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Kitchen Remodeling Newton MA: What You Need To Know

Newton MA is among the most popular suburb in Massachusetts. Property values there are booming. Most owners there seek to improve their property values at every turn.

One of the ways they are reaching this goal is to undertake kitchen remodeling Newton MA. With such an ambitious project in mind, it is important to get all the right information before proceeding.

In this article, we shall handle critical points that could determine the success or failure of your remodel. We also briefly highlight tips for selecting the right contractor for the job. 

Things Think About Before Kitchen Remodel

If you to remodel your kitchen, there are a few things you need to critically think about before you make the leap. In this section, we shall highlight the critical points that need your attention.

Goals Of The Remodel

You need to weigh your options and think about the goals of the remodel. He goes further to say that splurging on a home that you will list in a couple of months is ill-timed.

If you intend to live in that house, a new kitchen will enhance the quality of your life immensely.

Sure kitchen remodels rank number when it comes to enhancing the value of your home, according to but that is in the long term of course.

At any rate, you will have to think about what style you will incorporate in the remodel. This will in turn be informed by the goals you have set aside for yourself.

Interior Design Scheme

You have probably looked at a few magazines here and there that show different types of kitchens in the market today and feel the urge to improve yours as well. Before you go ahead and do it, you need to critically examine whether or not the design you have in mind will fit your home.

Throughout your home, there is a distinct style that informs how everything comes together in your interiors. If you introduce something alien into the design, you will interfere with the overall design and it will wind up looking unpleasant.

Before you undertake a grand project to remodel your kitchen, first of all find a style the will complement the overall style of the home.

Cabinetry highlights the emphasis that most people put on getting the right cabinets and why you should too. Take a critical look at your cabinets. Examine the areas that need critical attention.

Cabinetry usually takes up a huge chunk of funds for the remodel. In fact, according to Architectural Digest, cabinets take up 20-40% of the budget.

So if you are going to spend almost half your budget on cabinets, ensure you get your money’s worth in the end.

Appliances highlights the importance of factoring in appliances in the initial stages you are thinking about a remodel.

Contractor Selection highlights the importance of and the critical scope of kitchen remodel. They go further and outline the importance of choosing the right contractor for kitchen remodeling Newton MA.

Sleek And Stylish Kitchen Trends

Essentially when you undertake a remodel, you have critical choice to make between going with a trendy kitchen design and improving what you already have.

It was highlighted earlier that you need to stick to a style that will mesh well with your overall interior design. That being said, you can always improve what is already in place. Just because it is old and works really well, does not mean that it cannot be improved in some way.

At the back of your mind, pay attention to the key areas you want to improve. Is it the kitchen island? Do you want more working space that looks decent?

Much as you might want to replicate a design you saw in the magazine, you must think about your current interior design situation. From there, you can tweak the kitchen design to both be stylish and suit your lifestyle.

More Functionality Is Always Better highlights the importance of functionality when undertaking a kitchen remodel. They emphasize more on the optimal use of space. It is something that you must take into account as well going forward. 


Having a clear budget for remodels is crucial. They go further to illustrate why you need it. For your kitchen remodeling Newton MA, you need to be very careful and realistic with your overall budget.

In a later section, we shall cover very helpful tips that will make budgeting a breeze.

Signs It Is Time For A Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is imminent and must be on your mind in a couple of situations. In this section, we will delve deeper into what these signs are and how you can make the most of the remodel to get the kitchen that will please you.


There will be times when you will entertain guests in your home. With huge numbers comes the huge demand for space for dining and interaction. If you feel that you at some point you will have a lot of people in your kitchen area, then you will have to spring for kitchen remodel Newton MA.

To optimize the space you currently have, look at the space you currently have. Take it all in and identify the areas that can be improved to make it more accommodative.

If there will be more chefs in the kitchen, then you need to pay attention to working tops and the space beneath them.

While you are undertaking this review, keep an open mind. Do not be too rigid in your approach.

Movement Around The Kitchen

Whether it is dining or preparing food, one thing is clear, there is a lot of movement in and out of the kitchen. In your remodel plans, you need to think about how to optimize movement. Ask yourself: how can it be more efficient and how can things move smoothly.

If you find yourself struggling to move around your kitchen when you have people in it, it is time for a remodel. 


Children-safety should be at the back of your mind if you have kids that access the kitchen at any given time. Therefore, it is time for a remodel if the appliances there are a child hazard.

Apart from appliances, the positioning of the cabinetry needs alteration to make it easier for the kids to access what they want. The most practical step in that direction is to lower the cabinets that highly accessed.

A huge work space for food-preparation will be needed if you have a huge number of children. Getting a large countertop or huge stove will be in order to make it easier for when it comes time to prepare your meals. 

Making The Kitchen Accessible To All

If you intend to either settle or sell your house and have kitchen remodel in mind, you must then incorporate universal design principles. These are guidelines that will ensure you construct a kitchen that will be easy for everyone to use.

This becomes a very huge selling point if you are keen on selling your home. Regardless of age or disability, people who buy the home and make their way to the kitchen can rest assured that they can use the resources of the kitchen with little or no difficulty for years to come.

Outdoor Dining Door

A patio addition to the backyard will necessitate a new door. You will need to pay very close attention to how the door will be positioned to make it accessible to all.

The space design of the kitchen’s patio door must be done in such a way that it does not disrupt the flow of the room. Hence, it is point worth exploring further with your contractor. 

Kitchen Remodel Tips

After the dust has settled and it is time to get down to the kitchen remodeling Newton MA, the following tips should help smoothen the entire process.

Money Matters

From the onset, you must have the issue of funding and budgeting for the remodel at the back of your mind.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in the fever of the remodel and put these things in the back burner. You will, however, pay the price if you neglect the salient issue of money.

When it comes to funding, you must know where the funds will come from. If you have inexhaustible funds, you are in prime position to undertake the remodel without any fuss. On the other hand, if there are no available funds, you can either apply for loans or set up a kitty for the endeavor.

A figure for the cost of the kitchen remodel has been cursorily mentioned. There are quite a number of ways in which you can get the figure for your kitchen remodel. For instance, Josh Garskof highlights that the budget for a kitchen remodel should be capped at 15% of the home’s value.

As for budgeting, it will be covered in-depth in a later section of the article.

Do Not Change The Plumbing Postion

In remodels, the temptation to change virtually everything is very prominent. It offers owners a change to begin anew in all respects. However, this should be tamped down and with good reason.

Altering the plumbing is first of all a very costly affair. Getting new and professional grade pipes is very costly. You will then have to hire a plumber to redo plumbing for the entire house to ensure consistency in the plumbing.

It is also a very tedious process to uncover and install pipes for the home. Yanking out piping and reinstalling new ones will take a very huge chunk of the contractor’s time and take you away from your home for a longer duration.

If you are to change plumbing, let it be as a last resort and not a first course of action as far as remodels are concerned.

That being said, it is very easy for you to get around the plumbing issue and install sinks and dishwashers in an efficient manner. Discuss this with your contractor to find the best way of optimizing this.

The Kitchen Triangle Reigns

Every design improvement you intend to make must be informed by elemental design principles. The Kitchen Triangle should, therefore, guide your entire kitchen remodel. The placement of every appliance must be informed by it make it more efficient and convenient.

Do not make the mistake of disregarding this principle. Most have done it and have had to redo their kitchens just to make it workable for them. In the end, this mistake turns to be very costly and yet it was avoidable. 

Cabinetry Positioning

With cabinets taking a huge part of the kitchen remodeling Newton MA budget, it is important to get it right the first time. This means you need to really zero in on the parts that need change, be it positioning, design or size.

You can opt to go with entirely new cabinets or reface. Most people opt for the latter these days according to because it saves them money especially if the cabinets are in good shape.

Whichever route you opt to go in designing the cabinet, you need to ensure that

Use New Hardware Across The Board

Since you are already springing for a costly remodel, you better make the funds count. Never make the mistake of going for cheap hardware for the remodel. Most of the time, the quality is wanting and will require replacement due to wear and tear sooner rather than later.

If it helps, thinks of new hardware as investment in the future. A new, top of the line faucet will give you tremendous service for a good couple of years than a second rate faucet. 

Same Brand Appliances

Most people will go for appliances from the same company. They do this in part because of the discounts that come with moving with a particular company. Another reason is performance and consistency.

All the same, if you are keen on installing new appliances, ensure that you set aside funds to buy them in the early days of your contemplation. 

Remodel Focus Areas

In undertaking your kitchen remodels, there are certain key areas that must be paid close attention to. These areas tend to incite out of thought and worry among homeowners due to their very intricate nature. Below are the main aforementioned areas:

Lighting And Electrical

Wiring in particular becomes a very huge talking point. If you are keen on using electric ovens, the wiring needs to be done in such a way that homes system can handle the immense loads required of it.

Along the same lines of electrical work for kitchen remodeling Newton MA, you need to think about the types of lights you will incorporate. It is vital that when the contractor undertakes work to the cabinets


There are newer, compact and more energy efficient stoves to choose from in the market. If you are worried about compromising on the aesthetic design of the kitchen with a new appliance, fret not. You are bound to find something close and will blend well with the overall design.

You can go with either gas or electric cookers. With gas, you must have an inlet. If you do not, you have to enlist the aid of a plumber to install the inlet for, which is an added expense.

Going forward, you need to pay very close attention to the types and brands so that you can make an informed decision regarding.


With floors, you must be very careful with the materials you choose. Most experts recommend using stone flooring for areas that have the most traffic because it lasts longer. For other areas, you have who host of materials to choose from like vinyl, laminate flooring and bamboo, just to mention a few.

Money Management For Kitchen remodeling Newton MA

Budgeting and funding have been mentioned briefly throughout this article. In this section, we shall handle the nitty-gritties of the budgeting process and how you can make it work for the entire venture.

Let us get to it.

ABCs Of Budgeting

It has to be reiterated that when it comes to budgeting, clarity helps. The acronym ABC of budgeting means Always Be Clear when coming up with a budget.

A couple of figures that you can apportion to the budgeting process have been thrown around. However, the clearest one of them all is to use the capped 15% of the home’s value as a guiding light.

If you are currently unaware of your home’s value, fret not. There are a number of resources in which you can use to come up with a quick figure. Most of them highlight the average values of surrounding homes in your neighborhood.

Get Specific With The Figures

After you have arrived at a clear figure and have done the 15% budget allocation. It is time to work on the content of the budget itself.

You will have to apportion resources for labor, cabinets, appliances and miscellaneous/emergency expenses. This process requires critical examination to get right.

There are a couple of suggestions postulated by 

Emergencies And Murphy’s Law

For every project you undertake, you must account for something that might threaten to derail it. When doing kitchen remodeling Newton MA, you must set aside 20 percent of the budget amount for emergencies.

Working with a fixed amount of money with no wiggle-room whatsoever means that the project might stall if something goes awry. Therefore, you apportion 20 percent of the amount just to be on the safe side while undertaking your remodel.


There are a lot of moving parts in a kitchen remodel. However, you need to pay close attention a few key areas. Should anything go wrong(not suggesting that it might) at least those areas are handled and you chalk down those areas later on.

So what is important to you in that remodel? Ask yourself that question come up with a checklist that enumerates them from the top down. 

Funding For The Entire Project

Funding for the entire remodel project should be handled way in advance. It has to be reiterated, going forward, you need to be very realistic about the source of funding. In fact, funding is probably the pillar of the entire kitchen remodeling project.

Other Expenses

As much as there is emphasis on having a clearly outlined budget for the remodel project, there are other things you need to focus on as well.

For starters, you must think about where you will get your food while the remodel is ongoing. For the most part, you might have to eat out while works are ongoing for quite a substantial period of time. Set aside funds for that.

If the remodel is of the scope large enough to make your stay in the house untenable for a long period, consider alternative living arrangement. Factor in a hotel stay for you and yours for a couple of days to weeks depending on the project’s period.

The contractor should provide you with a clear timeline for the kitchen remodeling Newton MA job. Factor in funds for that beforehand so that you are not blindsided.

Account For Every Penny

This might seem like a pretty simple errand as far as kitchen remodeling Newton MA is concerned. However, it goes neglected and most people wind up going over-budget in the process.

Thus, you need to have a mechanism of tracking how the funds for the remodel are being utilized.

By tracking the expenditure during the remodel period, you can truly ascertain whether or not you are getting your money’s worth.

Contractor Selection Tips

In this section, we shall briefly cover what you need to do to get the kitchen remodeling Newton MA.

Look for recommendations from people within and without your circle whom you trust
Compare Contractor’s Portfolios
Always check on their licenses and certification
Ask for references on first meeting


Undertaking a kitchen remodeling Newton MA job can bring a lot of value not only in your home but also in your quality of life. As long as you include a professional contractor in the entire process, you will be fine. So why not hire one today and kick start the remodel that will change your life.