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Kitchen Remodeling Weston MA: What You Need To Know

Weston MA is a town in Middlesex County. As per, the town was incorporated in the year 1713, and the population of the town was 11,389 in 2017. The town has a very dynamic culture. There is a Weston Public Library and Friends of the Weston Public Library,and this is something really important for those who love books. They have an art and innovation center, friendly society, which is the oldest theater community in the country and drama workshop. Drama workshop is a theatre program for youth, which takes place during summer.

Different Types Of Contractors

If you want contractors for kitchen remodeling Weston MA, then you need to know about the different types of contractors that take up remodeling jobs.

Design And Whole House

The first type of contractors are the general contractors; these contractors often come from design build companies and their functions are:

• Architecture
• Design
• Construction management

Such contractors come from established companies, because established companies have proper in-house staff; they even provide their own installers and will do the whole house remodeling or the kitchen remodeling, like you want.

Home Additions

As per home addition contractors are those, who can do remodeling and make designs for your kitchen space as well as per your budget. If you are looking for home addition contractors for kitchen remodeling Weston MA, then you would get the best service, when it comes to building.


If you are looking for remodeling contractors for kitchen remodeling Weston MA, then you would find contractors in Weston MA, that only focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. If you want more experienced contractors, then you would go to the ones, that are mentioned at the start of the article. However, if you want the experts in bathroom and kitchen, then you will go with the remodeling contractors.

The Timeline For Kitchen Remodeling

As per there is actually a timeline that you can follow, when it comes to kitchen remodeling. If you are looking for contractors in kitchen remodeling Weston MA, then be sure to show them this timeline and the details associated with it, as well.

From Start To Finish

It might take you about 2-3 weeks to select a contractor for kitchen remodeling, then when you seek the services of kitchen remodeling Weston MA, you will be able to finalize the design of the kitchen, in about 1-2 weeks. Further, it might take you time obtaining a permit to remodel your kitchen in Weston MA. When you have finally obtained the permit, you will select products, along with the professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA.

When the products are delivered, which will take about 4-6 weeks, then the construction process will begin. No matter how efficient professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA are, it will still take about 6-8 weeks. The total time that the whole process will take, will be 15-19 weeks, if you don’t get a permit for your kitchen, and 23-27 weeks, if you do get a permit to remodel your kitchen.

Selecting A Contractor

As per, there is no easy way to find a contractor, and when you do find one, there are certain aspects that you have to see.

If you have found the professionals at kitchen remodeling Weston MA, then you can always check their references. However, if you are still in the process of looking, then get recommendations first:

• Ask your friends, family or homeowner, if they have gone through any recent renovations or modeling
• Look online for different kitchen remodeling forums, where other people have recommended someone and shared their experiences
• You can also use social media to look for good contractors, because there are many people, who are helpful online

A really good tip here is that, the professionals at kitchen remodeling Weston MA, will make it easier for you to get in touch with them. However, as for those who don’t have a website or no references, those must be treated as red flags.

Comparison Of Portfolio

When you go out looking for professionals for kitchen remodeling, there would be many who show you their portfolio or who have portfolios online, and they may seem ideal for your bathroom renovation. Thus, go for a portfolio that has many jobs listed on them, that has pictures about the remodeling work done in the past and remember, good professionals know that they should include these things in their portfolio.

Final Steps

When you are done checking their license to remodel kitchen and certificates of being a contractor, then the last thing you need to do, is check for references. When you call someone to check on professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA, then following are some of the questions that you should ask:

• Did the contractor complete remodeling in time?
• Did they clean up, after they were done with work?
• Were there any problems that the homeowners face because of the contractors?
• Did they go over budget?
• Did they do a good job?

When you are checking references, make sure that you don’t just check the ones that are listed on the top. You should check each and everyone, to see whether the contractor is fooling you, or people really do have nice things to say about him.


When you are discussing designs with professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA, following are some of the ideas that you can discuss with them, and see whether they find it suitable for your kitchen or not:

• Instead of extending the space by building more cabinets or increasing the size of existing cabinets, you can get command hooks, hang them on a wall close to your stove and place pots and pans on them
• Why not display your cutting boards? That way you won’t have to shuffle in drawers or cabinets, to find where they are
• Instead of installing more storage in cabinets, you can install storage under your kitchen benches; if you run this idea by professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA, they will agree with you for sure
• As per if you want a kitchen where you can eat, but you don’t have the space, then you can always go for the foldable option. When everyone wants to eat, get the foldable table out and when no one is eating, then put it on a side
• Don’t leave the walls empty; you can place things right next to a wall, like shelves and fridge
• If you don’t want cabinets, or can’t afford them, then you can always install open shelves, as they offer good space for keeping things like jars, spices and pickles
• An Island cart, even if it is expensive, is a very good addition to a kitchen remodeling job; if you can get a wheeled cart, then the area would be easy to clean and you can move things around easily

Products And Delivery

The most important thing when you are remodeling a kitchen, is to get quality products, and have them delivered in time. If the products don’t get delivered in time, then this would make it difficult for kitchen remodeling Weston MA professionals to complete their work on time. If you want an idea about what kind of products would you need, then following are some helpful things that you can consider, while making your list.


As per the first thing that you need to think about, when you are ordering products, are fixtures. Kitchen is an important place in your home, and there are several fixtures that you need, in order to remodel it.

Firstly, you need to get inexpensive fixtures; that, you can only do if you grab the opportunity of a sale or looks for shops that offer discounts. Also, don’t aim for short time delivery, because most shops charge extra for it. You need to plan for the future, which means giving shops sufficient time to deliver your products.


If you think that you can compromise on quality, or you are getting sufficient number of cabinets at a small price, then you should definitely grab such an opportunity. However, you can also remodel the existing cabinets to save cost, like updating the hardware, trimming the cabinets or enhancing their appearance.

Lighting And Other Details

You need to make your kitchen look spacious, and for that, lighting can be a great help. Look for the best prices that you can get online, or otherwise. You can look for ceiling fixtures, lights that are installed under the cabinets or on the walls. Whatever structural items that you buy, make sure that they make your kitchen look larger and not clustered.


Granite countertops are glamorous, and they are functional as well. However, if you want a store countertop, then you should do research, or consult professionals at kitchen remodeling Weston MA, to find out what they suggest about countertops.

Construction Time!

As per, there are a lot of factors that play an important role in the remodeling process. Some of these factors are discussed below:

• How complex is the job? If the remodeling is detailed, then you can’t rush construction and should give the constructors space
• Are there any public holidays coming in between?
• How much access are you giving to the contractor of kitchen remodeling Weston MA?
• You must have made a budget; for how many weeks?
• Do you have money saved, in case the construction takes more than eight weeks?
• Do you have all the necessary products delivered to your house, or are they taking longer than expected?
• Do you have all the appliances that you want to get installed in the kitchen?

Things Not To Forget

Sometimes, when professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA are helping us, we forget some things.

Demoing The Kitchen

Don’t just start smashing things-wait for the crew to arrive, who can properly do the job of demoing the kitchen. It might feel really attractive to smash walls, to remodel your kitchen, but that could have disastrous effects.

When you hire professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA, make sure you ask them how demoing takes place and whether it is going to impact the other rooms in your house, because their structure and integrity is important as well.

Kitchen Plumbing

If you are getting your kitchen remodeled, but you don’t change the outdated, then that could really be a problem for you in the future. Some professionals charge extra for handling this task, but it would be worth incurring expenses now, than changing the plumbing in the future.
Your job isn’t done here. When professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA are doing their job, you should keep buckets ready, in case the existing plumbing breaks. It is better to prepare beforehand, so that you don’t have to feel sorry about water everywhere, later.

Electrical And Lighting

If you think that changing lights is an option and not something very important, then think again. If you are changing the whole look of a kitchen, with the help of professionals from kitchen remodeling Weston MA, but you are not changing the lights, then will your kitchen even look new?

You can consider installing overhead lighting, lighting under the cabinets, wiring the dishwasher you are already using, properly, and wiring the microwave. Moreover, if you have a dedicated circuit for powerful appliances like the fridge and the oven, then you don’t have to go through the power surges that different appliances cause and the damage that you have to repair after that.


As per, there are homeowner who ignores painting their kitchen walls, when they are remodeling it. You can use different colors when you are painting the kitchen walls, but make sure that they go with the color of the furniture in the kitchen.

If the color of your walls don’t really match anything that is in the kitchen, then it would look pretty awkward. You should not limit yourself to one color, but try different colors. Ask the professionals at kitchen remodeling Weston MA, if you are unable to make a decision.
There are some steps that you should take, before the painting job begins:

• Make sure that the paints you are using are of good quality, so they don’t come off the very next month
• Paint the walls before the cabinets are installed
• You can use painter’s tape
• Prepare the walls, like making sure that they are clean and there are no mud holes in them
• Cover your floor, so that if any paint comes trickling down, you won’t have to worry about it
• Use the paint brushes that are used for painting walls and make sure that they are of the right size and quality
• Applying two coats of paint will surely give you good results
• If you want, you can always touch up the paint again, right after installing the kitchen cabinets

Floor Replacement

As per, if your floors need replacement, or they need polishing, then you should definitely discuss this with the professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA.
At times, the floors look very old and they might even creak; if you are investing time and money in a remodeling job, then it would be really naïve to ignore the floors.

There are different types of floorings that you can install. As per there are two main types of flooring; cork flooring and bamboo flooring.
Cork flooring is made from tree bark, and such kind of flooring may seem like warm and very inviting. However, if the cork is exposed to sunlight, then it can become yellow. It is easily scratchable as well and if there is moisture, then it can swell too.

Bamboo flooring is made from grass and not wood; the best part is that after every 3 to 5 years, it can renew itself. When you are buying bamboo flooring, then get premium bamboo, because it is made from adhesives and prevents formaldehyde.

Recycled carpeting is also a kind of flooring, which is made from recycled plastic; the reason why they are so famous among professionals at kitchen remodeling Weston MA, is because the color options available are vibrant, and they last longer as well.

Other types of floors include, linoleum flooring and eco-friendly wood flooring.

Cabinets Should Be Installed Properly

Make sure that your kitchen cabinets are installed properly. If you hire professionals from kitchen remodeling Weston MA, then they will make sure that the cabinets are leveled and plumb. Installing them properly won’t give you any troubles in the future, or during the construction process.

You can have wall cabinets or base cabinets. Wall cabinets are placed securely on the wall and they have no connection with the kitchen floors. Moreover, the base cabinets are also secured on the wall, but they do touch the floors.


It is an understood and proven fact that if your countertops have to be fabricated, then this will cause a lot of delay. The installers will come, they will measure the template and then you have to wait for them to be fabricated. This can take seven days or even seven weeks, depending on who is providing you with this service. It is recommended by professionals of kitchen remodeling Weston MA, that you get quartz for your countertops, because they have the ability to resist head and they can last longer as compared to granite, which loses its appeal after some time. Even though quartz can be expensive, but it is not every day that you get your kitchen remodeled.


Now, backsplash is something that is not discussed very often. The material you chose for your countertops, that same material would be used for backsplash as well. Fabrication of two necessary fixtures in your kitchen, would be a relief for you. However, if you don’t want quartz, then you can always choose aluminium or wood.

In order for backsplash to be installed, countertops have to be installed first. This is because if you install the backsplash first, then it might create a seam, that you won’t want.

Appliances For Your Kitchen

Appliances should be bought before the construction starts and the installation of every electrical item is finished. Ask any good professional at kitchen remodeling Weston MA, and they will tell you the importance of buying electrical items early. You need to make sure that the appliances have enough space in the kitchen, and you don’t end up finding that your expensive waffle maker won’t fit anywhere.

A Rewarding Experience

Even if you seek help of professionals from kitchen remodeling Weston MA, please make sure that you don’t lose sleep over it. This experience should be fun and rewarding. Buy the things that you have always wanted in your kitchen, and make sure to place them in a way, that your kitchen doesn’t seem cluttered. Everything should be placed in an elegant way.

Buy the things that are necessary for your kitchen and ignore the things that seem too shiny and expensive, because most likely, they are not useful. Get advice from those who have already done their kitchen remodeling and know good places where you can buy materials and products at lower cost. Moreover, you should look online for websites that deliver materials, on a short notice, and even give you discounts.

Make sure not to hurry the contractors at kitchen remodeling Weston MA, because if they are to do their job right, then it will take some time. Make sure that you make a timeline, and you share that timeline with the contractors. That way, they know what you expect them to do, and you will get feedback, on whether the timeline can be executed or not.
Most of all, make memories. Take pictures of before and after scenes of your kitchen, so you can show other the remodeling process.