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Kitchen Remodeling Wellesly MA: What You Need To Know

Wellesly, as per, is a town, located in Norfolk County. In 2010, the population of the town was 27,982. As per, Wellesly is considered the 7th wealthiest city in the country and it is home to three major colleges; Wellesley College, Babson College and Massachusetts Bay Community College.

There are professionals of kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, that can help you turn your kitchen into a dream kitchen. If you ever feel that your current kitchen is not serving the desired purpose and functions, then it is best you remodel it. Remodeling a kitchen takes some time, effort and money, but the end result could be worth all the effort.


Questions To Ask

Before you consult professionals from kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, the first thing you need to do, is to figure out the answers to some questions. As per, the first thing you need to ask is how much the remodeling job will cost you. Then you need to know if you can actually pay for the expenses and then whether the current layout of the kitchen allows you to change it or not.

The reason why you need to ask yourself these questions is because money is the main thing behind remodeling a kitchen. If you ask professionals of kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA about budgeting and money, they will tell you that you might set a budget for your remodeling, but things don’t always work out the way we plan. You might need to put some extra cash aside for the remodeling job.


Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen

There are many reasons as to why a homeowner would want to remodel their kitchen. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

• As per, kitchen remodeling adds value to the real estate value of your home
• When you remodel your kitchen, you mostly do it because you want add modern items to the kitchen, like changing to an electric stove or adding more electrical appliances to your kitchen
• Some homeowners remodel their kitchen, because they want to save on energy; they want to install lights or use solar energy efficient appliances, that will cut their electricity bill short
• You might want to remodel your kitchen, because you want to change the layout of the kitchen, as the current one is not working for you
• You want to increase the space in the kitchen, so that the family can have three meals of the day, together
• There are financial incentives involved, like if you save on energy, then the government or other institutions will offer you rebates
• The kitchen is not in a good shape; the plumbing and electrical work needed to change
• You have recently developed an interest in gourmet kitchen and you want to design your kitchen in a way, that it makes it possible for you to move around easily and have separate counters for each ingredient
• You might want to start cooking classes of your own, and want to make separate counter tops for each person, who wants to join your class


How To Remodel-A Step To Step Guide

There are many detailed steps that you need to take, in order to remodel your kitchen. Before the professionals at kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA can help you, you need to do research yourself.


Setting Goals

What do you want from your kitchen should be the first thing that you need to ask yourself. As per you need set goals for the kitchen like if the workflow is affected by how the kitchen is designed, then do you want to improve the workflow? Do you need better lighting? Is the storage system of your kitchen very limited? Further, you need to ask yourself, who would be the one doing the remodeling. Are you going to hire professionals from kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, or are you going to do the remodeling yourself.

If you are going to hire professionals from kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, then read the next point, because it will help you in deciding the best remodeler.


Choosing The Best Professional

As per, there are certain things that you need ask, before you can choose a remodeler. Firstly, you need to ask the remodeler about his company’s qualifications. This is to make sure that the remodeler’s company is legit, and they have done other tasks in the past as well.

Ask for references and thoroughly check those references. Some homeowners simply get references and feel relieved, thinking that a professional won’t lie about doing jobs before. However, to be on the safe side, ring each and every one of the references and ask them if the professional you are thinking about hiring or the company they work for, have ever left a job unfinished and if they faced any serious problems during the remodeling process.

When you are communicating with the remodeler, make sure that they don’t have a laid back personality, because that would mean they would do a job, but will take more time than those who are serious about the tasks assigned to them.


Kitchen Styles

The next thing you need to do is look for the different kitchen styles and choose the best one. You might want to consult the professionals at kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, but if you are making a decision on your own, then as per, there are many different styles that you can consider.


Modern Style Kitchen

This style of kitchen is not like the other busy designs that you see in kitchens mostly. It is all about frameless cabinets and simple hardware and this style of kitchen keeps the clutter from increasing. The open spaces are the focus in this type of style, along with bare counter tops. The best part is that this type of kitchen gives you more culinary space.


Country Kitchen Style

This style is also known as the farmhouse kitchen style, and it gives you a rural getaway feeling. The furnishings in this type of kitchen include rustic wood, cabinetry made of timber and colors like red, bright yellow and soft yellow.


Minimalist Kitchen Style

The emphasis in this type of style is more clean space and fewer elements. This means that the kitchen is made of simple materials and objects. The base and top cabinets should be made with solid door panels, and every nook and cranny is looked for the purpose of increasing space. There are colors that you can add, but modest colors or fewer colors always preferred in this kind of style.


Rustic Kitchen Style

If you ask a professional from kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, and he recommends you rustic style kitchen, then this would mean the use of a lot of wood. Wood is a material that really strikes a person, and makes the features of a kitchen very visible. The texture is friendly, warm, inviting and appealing.

The exposed ceiling beams and the wooden floors are not the only things in a rustic style, which would appeal to you; the furniture and the countertops look elegant as well. The lighting, however, in this type of style needs to be warm.


Industrial Kitchen Style

Now, this type of style comes from kitchen that are found in commercial restaurants, but if you entertain people on a daily basis, or have large gathering every now and then, then you might like this type of kitchen. Following are some of the features of the industrial style:
• Presence of neutral colors like black, grey and red
• In the top cabinets, shelves are open; bottom shelves can be opened as well
• There is a pot rack, made of stainless steel
• Different structures are exposed like water pipes and metal beams
• The floors, counters and walls are made of concrete
• The counter or tabletop can also be made of wood


Set Your Budget For Remodeling

Most people worry that they might have to spend a lot of money when they are remodeling a kitchen. If you ask a professional from kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, then he will tell you all that you need to know about, making a budget and cutting expenses.

There are several things you would be spending on
• Cabinets and their installation
• Materials for countertops and their installation
• Flooring
• Framing
• Drywall
• Paint
• Appliances
• Electrical Work
• Plumbing
• Ducting work


Save Money on Kitchen Remodeling

When you consult professionals at kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, they will tell you the different ways you can save on kitchen remodeling. As per you need to conduct research, compare prices and find out the different discounts that you can benefit from.
Firstly, make a list of the products and materials that you would need for your remodeling.

Again, the professionals at kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA can help you with this. Then you need to read the reviews of the products and materials that you are going to order.

After that, ask around and talk to those who have remodeled their kitchen. They might be able to tell you better about, where you can get quality materials at a good price. After that, consider the payment that you have to make to the contractors and other professionals who would be involved in the project.

You should compare prices of different professionals working in the field of remodeling, but make sure that you hire the one who can do a good job, and not just someone who can do it cheaply.


Same Layout

If you ask any good professional from kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, he will tell you that one way you can save on your budget, is to keep the same layout. If the existing plumbing is fine, then there is no reason to remove it, because it will cost you more. Further, if the location of the sink is fine, then there is no reason to push it somewhere else.


Don’t Make It Complicated

Sometimes when homeowners are remodeling their kitchen, they tend to complicate things by including features that would cost them more. For example, if you are trying to make your cabinets look more fancy, even when there is no need, then that would cost you more. Make sure that you spend based on a budget you have set initially.


Don’t Leave Everything To The Professionals

You might feel content in knowing that professionals at kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA can handle all the tasks of remodeling for you. However, in order to cut down your budget and save money, you can’t leave everything to the professionals. You need to do certain small tasks on your own. For example, you can paint the walls and have fun while doing that. You can also remove the old cabinets and counter tops, because this is not a very hard job.

Moreover, when you have ordered material to be delivered, you should do that in advance, give them sufficient time to arrange your products and if possible, pick them yourself so you can save on the delivery charges.

If you ask a shop or an online service to deliver the materials you want on short notice, then they will surely charge you extra, and that is something you don’t want.


Choosing The Counters

As per he next step in kitchen remodeling should be the homeowner choosing the kind of counters that he wants.

Countertops are an important aspect of the kitchen, because this is where you mostly prepare ingredients for your food, put down your appliances and other things. The first thing that you need to consider when choosing counters, is the kind of material that would be the best for your family.

For example, if you have small children, then you need a material that is durable and can be cleaned easily and for this you can consider quartz and granite. However, if you don’t have a big budget, then you can consider laminate counters, because they are affordable and you will get to choose from a wide range of styles.

However, if your main priority is style, then you should consider getting wood or stainless steel. Just make sure that whatever style or material you have chosen, you have consulted from a professional of kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA.


Electrical and Plumbing

Imagine, you have remodeled your kitchen, but you neither discussed the plumbing with the professional you hired from kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA and they didn’t pay attention to it either. Now, your new kitchen is flooded with water, and you can’t do anything about it.

However, you don’t have to totally change the plumbing and electrical work in your current kitchen. You can improve on them or change the wiring if necessary. When you upgrade, make sure you choose products and appliances that are energy efficient, so that you don’t have to worry about paying high electricity or water bills. Improving the electrical appliances should be a priority, because sometimes, the old ones become a hazard and may catch fire, if they are not looked after properly.



Ask any good professional at kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, and they will tell you how important lighting is, and how many of the homeowners ignore this important feature of the kitchen. Whether you are preparing meals for your family or eating meals with them, wouldn’t you want your kitchen to be brightly lit?

Picking the right lights is not an easy job, which is why it is best to physically go to shops, see the results of different lights and get the lights yourself. You can pick the ambient lighting, because it really lightens up a room. You can fix the lighting in the ceiling fixtures; make sure that you don’t bright the room too much, or it will look antiseptic, but don’t dim the light too much either, or it will give a gloomy feeling.

You can install extra lights, under the cabinets, so that if you don’t want to light up the whole kitchen, but just want to do specific tasks, like cut the vegetables, you can do that easily. You can place a light over the stove or where you prepare your meals. Homeowners, in this case, choose accent lighting.


Quality Materials

As per, it is important to make sure that the materials you are getting for your kitchen remodeling are of good quality. You would need cement, tiles, faucets, lights, and paints. You can also add wallpapers to your kitchen walls, if you don’t want to get them painted.

Get materials from those brands that you trust. You must have done remodeling before, or someone you know has done remodeling and it is always better to ask around about where you can buy good materials.

Look at the prices of the materials and whether they fit your budget or not. If they don’t fit your budget, then you should reconsider the list of materials and whether you can cross some off the list.


Appliances To Be Fitted

Don’t make the mistake of choosing your electrical appliances at the end. As per you should consider the appliances that your kitchen needs and where they should be installed. You would need:

• Cook tops-The depth of the cabinets below the cook tops need to be considered. You might need additional space on the side to include utensil drawers, making cooking easier
• Refrigerator-You might need to install the refrigerator or fridge close to the cook top, so that you don’t have to go to the other corner of the kitchen, to get the ingredients that you need
• Warming drawer-If you need a warmer drawer, then you need to have a customized drawer for that; decide beforehand where you want the warming drawer to be, so there are no confusions during the remodeling


Process Of Remodeling

The process of remodeling can be very tiring. Before the remodeling starts, make sure that you leave room for cooking and eating, no matter how small it is. During the remodeling, you still have to eat at home, and ignoring this aspect would mean that you have to order frequently from the outside.

Moreover, while your kitchen is being remodeled, ask the professionals from kitchen remodeling Wellesly Ma, how you can protect the other rooms in the house. For example, when they are bringing in material, where would they put the material? Would the material hurt the flooring that you are not going to change?

Don’t lose patience when the remodeling is going on, because some people can’t stand remodeling for long and they become unhappy. You should enjoy the process, by looking at the big picture. You can ask the contractors to not come for one or two days, if you find the whole process very exhausting. Moreover, if you are painting, then that could be a really good way to relieve stress and be happy, because it is a very enjoyable task.


The End Result

The outcome of the remodeling might not to be your liking, which is why, every day when the contractors are done with their tasks, you need to carefully look at things and see if they are going in the right direction. You should communicate more with the professionals at kitchen remodeling Wellesly MA, but make sure that you don’t hover over them or micromanage them. Offering them refreshments every now and then, can be really good for their morale.

Looking at everyday progress will give you a fair idea about whether, the end result is going to be the same as you have envisioned, or it is something different, that you don’t like.

The most important part of any remodeling of any room, is the budget. Make sure that you don’t blow your budget, you don’t buy the things you don’t need, you don’t remodel the whole kitchen on your own, you don’t ignore the important aspects of the kitchen, like electrical and plumbing, and, you enjoy the remodeling process.