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Kitchen Remodeling South End MA: Ins And Outs Of A Success Remodel And All You Need To Know To Make It Happen

If you have lived in a house for a particular amount of time, two things are bound to happen regarding the design of the establishment. You might decide not to change a thing and just live and let live. Alternatively, you might look at a space and think about how you can improve it to make it appealing.

In the case of the latter, you have a great deal of thinking to do so that you can pull it off successfully. One of the rooms of the house that needs very serious thought if a renovation is to take place is the kitchen.

This can be attributed to a few things: the kitchen is the lifeblood of the home. A majority of the people in South End MA who have undertaken kitchen remodels have attested to how inconvenient and costly they can be. For these two reasons, a clear plan of attack is necessary for the eventual success of the venture.

In this article, we shall cover the basics of kitchen remodeling South End MA from when to know if a remodel is needed to what you need to do to get a contractor.


Considerations To Make Before A Kitchen Remodel

So when do you need a kitchen remodel for your home? In this section, we shall explore


Are You Listing Or Making It Permanent

Remodels are ideal for when you intend to live in your home for a while or permanently. In the end, a good job is worth the money since it will not reflect your aesthetics but als


The Interior Design Of The Home

Are you willing to keep the theme of the home intact? Does your preferred design mean a disruption in the scheme of the house?

These two essential questions about the theme of the house must be answered. Usually, the recommendation during remodels is to maintain harmony in style throughout the house. Therefore, whatever design choose it must be consistent with the theme of the house.



Is the current cabinetry scheme satisfactory? Or is it time to replace the paneling?

You must critically examine the kitchen’s cabinet design and decide, going forward, whether you want to change it or not. If you opt to change it, you must strive for consistency in the design of the kitchen remodeling South End MA job.



While we shall explore how to choose appliances in a later section of the article, it is worth highlighting that a critical examination of the kitchen appliances must be undertaken.

When you undertake kitchen remodeling South End MA for your house, decide whether or not it is time for an upgrade. There are certain situations that will necessitate appliance upgrades and will be touched on later.


Which Contractor To Use

Once you have made up your mind to go ahead with the kitchen remodeling South End MA job, is to decide on a contractor. Sure you can opt to undertake the remodel yourself if you have the knowhow. However, going with a professional contractor is simpler and more efficient.

Care must be exercised in the selection of a contractor for your kitchen remodel and you will be provided with tips for selecting a competent one.


Trendy Kitchen v. Functionality

Do you want to stay true to the aesthetic in which the house came with? Do you want to go with the trendy designs evident in magazines?

The ultimate responsibility about the direction of the remodel rests with you. Nonetheless, it must be functional first and stylish second when it comes down to it.

The kitchen design should be modelled on how you operate in it. It should not be so disruptive to your operations that you have to relearn where everything is just so that you can use it well.



The issue of money will be covered exhaustively in a subsequent section but it is an essential consideration. This can be attributed to the fact that you will have to pay for labor, materials and appliances.


When To Remodel Your Kitchen

There will be instances when you will have to make the ultimate leap and remodel your kitchen. In this section, we shall highlight how to identify the time you need to make this leap.


Optimize Space Use

If your current kitchen space seems like it’s a little crammed or has excess space that is yet to be used well, it is time for a remodel. Most of the space in kitchen is consumed by cabinetry.

A simple alteration of the cabinetry could yield loads of room that can make your kitchen feel roomy and elegantly designed.


Traffic Flow In The Kitchen

High traffic flow in the kitchen area and a subsequent struggle for working room means it is time to rearrange things around the kitchen. If this is a common occurrence, you need to identify the high traffic areas and come up with ways of optimizing the flow of traffic, while maintain that stylish kitchen design and ensuring convenience.



Children in the family must be considered when undertaking kitchen remodeling South End MA. If you anticipate a huge number, you will need a huge space in which to prepare food.

You will also have to adjust the cabinet heights so as to make it easy for them to use while they are there.

If the current appliances in the kitchen are hazardous to children, replace them with children-safe appliances. Anything that can be done to make the kitchen a safe spot with kids must be done.


Universal Design

It is time for a remodel if you want to make your kitchen accessible to virtually anyone, according to There are universal design principles you can refer to when undertaking your kitchen remodel.

You should use them in your remodel, especially if you intend to live in that house for a long time.


Tips For A Kitchen Remodel

After you have made up your mind about going ahead with the kitchen remodel, it is time to get down to business. In this section, we shall cover a few tips that you can employ to make the kitchen remodeling South End MA job to come together.


Funding For Project

Remodels are oftentimes very costly. Before you undertake our kitchen remodel, you need to critically look at the costs that the project will take up. Things like labor and equipment are just among the main things to consider.

A clear budget should provide you with a clear direction of the project and spur you forward.


Existing Kitchen Theme

It is simply not enough overhaul the entire kitchen design. If your project is very ambitious and it means disruption of the theme, your bold kitchen design could wind up being a terrible overall fit.

As much as possible, try to stick with the overall décor theme of the house during the remodel.


Keep The Plumbing Intact

A good rule of thumb while remodeling your kitchen is to keep your plumbing where it is. Yanking out pipes from walls to try and match some design you saw in this or that newspaper will be a very costly affair.

Keep it simple and leave the plumbing where it is. If the overall design you want to incorporate is giving you a tough time, you have a little leeway to alter it. Take it.


Keep To Kitchen Triangle

When remodeling your kitchen, stick to the tried and true ‘Kitchen Triangle’ design. In fact, you should use it as your guiding principle in design, according to


Addressing The Wood Cabinetry

Use a consistent pattern design on the wood panels in the wood cabinetry. Also worth contemplating about is the positioning of the wood cabinets and how


Use New Hardware Across The Board

If you are keen on overhauling the paneling and equipment in the kitchen, then you should use new hardware across the board, according to Going through the kitchen remodeling South End MA wholesale ensures that there are no disruptions.

It gets tiresome and bothersome when you have to replace parts in your kitchen after they are worn out. At least when you do it wholesale, you can replace everything across the board in your next remodel.


Stick To The Same Brand For Appliances

This has two benefits: maintaining consistency of the performance and discounts for the appliances.

You could wind up saving a hefty amount on your appliances if you get them from the same manufacturer.

Getting the appliances from the same brand ensures that you know what to expect performance-wise.


Areas To Consider During Kitchen Remodels

Stuck on where to start with your kitchen remodeling South End MA endeavor? Below are key points worth exploring. They highlight points of consideration with suggestions about how best to go forward with them.


Lighting And Electrical Work

A kitchen remodel is a chance to get very bold light choices. Most interior designers highlight the importance of natural light in kitchens before thinking about lighting fixtures themselves, according to Any design you decide to employ in your kitchen should allow light to bounce around freely.

When it comes to lighting fixtures, the most people recommend recessed lighting for the kitchen. According to Housing Logic, these lights can be included in cabinetry, sinks and rooms. They accentuate the room, ensuring that there are no shadows where they are placed.

Overall, choose a lighting scheme that brings out the unique and stylish kitchen.



There are quite a variety of energy efficient and very compact stove options available in the market today, with the stove being the centerpiece of most kitchens. –



The floor bears a lot of stress and needs to be selected very carefully according to

Stone flooring is the most ideal for high traffic areas. It is strong and worth considering if you have a lot of people in your kitchen.

There are loads of flooring options to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. Choose wisely.


Tips For Budgeting For Kitchen Remodel

The importance of budgeting for your kitchen remodeling South End MA job has been reiterated more than enough in this article. This section highlights implementable tips that should make the budgeting process a breeze.


Clear Figures In Mind

Sounds easy enough, does it not? Well, it is a complex and intricate process that needs special care to get right. Some remodels go upwards of USD100, 000. puts the average price of kitchen remodel at USD80, 000.

The price of a kitchen remodel is will depend on the size of the place and other factors. Use the outlined prices as a reference point to start with.


Real Overall Cost

Examine the kitchen area closely and identify the areas you need to change for the kitchen remodeling South End MA. This is where the hammer meets the nail_ so to speak.

HGTV recommends the following split when it comes to budgeting:

35% Cabinets
20% Labor
20% Appliances
10% Windows
7% Other
5% Fixtures
3% Others


Have A Small Portion For Emergencies

Most experts recommend that you after you have worked out all the necessary figures for your remodel, apportion an extra 20 percent of the cost into an emergency fund. This fund is designed to be dipped into only when required.

This amount should be on hand for easy access when needed.


Have Clear Priority Areas

There are crucial areas the will require a significant portion of your resources, both time and monetary. You need to identify these key areas and focus on the first.

This is done with a view of saving you time and effort during the remodel itself. Spending a lot of time trying to take on too many things


Where Will You Get The Funds

It is best to have a clear idea of where the funds for the remodels will come from. After you have identified a clear figure and have factored in where to find the funds for the job, go to your funds stash and set it aside for project.

Alternatively, if the funds are not readily available, you can apply for a loan for the project. However, this is subject to a good credit rating. Most banks are skittish about lending money.

Pay attention to the loans terms, fees and other conditions. Some clauses could wind up hamstringing you for a while. After you have applied for a loan, ask about the availability of the funds, especially a clear timeline for scheduling purposes.


Alternate Living Arrangements

Renovations, in whatever form, are very disruptive. You will have to make alternative arrangements while works are ongoing.

Hotels around the area are worth considering if you want a convenient commute. Just ensure you have funds set aside for the duration your kitchen remodel takes place.


Factor In Eating Out or Take Out

With your kitchen out of commission for X amount of time, you have to think about how you will eat. For most people, it means going out to hotels or just ordering take out.

If you have particular dietary concerns, there are quite a huge variety of restaurants in and around South End MA. They should have food that will be satisfactory to you.

While apportioning resources, factor in eating out. This will ensure you do not go over the spending limit.


Keep Track Of Budget

Put in place a tracking system of knowing how the budget is coming along. With expenses like hotels and food, in particular, they can spiral out of control if left unchecked.

To this end, have a spreadsheet table or just a pen and paper to track every cent that is spend from the kitchen remodeling MA fund. This way you can maintain the discipline throughout.


Find Ways Of Cutting Overall Cost

This starts from when you talk with your contractor from the first time. After receiving the quote for the job, ask the contractor if you can negotiate a better deal with them. If they agree, have the deal penned, with everything in clearly stipulated.

Maybe you can help out with the work. This should help cut down the labor cost significantly.


Never Include Things You Do Not Need

It is vital to stay focused throughout the remodel. Some distractions will come and you might get tempted to dip into the kitchen remodeling MA fund to pay for them. Do not succumb to the temptation.

Remember that those funds are for renovations and that alone.


Selecting A Kitchen Remodel Contractor

It has to be reiterated that getting a contractor for the kitchen remodel job is the wisest recourse. This can be attributed to the time, energy and resources expended to make the remodel a reality.

For you to get the right contractor for the job, stick to the following rules.


Get Recommendations

A recommendation from a person you know eliminates a lot of the legwork involved sourcing for a contractor. You already have a point reference when it comes to the quality of work of the contractor, therefore the lengthy vetting process is entirely eliminated.

Just ask around from your friends and people in your circle who have done kitchen remodeling or know of others who have. In your inquiry, you should ask about duration and overall experience that they hard working with their contractor. This should help you anticipate and adjust should you happen to hire them.


Compare Contractor’s Portfolios

You need a substantial variety of contractors to choose from if you do not have any recommendations. Get them from professional service sites just to be on the safe side. Most of them the come through this route are thoroughly vetted.

After you have gleamed candidates in your proximity, you need to get in touch with them. The first contact should be done with an aim of sizing them up. Ensure that you ask them for their portfolios so that you can gauge the quality of work.

Use your discretion to choose the contractor you feel will be a perfect fit for you.


Licensing And Certifications

These two vital considerations go without saying, nonetheless they must be emphasized because their importance is far reaching. Hiring an unqualified and unlicensed contractor opens you up to a world of very avoidable problems.

As a rule, you must choose a qualified contractor who has all the necessary papers. At least then you can rest assured about their professionalism and quality of the services they provide.

Never relent on these two requirements, even if the contractor offers to do the job for you at a cheap rate. You will regret it if you do.


Check References

After narrowing down the candidates, you must ask them for reference. Sure you can take their word for it that they are a high-quality outfit and will do your kitchen remodeling South End MA job well, but think of references as further verification.

Upon receiving the references, you need to get in touch with them. They should give you a clear picture of what to expect when you hire them to do your kitchen remodel.

These references should provide you with ample opportunity to review the finished product. If you like it, hire the contractor right away. If not, then look around until you find one whose quality will satisfy you.


Talking Payment

Negotiations are vital to getting the right contractor. According to the following terms and conditions should be at the forefront of your thinking as you take up a control:

Upfront Payment
Not More Than 10%
Half When The Job Is Half Completed
Final Upon Completion

The aforementioned are just simple guidelines to adhere to. You are free to tweak them as you see fit going forward.



By adhering to the aforementioned tips regarding kitchen remodels, you should be on course for a smooth remodel. A good contractor and a little bit of research going forward to get the right kitchen fit for you.