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Kitchen Remodeling South Boston MA: What You Need To Know

On a deeper level we want our places of residence to reflect who we are. We want our sense of style to shine through and be seen by the world. This is where most of the property owners think about doing remodels of sections of the house.

Kitchens are among the most remodeled parts of the home in South Boston MA It needs to be done very keenly and precisely in order to be done well. Being the lifeblood of most homes, a kitchen remodel tends to be very demanding and very disruptive.

In this article we shall learn about the critical considerations that must be made to pull off a remodel, choosing a contractor for the job, how to budget wisely and how to select the areas that will need improvements.


Essentials Points To Think About Before A Kitchen Remodel

Moving from point A to Z as far kitchen remodeling in South Boston MA is concerned requires a clear reason in the first place. Without a clear and informed reason all the moves from then onwards are in a grave peril and it is very easy for a remodel to get out of hand.

In this section, we shall highlight what you need to consider and seriously think about before undertaking a wholesale remodel for your kitchen.


Status Of The House

You seriously need to think about whether or not you are listing the house in the coming months. Why is this the case? A kitchen remodel when you want to sell your house is an extra and costly expense that might not even enhance the value of your house.

Most people will look at the condition of the roofs and exteriors, paying more attention to the overall condition of the house than the kitchen. That being said, if you are keen on listing the house, a kitchen remodel that will burn a hole in your pocket is not a good idea for the moment.

If you intend to live in the house for a while, a remodel that has your personal aesthetics in mind will be in perfect order.


The Style Of Home

Any remodel that you undertake in your home needs to be done with the overall interior design and style of the home in the mind. Kitchen remodeling South Boston MA without this in mind will wind out being a colossal faux pas that will just be an eye sore.

Before you ‘butcher’ your kitchen design, take a beat for a second. Do you really need to overhaul everything? If you do, how do you ensure that what you will be bringing into the kitchen meshes well with the overall design of the home?

This point is very critical because most newbie homeowners get carried away with the idea of modernizing everything at the expense of style and comfort.


What Kind Of Cabinets Do You Want To Include

Cost of new equipment, especially new cabinets can be quite forbidding. The temptation will be to cut corners wherever you can if you are involved in kitchen remodeling South Boston MA. Most people start with the cabinets.

As far as cabinetry is concerned, you need to serious think about how you will install high quality cabinets. Otherwise, cheap quality cabinetry will wind up breaking down and necessitate you to install new ones at new and very avoidable expense.



Kitchen remodeling South Boston MA to most people means installing new things throughout the kitchen, especially appliances. However, you need to slow your roll on that regard.

As you assess your kitchen, you need to evaluate the quality of the current equipment that is in place. If it is in good working condition and can give you high quality service for a couple of years, there will be no need to pile on more debt getting new appliances.

If you need new appliances, go those appliances that will give you what you need. Inasmuch as there are a lot of new and highly advanced appliances in the market, some contain features that you might not wind up using.

Before whipping out that credit card or checkbook to purchase any appliance, evaluate your needs first and then make that purchase.


Which Contractor To Use

By now you have probably decided that a kitchen remodel is in order. Now it is time to seriously think about who you will entrust to undertake the kitchen remodeling South Boston MA job.

This process is a bit complex and requires a lot of thought in order to put into motion effectively. For starters there are a lot of considerations to be made to establish the quality of the person you will entrust the job to. These considerations will be highlighted in a subsequent section designed to help you identify the ideal candidate for the job.


Trendy Kitchen?

Most people scour home-improvement magazines with a view of drawing inspiration for their kitchen remodeling South Boston MA ambitions. What was trendy a year ago might not be in vogue now. If you are one to keep in step with most of the trends, you might box yourself in and wind up choosing a style ill-suited to the way you operate.

You might want to incorporate a design that seem stylish at first glance, however it might be very impractical. Therefore, you might want factor in how you operate and decide whether or not the current trend you want to imitate will help or hinder how you move around in your kitchen.


Functionality Of The New Design

Stylish as a kitchen might be, if you cannot get what you are looking for quickly or cannot move around easily, a remodel in that stylish direction might not be worth the hassle.

You need to have critical look at your kitchen and think about how you can improve the design to make it more efficient.



Finally, you must consider where the funding for remodel job will come from. You do not want to burn a hole in your pocket with this endeavor.

Sit down and think about how you can finance the operation without straining yourself.


Signs It is Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

After you have seriously thought about remodeling your kitchen, you still need to pay attention to when it is the right time to undertake a remodel.

In this section we shall cover the signs you need to pay attention to when undertaking a kitchen remodel.


Space You Are Working With

The size of the space you are working with must be a factor. In your minds’ eye, how do you envision the space you will be working with? Are you currently satisfied with the space or do you want to make it better?

You must think about the space in which you will work first and how to make the most out of it. This means looking at the countertops first. How are they positioned? Can they be configured better than they currently are? recommends that you need approximately 158 inches of countertop frontage that has a minimum of 15-inch clearance to work with.

Another thing you must think about is the shape of the kitchen itself and how the appliances are arranged. At the back of your mind, you must take into consideration the efficiency of the workspace.

Your main aim in altering the space is to ensure that everything moves seamlessly together. If your current situation is hampering this effort, you must take the appropriate action.


Traffic Flow In The Kitchen

If you are living by yourself, then a simple kitchen design should suffice. However, if there are more cooks in the household and more than two people in the kitchen at any given time, your kitchen remodel should factor in the traffic flow.

Your kitchen design is fixed on some level and you must strive to make the most out of it. With that in mind, you must work the space to make it easy to accommodate that huge number you anticipate at any given time.

One of the suggestions worth exploring that factors in huge crowds is to use an open plan. In your kitchen remodeling South Boston MA plan, you must think about how people will move around the space. Most contractors recommend a walkway of approximately 3 feet with a standing working area approximately 42 inches in width for one cook and 4 feet for more than three cooks.

Overall, if you intend to entertain guests that will either help you cook or dine in the kitchen, you will need to maximize the space you have already.



Your kitchen needs to be remodeled if you have children in the household. The space needs to have safe and easy-to-use appliances. This basically means getting rid of outmoded and date appliances that are not child-friendly.

As you contemplate your remodel, think about whether or not you will extend your family. You need to do this because in the event you have a large a family, you will need a relatively large space in which to prepare your food.

Also, you will need to lower the food cabinets to make them more accessible to the young ones.

If you have kids, a remodel should be on the cards to make it easier and safer for them.


Universal Design

Universal design is a critical consideration in any home design. Look at your kitchen and consider whether or not it is accessible to people living with disabilities. Along the same lines, you must peer into the future and think about whether an older you can use your kitchen in the current shape it is conveniently, according to

As people age, doing certain things like reaching those very high cabinets becomes very arduous for them. If in your contemplations about the space you feel that it might pose a challenge for a person with disability or the elderly, then it is time for a new remodel.

When you enlist a kitchen remodeling South Boston MA service or want to undertake the remodel yours, incorporate the principle of universal design. These will make your kitchen more accessible to virtually all.


New Doors And decks?

Do you want to add a patio or deck on to your backyard? Why not add a door for easy access?

With the trend of people gravitating more towards outdoor dining, a strategically placed door will make delivery of meals very convenient.

In order to make the addition of a new door easier and less disruptive to the overall kitchen design, you will need to remodel the kitchen first. There are quite a variety of door designs that will cater to your tastes and preferences for a patio door.


Areas To Consider During Kitchen Remodels

In this section, we shall cursorily explore the crucial areas worth focusing on when undertaking very huge kitchen remodel jobs.


Lighting Suggestions

How do you intend to illuminate your kitchen? Surface-mount light fixtures are very popular and come very highly recommended by most experts. These types of light fixtures are just attached to the ceilings.

These fixtures illuminate the kitchen just enough and are beautiful as well.

If you have an island, an overhanging light fixture will work really well.



There is no contention that the kitchen stove is the most vital piece of equipment in your kitchen. In fact, according to Bon Appetit who quote Elizabeth Roberts, a prominent interior designer, it must be the first thing worth upgrading if you want to upgrade your kitchen.



Countertops can always be improved but as long as you have a good and durable working space, you can chalk that off immediately.

The recommendation for countertop lengths is 24-25 inches.

As for surface types, there are a variety and you should base your final selection based on the needs you have at the moment.



It was cursorily mentioned that the choice of cabinetry, especially where cost is concerned cannot be compromised. In this part, we shall highlight more about quality and aesthetics.

You can draw inspiration from cabinetry from magazines or other sources. However, you must ensure that at the end of it, the design is functional. Good cabinetry is easy to open and close and reachable.


Exhaust Hoods

As you consider positioning your cabinets, you must always think about how the positioning of the exhaust hood will impact the kitchen. The contractor you employ must position it in such a way it does not overwhelm the design of the kitchen but still remains functional.


The type of tiles you have in your kitchen are worth thorough scrutiny when kitchen remodeling South Boston MA. According to John Riha of DIY Network, the kitchen floor is vital for the



These are usually the first ones that are installed during the remodel. While you are contemplating your new design, you must think about the types of sinks you want to install with a view of exploiting their functionality and stylishness. According to under mount sinks and self-rimming sinks are the most popular sinks in the market.


Tips For Budgeting For Kitchen Remodel

It has to be reiterated that a budget is vital to the success of kitchen remodeling South Boston MA. In this section, you will be provided with tips to adhere to while budgeting.


Clear Figures In Mind

Breakdown the tasks and areas you need money for while you are undertaking a renovation for your kitchen. This means being very pragmatic about every appliance, every foot of paneling and every fixture. You must sit down and work out the cost of the entire job to have a clear view


Have a Small Portion For Emergencies

According to HGTV, setting aside 20 percent of the overall budget for emergencies must be done to take care of any and all disruptions that might occur during the remodel.


Have Clear Priority Areas recommends having clear priority areas during remodels to avoid unnecessary waste of energy on countless things. Plus, it will be good for cutting costs overall.


Where Will You Get The Funds

Have you apportioned a part of your savings to take care of the kitchen remodeling job? Or are you applying for a loan to take care of it? You need to have a clear idea of where the funds for a remodel will come from


Where Do You Stay When The Renovations Are Going

It would be more convenient for you to stay somewhere else while renovations are ongoing in your residence. Set aside money from a stay in a hotel while you are


Funds For Eating Out

Until your renovation is done, you will have to eat out. Your contractor will have provided you with a clear timeline for the job and you must adjust your pockets to cater to this aspect.


Keep Track Of Budget

It is important to keep every cent in mind when you are undertaking. That is not say to micromanage the entire project and being a penny-pincher. No!

You are doing this with a view of keeping a handle on the efficiency of the entire operation.


Never Include Things You Do Not Need

Just have the essentials in mind when undertaking kitchen remodeling South Boston MA jobs. Anything new will just eat into your funds and yet you might not even need it.


How To Choose A Kitchen Remodel Contractor


Get Recommendations

Friends, colleagues and people in your network can prove tremendously helpful in giving you recommendations for good and competent contractors to undertake the rigorous kitchen remodeling South Boston MA. Their first-hand account of their experience with their contractor should more or less give you a clear expectation.


Compare Contractor’s Portfolios

After you have accumulated contacts of good remodel contractors, you must get in touch in them with a view of scrutinizing their portfolios. If you had a recommendation from a pal, it is fine, but it does not hurt to be careful all the same.

This will give you a clear view of what to expect from the contractor.


Licensing and Certifications

It is your job to ensure that you enlist a contractor who is above board and does things the right way. According to getting a certified and licensed contractor is a sure fire way of ensuring you get your money’s worth and not get scammed.


Check References

Ask for reference and follow up on them to ensure that you get a clear understanding of what to expect from the company.


How To Select Appliances For Kitchen Remodels

Appliances must be chosen carefully and this section explores how you can go about choosing the right appliances for your kitchen.


Cooking Tops

How will you choose the best cooking tops? Well, Barbara Peck highlights electric and gas types, their benefits and how you can choose the best one that will give you what you want.

If you opt to have a gas cooking top, you must have a gas line installed, which is an added expense. On the other hand, if you opt for an electric countertop, you need to ‘eyeball’ the heat level just to choose the right level of heating.

Each type comes with its own benefits and demerits, thus you must think critically about which will be the best fit for you.



In choosing your new fridge, if you opt to replace, consider if a standalone model is right for you or an in-built wall model. Also worth thinking about is how you will open the doors. Will they be sliding door or those normal doors?

These two essential consideration must be factored in with space in mind. At the end of it, you will need a space in which to operate it.

As for an ice/water door, there are models that have and lack purification mechanisms. It is basically up to you to choose that model that fits your lifestyle and preferences.



There quite a number of options to choose from but in terms of broad categories, there are two types of microwaves: in-built and standalone types. Microwaves take up a lot of space. You must be creative with your space to find a good place to slot it.

In choosing your microwave, consider its performance and function. Some have multiple functions.



Dishwashers come in quite a variety of types. The most common types are the drawer types, though the traditional pull-down ones are still in the market. As you undertake your kitchen remodeling South Boston MA job with a view of improving your dishwasher, consider how they can be installed in the cabinetry.

Also worth exploring is the size of the loads and the types of loads. Having two dishwashers to cut time on work and can be done very cheaply.



With the aforementioned tips and additional information, you are on course to undertake a kitchen remodel for your house. Why not get a good contractor to help you out in that regard.