cambridge MA.

A good siding contractor will provide this information without the property owner even asking. The information is usually on a website or a portfolio the contractor carries with him as part of his sales presentation. If this information is not made available, the property owner should ensure to ask this question. Proof of previous works conveys experience better than words. Online reviews are useful when vetting a contractor going by the information found here.

The property owner should also ask for referrals. The referrals give the owner the opportunity to get in touch with other property owners to further investigate the contractor. It is best to contact at least 3 referrals to get a well-rounded feedback before making any decision.


3. The Guaranty/warranty Available And How Repairs Are Handled

It is expected that products installed or work done should have a warranty that will last for a specified number of months. Some product warranties last a decade or more but there are limitations.

A professional siding contractor Cambridge MA should provide guarantees on his workmanship that can last at least six months and up to 10 years. This will give the property owner enough time to observe the work and detect any issues that need to be corrected. If the contractor did a poor job, it will be detected within that time frame. For instance, moisture leakage can occur a few weeks after the work has been done.


4. Insurance And Liability

This is another thing the property owner should ask the siding contractor Cambridge MA. The contractor should be able to provide a certificate of insurance and workers compensation insurance. If a contractor doesn’t have insurance, the property owner should consider going with another contractor.

This source says that liability insurance is very important for a siding contractor. The insurance covers bills that might arise from any unfortunate accidents that occur with the contractor or the crew on the owner’s property. If the contractor has no insurance, everything will fall on the owner since the accident occurred in his property. So the insurance protects the owner from taking on any liability.


5. License To Do Siding In The State

Just like asking about insurance, the property owner should ask the siding contractor Cambridge MA if he has knowledge about local and state building code as it is important for the job. If the contractor answers in the affirmative, the property owner can hire him. If the answer is in the negative, it’s a red flag because the owner will have to handle any legal issue that comes up from the local zoning office regarding the project. Information on the different type of licenses for builders in the state of Massachusetts is available here.


6. Size Of The Work Crew

The property owner should ask the siding contractor Cambridge MA if he uses subcontractors and the number of workers on his crew. The answers to these questions will address two things. It will let the owner know who will do the work and who is responsible for what. The property owner should go for a company that has a work crew that covers all aspects of the job from start to finish. This allows the owner to have a direct connection with the people on the site at every step of the project.

Some companies use subcontractors to cut cost and improve efficiency. But the problem is that subcontractors will not answer to the property owner, rather they answer to the company that hired them.


7. Policy For Resolving Customer Complaints

The property owner should ask the siding contractor Cambridge MA this question directly. The information can also be gotten from a referral that the owner contacts. It is important to find out how the contractor handles complaints so that the owner will know what to expect if he is not satisfied with the job. The owner should ensure that the contractor he will hire is one that handles complaints as soon as they arise.


8. The Contractor’s Level Of Experience

Some contractors are more experienced in using certain materials than others. The property owner should ask certain questions to determine the contractor’s level of experience. He should ask the contractor for the material he is more experienced with and how many years the contractor has been into siding installation. All these questions are to allow the homeowner to determine whether the contractor really knows what the job entails and how to get it done.

It is also pertinent to know about the foremen’s experience. There are many siding options so the property owner should understand the prospective contractor’s experience with the siding options. Many siding contractors Cambridge MA specialize in certain materials but think they can handle any siding job. This is why the owner needs to vet the contractors to know how qualified they are for the material he wishes to go with.


9. The Level Of Training And Connection To Manufacturers Of Siding Materials

The property owner should know if the siding contractor Cambridge MA is credentialed. This is to determine whether the contractor has undergone extra training and whether he has good connections with established brands if the siding material the owner intends to use. Credentialed contractors offer property owners more warranties and guarantees. There are non-credentialed contractors who can install whatever material the homeowner wants.


10. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Siding Materials

The property owner can research this on himself but it is still good to ask the siding contractor Cambridge MA. An experienced contractor will give the owner insight into various options and their pros and cons. The property owner will also be able to gauge how knowledgeable the prospective contractor is about various siding options.


11. The Color Options Available And Possibility Of Customization

There are many color options for all siding materials but most siding contractors offer limited color options. The property owner needs to know the color options available and if he doesn’t like the options, he can get in touch with manufacturers of materials for custom ordering of the desired color. The owner can also ask the contractor about the possibility of painting the material during installation. The property owner can also contact other contractors who have additional color options.

Some contractors have visualizer tools that help the property owner to see how color schemes work on a house. It takes the color of the roof, windows and other parts of the building into account.

The color scheme might not be a room consideration when choosing a contractor but it is something the homeowner will live with after the work is done. Besides, the property owner may have questions that touch more on creativity than just plain color mixtures. The owner should choose a contractor who can deliver what he has in mind.


12. Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Siding

A good siding contractor Cambridge MA should be able to provide this information to the property owner. In fact, most contractors are eager to provide this information because it relates to the product warranty. The siding contractor Cambridge MA should let the property owner know how much maintenance the materials require after installed, and the cost in terms of time and money. This will reasonably impact the property owner’s decision.

This question may not have much to do with the contractor but is still good to ask. Siding maintenance tips can be gotten here.


13. The Extent Of Insulation The Materials Will Provide

This question is about materials as well as cost. All sidings have the ability to provide insulation for a property. The insulation in some of these sidings can be increased. The R-value of the material can be increased with insulation according to this link.

The siding contractor Cambridge MA should be able to tell the property owner the insulation options and the estimated cost. The property owner can choose to have foam insulation pumped into the exterior walls during the siding job.


14. The Payment Schedule

The property owner should ask the contractor about the payment for the work. It would be wrong not to ask this question from the beginning. Experienced and well-known contractors usually ask for some advance payment and then the balance after the work is completed. Some have stepping stones and collect payments along the way.

The property manager should watch out for contractors who insist on the entire majority of the payment in advance. Such contractors may just be out to scam the property owner. The reasonable payment option is paying as the work progresses.

When getting the quote the property owner should ask the contractor if the estimate will itemize each cost and whether the material costs are separated from labor charges. This inquiry is necessary when the property owner is considering specifics about the job or additional options relating to materials.

The property owner will be able to make better decisions if the estimate separates costs out. If the property owner fails to ask this question, he will get a quote with more focus on materials. The costs should be separated so that the property owner will know which to negotiate.

Knowing what the contractor is charging for during the steps in the work will allow for better negotiation. Information available here shows that the verge cost of siding in Cambridge MA is about $4 per square foot.


15. The Duration Of The Project

The property owner should ask the siding contractor Cambridge MA how long the project will last from start to finish. This is important because the home environment will most likely be in a mess for the duration of the project so the property owner should know how long it will take to get the job done.

It is usually not possible for contractors to be 100% accurate on when the project will be completed because of factors beyond their control such as the weather or other unforeseen circumstances. But there should be a timeline for the work. The contractor can type the timeline and give it to the property owner. It can also be communicated verbally. The property owner should be satisfied with the timeline because labor charges are involved here. The longer the work takes, the more the labor charges.


16. Handling Of Wall Repairs

The siding contractor Cambridge MA should let the property owner know how repairs to the wall are handled if needed. Good contractors will assure the property owner that they will provide quality and minimize charges to the owner.

If the wall needs extra repairs before sidings are installed, the work might take longer and more charges could be incurred. The property owner should make sure the contractor clarifies how repairs will be handled to avoid additional charges. The homeowner should know what else will be replaced besides the siding material.

The trim and eaves may need to be updated during the siding installation. Asking this question is necessary to be able to know what is included in the overall cost of the work. Sometimes, the property owner may assume that these are included in the overall price while they are not. So, the contractor should clarify this.


17. Cleaning Up After The Work

During siding projects, a lot of things get moved around. Siding installations involve removing old siding and any obstructions from the property such as shutters and light fixtures. A good siding contractor Cambridge MA will be responsible for putting back what was removed during the work. Many contractors will offer to help the property owner put up new fixtures if they are available on site before the job is completed.

The property owner should know who is responsible for any waste leftover from the job. The contractor ought to be responsible for all leftover waste and all items that were not on the property before the work began. A good siding contractor Cambridge MA will go over the lawn to pick up all nails with a rolling magnet. The contractor should not put large disposal bins on the property’s lawn because their weight can lead to damage. The waste should rather be put on the street.


18. Obtaining Building Permit For The Job

The property owner should ask the contractor who is responsible for handling the permit for the job. Usually, the property owner is the one legally responsible for obtaining a permit for any work performed by a contractor. Information available here shows that building permit must be obtained before a property owner can carry out repairs on his property.

An experienced siding contractor Cambridge MA should be able to let the property owner know this. If the owner doesn’t have any permit, it could lead to legal issues during the job or when he wants to sell the house in the future. To view a video on how to hire a siding contractor:


Red flags To Watch Out For When Hiring A Contractor

A property owner who has never hired a siding contractor before may be worried about what to expect. The first part of their article discussed questions and things to find out from a prospective contractor before hiring. This part of the article will discuss warning signs to watch out for when hiring a siding contractor Cambridge MA to avoid hiring the wrong one.


1. No Reviews Or Portfolio

Siding contractors should have a portfolio and be able to show reviews from former clients. A property owner should not hire any contractor without first looking through his portfolio to know how his work looks. A competent siding contractor Cambridge MA should be able to provide the homeowner with pictures from previous jobs as well as reviews from past clients. If the contractor cannot provide this or tries to make it look unimportant, it is very likely that the contractor doesn’t have a good portfolio. Any contractor who is proud of his previous jobs will gladly show it to prospective clients.


2. No Insurance

A good siding contractor Cambridge MA should have all documents including licenses and insurance. The contractor should have these ready to show anyone who requests for them. If the contractor cannot provide proof of insurance, that’s a red flag for the property owner. Hiring such contractor will cost the owner a lot in the long run because if any accidents occur during the course of the work, the homeowner will be held responsible.


3. No Local Reputation

Property owners in Cambridge MA should be critical of siding contractors who has just moved to town. The contractor could be genuine but there is a need for extra caution when dealing with such contractor. The property owner should do some research and hire a contractor who has a good reputation in Cambridge.


4. High Upfront Payment Request

A siding contractor who asks for strange payment arrangements should be dealt with cautiously especially if the contractor asks for a high upfront payment or cash-only payment. Ideally, the contractor should not ask for more than 20-30% upfront payment going by the information here.

A competent siding contractor Cambridge MA who knows what he is doing shouldn’t request high upfront payment to finance the work. The contractor should be able to sustain the work from previous businesses until the work is complete. Asking for cash-only payment is a red flag because it shows that the contractor may have something to hide and as such doesn’t want any paper trail. No homeowner should get involved with such contractors.


5. Aggressive Marketing

If a contractor is aggressive, something is up. Trying to close a sale as quickly as possible is a red flag. A good siding contractor Cambridge MA will come to the property, examine the house, come up with an estimate and the sit down with the property owner to discuss the job and present the estimate. A confident contractor will slowly walk the property owner through the numbers and sell his services using his previous works. The contractor won’t be aggressive in his sales pitch. An aggressive contractor who is trying to close the sale quickly is most likely not confident in his work. Property owners should be on the lookout for such contractors and never hire them.