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Somerville MA is a city in Middlesex County in Massachusetts. According to the 2010 Census, it is the most densely populated city in Massachusetts.

If you are living in a house in this city and are considering a kitchen remodel, then this article should help shed light on how best to go about it. In it, you will find things you need to think about before undertaking Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA, how to budget, how to choose a contractor and appliances.


Checklist Before A Remodel

You might have your own reason for you a kitchen remodel. However, before you undertake this huge project, ask yourself: do you really need?

There quite a couple of things you need be cognizant of when undertaking such an ambitious and costly project for your home. Below are some of the critical things you need to answer first before entertaining any notions you might regarding a remodel.


Living Status puts remodeling a kitchen at the head of ways of improving a home’s value in the long term provided you do not go overboard of course. goes further and illustrates that any remodel that might take place as long as the owner is not listing must be undertaken with the owner’s aesthetics and personal choices in mind.

If you are listing your home in a couple of months’ time, a full-scale kitchen remodel should be done with prospects in mind. This will necessitate you to undertake research on your part so that you can best develop a design that will appeal to prospects.

In any case, if you are listing soon, keep the changes to a remodel because the return on investment from a remodel at that time will be virtually low.


The Home’s Overall Style

Installing an ultramodern kitchen with huge splash in a distinctly rustic interior home will stand out in the wrong way. Any Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA job must take into account the distinct design of the home.

As much as possible, you will have to pay attention to the home’s style so that you can tweak any design to fit it.



Most interior designers highlight that cabinets consume half the budget of most Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA jobs. With that in mind, you have a choice to make regarding cabinets.

If they are in relative decent condition, they can be refaced and touched up with a new coat of paint. You can also move them a little lower to make them more accessible.

On the other hand, if they are in terrible condition, they will have to be replaced. When they are, you should think about how they can be both functional and more stylish.


Appliances aptly emphasizes the importance of getting high quality equipment and not going for cheap materials in the name of being frugal. In a later section, there are a couple of tips that should help you secure appliances your Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA job.


Which Contractor To Use

Do you really need a contractor to undertake the project? You do and they outline key reasons why you need to hire one.

There is a section that simplifies the entire process of securing a good contractor who will undertake the Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA works well.



According to kitchen remodel projections stand at USD35, 000. Other experts suggest that you should not use no more than 15% of your home’s current value for a Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA job.

The latter is more practical because it gives you a little more resources to work with than the USD35, 000 valuation.


Budget Guidelines To Adhere To While Budgeting

The success of your kitchen remodeling gig will rest on how well you can apportion and use resources to that end. This section highlights tips you can use to make the budgeting aspect of the remodel easy.


Arrive At A Working Amount

Earlier on, the recommended budget that you should strive to work with is not more than 15% of your home’s overall value. If you have no idea of your current home’s value, use the average of the Somerville MA neighborhood property values to inform your choice.

The specificity in the figure provides a clear direction to stick to and eliminates waste entirely. It also gives you a way of apportioning resources to the various areas of the remodel.


Paying For The Remodel Areas

You need to have a clear understanding of where the financing for remodel will come from. This will void any lingering doubt of funds that will resort in stalling of the construction.

If already have a kitty for the remodel that you had been setting aside for some time, you will not have to break the bank. There are loans which you can apply for to undertake the remodel for your home.

There a number of lending institutions that will provide you with loans to undertake the kitchen remodel. However, you need to read every term and condition of the loan before signing to ensure that your interests are protected.

Once the funding for the remodel and appliances have been ascertained it is time to get to work.


Paying The Contractor

This is quite a challenging area to get a hold of because each contractor has their own distinct way of charging for services. That notwithstanding, you have to take control of the negotiations when you discussing terms of service.

As you iron out the payment plant options, the recommended payment option is 15-20 percent of the overall construction budget. Of that budget, stipulate that you will pay out 10% upfront, 50% when the half the job is completed and the remainder when the job done

Most will acquiesce to that demand as long as it is in writing.


Apportion Resources For Emergencies

After ironing out the details of the overall budget and construction cost, you still have to set aside approximately 20% of your budget for emergencies. Most projects stall on account of unforeseen emergencies.

Be on the safe side when it comes to establishing an emergency fund for your Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA job.


Have Clear Priority Areas

You are probably thinking that all Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA jobs are created equal. The problem with this is that all the energy is dissipated and if one thing suffers, then probably the entire project will come to a crushing halt.

Ensure that you have clear priorities areas. It could be the flooring, cabinetry and sinks first followed by appliances and other things. Once those areas are adequately addressed, then your energy can be directed to other aspects of the project.

Other Expenses Worth Considering

As your project is ongoing, you need to think about where you are going stay and how you are going to eat. Workout the amount you would spend in each case to avoid dipping into other parts of your savings.


Track The Budget

Finally, you need to put in place a mechanism where you can track the Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA budget. This should help shed more light into the progress and places that need correction if they are going overboard.

Remodels are costly and could turn into financial behemoths if left unchecked.


Getting The Right Contractor

If you are very busy or doing the remodel yourself is not an option, then getting the right contractor for the job is absolutely paramount. In this section, we shall dive into invaluable tips that will help you choose a contractor for the job.


Scour For Options And Recommendations

Since you are looking for contractors in your area, part of the location process becomes easy. All you have to do is check out the local directory for options to choose from. It helps using a professional directory or a review site because most of the entries there are vetted and people have something to say respectively.

For you to avoid the tedious task of looking for contractors in the area, you need to get in touch with people in your network. Get people who have had their kitchens remodeled in the past. If their kitchen really looks good, ask them for the contractor they used.

By getting recommendations from people you know, you are getting first-hand accounts that you can trust. Plus, their kitchens serve as proof of the quality of work the contractor is capable of doing.

Getting recommendations is easier than doing vetting from the ground up. However, if there are none, you will have to get your hands dirty and start the arduous task of going through the various contractors.


Compare Contractor’s Portfolios

After you have a variety of options you are considering, it is time for you to peer into the contractors’ portfolios. This should provide you with insights into the quality of work.

This step is essential in order to gauge the mastery of the contractor in question.

Most contractors have portfolios ready for potential clients perusal. If the firm does not have one, move on. Do not wait for them to sweet talk you and make grandiose promises.

Portfolios in themselves are testaments of the quality of work you should expect should hire them to undertake the work.


Licensing and Certifications

All professional contractors are bound by the law to be licensed and certified. Anything short of that means you are dealing with individuals of questionable character who are more after your money than offering the quality of work.

On first meeting, ask them to show you their license and ask about their certification. Listen to them intently so as to gauge their level of commitment to sticking to the rules.


Never Forget References

If you are already sold on the idea of hiring these folks to undertake the Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA work, hold your horses. Ask for references from the individual.

What is the point if you have already poured over their portfolio? Well, it is a way of getting the complete picture of what to expect from a particular individual. You get to glimpse on what it is like to work with a particular individual and whether they got their money’s worth in the end.

In addition, this step is the precursor the next crucial and final step.


Review Finished Products Examples

After you have got in touch, politely ask for them to share pictures of their kitchen. It is from these pictures that you will get an idea of what these guys can do for you.

Hire them if you are impressed with the quality of work. Always ensure that you go over the contract so that you can ascertain what the terms and conditions are and whether you are getting value for you money.


Appliance and Fixture Selection Tips For Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA

There are quite a number of appliance stores in Somerville MA where you can get appliances for your remodel. In this section, we shall cover tips on how best to choose the right appliance to you. At the end, you should be in a better position to realize value for your investment in your appliance of choice.


Cooking Tops When there are multiple cooks in the kitchen, then a decent cooktop should work very nicely for you. You can have multiple dishes on a single cooking top while focusing on other cooking duties.

In addition, there is the added benefit where you can work the space you already have to maximum effect. This makes it an ideal consideration if you have limited space in your kitchen.

Cooking tops come in electric, gas and induction. Most people are moving towards induction cookers because they are safer and more efficient. They only heat the pans and not the surface making them safer than electric ones and gas ones which remain hot long after the top is turned off.

While each type of top has its own benefits and demerits, you need to make a choice regarding which ones you can live with.



Ovens come in two types: gas and electric. They can also be categorize in standalone and wall-mounted units.

Most people prefer gas to electric ovens. Gas is cheaper and hence more economical than using an electricity when it comes to utility bills. However, you can still have the best of both worlds because there are manufacturers who churn out dual ovens that use both gas and electricity.

Some have even gone forward to include steam ovens as well. These are a little more high-end and are preferred by most foodies to others because they inject a little moisture into the baked dish.

In looking at your oven replacement, you will have to first examine what kind of baker you are. Then you will have to look at your space critically and then choose the right fit for you. As for price, do not fret so much about it because it is already covered in the budget.


Range Hoods

Range hoods come in a lot of varieties. In choosing the right one for you, need to check out the space you have first.

Hoods come in a variety. The first one is the freestanding one. Most people prefer this type of range because it safer for children because the controls are in the back and out of reach from them.

Slide in ranges are another popular type. It is popular on account of its very easy to install nature and give the illusion of being in-built.

The final type is the drop-in range. This type has a lip at the bottom that can match your cabinets giving that in-built look as well.

At the end of the day, the size of the kitchen will determine whether or not a particular type of range will be right for you.



With so many brands and models flooding the market, choosing the right fridge can be quite a tedious affair for your Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA job. However, it need not be. You can simplify the selection process by breaking down the types in terms of categories.

The first category you will want to consider is the energy efficiency of the unit. This titbit of information is readily available for your consumption either online or are the appliance store. A very huge portion of your electricity consumption can be tied to your fridge, so why not think about getting a unit that will not drive the electricity meter up the wall.

Ergonomics is another consideration. It helps to know how you would want your fridge’s interior and exterior to look like. Take advantage of the load of information out there regarding this: pour over photos of models that you think are promising and choose one.

Finally, you might want to consider the aesthetics of the fridge itself. By now you already have a visual concept of what you want your new kitchen to look like, now the fridge you choose should blend seamlessly.

Other minor considerations will include new and fancy upgrades like Wi-Fi and door variation.

In any case, regardless of the preference, your fridge budget should not exceed USD7, 000.



Microwaves come in loads of types and models.

With so many advances in the technology itself, the most recent one and highly sought after type is the convection microwave. It is quick and very efficient.

If you want to include a microwave in your Kitchen Remodeling Somerville MA job, you need to seriously think about where you will place it. Do you want it inbuilt or do you want a standalone model? If you opt for the latter, do you have adequate space for it or will you put it in a cabinet?

These two key aspects need to be seriously contemplated so that you can get overall value for your investment in the end.



Just like microwaves, the recommendation with dishwashers is to always consider your needs and design preferences. There are loads of models designed to cater to virtually anyone in the market.

The trend is that more and more people are ‘panelizing’ their dishwashers making them part of the cabinets. Most say it is an aesthetic choice that makes the kitchen look stylish. Whichever route you decide, whether is to install the dishwasher as is or panelize it, ensure that you choose a model that caters to all the needs you might have.



There quite a huge number of sink types and models to choose from. However, there is a very easy way for you choose the right sink for you.

For starters, you need to think about the size of the loads you would like your sink to hold. Most people opt for large sinks while undertaking kitchen remodeling Somerville jobs.

From there, you can think about the material. Most people go for stainless steel but the trendy quartz sink is slowly building up a head of steam. Other types worth considering are enameled cast-iron, porcelain types, marbled types and bamboo type, just to mention a few.

Finally, the types of sink is worth considering. The most popular type of sink you will find most Somerville MA homes is the self-rimming type. Other types include the under-mount, bamboo apron and integrated quartz types, just to mention a few.

The sink being another integral part of your kitchen, a centerpiece must thought about carefully before implementation. Done right, it can make your trips to the kitchen very smooth.



A kitchen remodel is a very huge step and once you decide to take a huge leap in that direction, enlist a qualified professional to help you undertake that really huge kitchen remodeling Somerville job.