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A general contractor is someone who is responsible for constructing, improving and renovating buildings, and has to sign a contract. When a general contractor signs a contract, he then hires subcontractors and suppliers for the construction project, like a property for a property investor. Every property needs construction at some point and a general contractor can be hired for the various purposes that he serves. A general contractor can be an individual; says it can be in a partnership, might belong to a corporation or some other business.

In order to understand the roles and responsibilities of a general contractor Needham, MA, the first thing to understand are the different types of contractors.


Construction Manager

The first type of a general contractor Needham, MA is a construction manager, who is hired when the design phase of a building is going on. The reason why they are hired in the first place, see this, is because they have experience that can be helpful for a project team. In some case, the construction managers often play a part in the initiation the construction phase as well, and that is before the design phase is done.

Construction managers are also given the responsibility of managing trade contractors, but they need to have experience for that. They have to manage a lot of people on the site; visit the link this is why they can be considered as the king of the site where the construction is going on.


Principal Contractor

A principal contractor is someone who makes sure that all the work that is being done during a project, is according to the CDM regulations. This includes whether the project complies with health and safety standards, visit this, which have been set for construction workers to follow. However, they have other duties as well, which can also be accomplished by general contractor Needham, MA:

• Monitor the progress of the project.

• Plan the construction phase of the project and then manage it.

• Coordinate activities with both the client and the principal designer.

• Make sure that work is being done according to the schedule set.

• Review and modify the project, based on changes that have been made.

• Form a system of collaboration with other contractors that are involved in the project.

Prime Contractor

A prime contractor is also a synonym for general contractor Needham, MA, and is best suited in case the project is a large scale one. The reason why large scale projects come under prime contractors is because of the long term commitment that they offer to their clients, says, and this might not necessarily include only one project, but several future projects.

Designing And Building

The designing and building contractors are those who first look after the designing phase of the project, and then the development phase. They have to look after many details on the site and must appoint a holistic approach, open the link, because they are involved in various steps of a construction project and have the following responsibilities:

• Managing the design team and the design process.

• Support the client and advise him about the requirements and the development of the building.

• Encourage the design consultants and provide inspiration to them.

• Make sure that the design process is in accordance with the current legislation of the state and adheres to the standards set.

• Looks after the quality of the design information.

• Works in accordance with the time scale of the project.

• Makes sure that there are no risks related to heal and safety on site, as well as the design and financial concerns have been taken care of.

If a company wants to hire a general contractor for a project, then they need to know about the services that the general contractor Needham, MA, provides.

Services Provided By A General Contractor

There are four main services that a general contractor provides, must see the link, but these four services can be further categorized under different stages of the construction process.

A general contractor Needham, MA, is responsible for creating designs, managing the construction process, maintenance and electrical work. The different stages of the construction phase and the part that general contractor Needham, MA, plays in these stages are discussed further in this article.

Pre-Construction Phase

In this stage, there is a need for careful planning before any construction takes place on the property of the property investor. The general contractors focus on things like making sure less and less changes take place, check this out, the construction time and costs aren’t much and the final product is what the client wants it to be.

For example, if another portion of the property is being constructed, then the general contractor will make sure that it doesn’t cost much for the landowner or the property investor. There are several things a general contractor Needham, MA, is responsible for doing here:

• Making a virtual design, so that the client knows about the end product he will be getting to something close to it.

• Providing an estimate for the client, so he knows about the budget set and whether the construction will go beyond that or not.

• The current conditions.

• Analysis about whether what the client wants can be constructed or not.

• Management of value.

• Scheduling.

• Different phases that are going to be involved in the construction process.

• A review of construct-ability.

• Management of different risks, like safety and finance.

• Preparing packages for subcontractors who would be working under the general contractor.

Construction Management

Construction management services are provided by general contractor Needham, MA, and there are many responsibilities that the general contractor has to fulfill, at this stage:

• Securing the permits that are needed for the construction building or part of the property investor’s property, so that no legal problems arise during or after the construction.

• Record the finances.

• Develop a schedule for cash flow.

• Find out estimated values for different segments of the construction work.

• Provide a construction schedule that would talk about starting and completion dates.

• Supervise the materials that are going to be used during the construction process.

• Test the materials and provide equipment which would be needed for completion of the project.

• Take precautions that are necessary for the safety of the works on the construction site.

• Make sure that the construction is in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations that are set by the public authorities.

• Do not accumulate waste materials on the construction site.

• If there are any changes, then a change order should be prepared which need to be approved by the client.

• Keep all the necessary records in case the client says that the construction didn’t go according to the plans that were set earlier; these records should include drawings and detailed specifications of the project.

Designing & Building

Under these services, the general contractor is basically responsible for designing and constructing the property of a property investor,

There are many responsibilities that the general contractor Needham, MA, has to fulfill:

• Finds out ways for the client to save time and money.

• Designs the project and makes the building process quicker and more cost saving.

• Makes budgeting for the project.

• Makes sure that the procurement of materials takes place without any hurdles.

• Provides a schedule for building.

• Makes sure that the designs and other related documents are all complete.

• Gives a chance for owners to provide their input about the design of the project.

• Makes timely decisions about the construction of the building.

• Makes retention of subcontractors possible and fully involves them in the early stages of the construction process so that nothing goes wrong.

Other Major Services

Some services that a general contractor Needham, MA, provides go on from the start of a project to the completion of a project. Some of these services are defined below:

• They provide good quality services to satisfy the client and make sure that the client is left with a good impression of the construction company.

• They comply with safety standards, so that no unfortunate incident takes place on the site, which would cause legal problems for the client and the company.

• They have experience on how to handle people working on the construction site.

• They have the ability to create status reports, which are detailed in nature.

• They can manage orders without creating chaos on the site.

• They can manage the subcontractors, without causing conflicts.

Considering the many roles and responsibilities that general contractor Needham, MA has to fulfill, they need certain skills to accomplish their objectives. If a client wants to hire a general contractor, then he has to look for a certain skill set, apart from the experience of the general contractor. These skills and abilities are discussed further in this article.

Ability To Work With Others

There are so many people with whom a general contractor Needham, MA, has to work with, which is why he needs to have the skill and ability to work with others. There are people who are more comfortable when it comes to working alone, but when they are placed in teams, then they are not as effective and might start conflicts with others as well. If a general contractor can’t work with other people, then he will face a hard time managing people and making them work.

A general contractor should be one who is comfortable working with all kinds of people, no matter what kind of personality they have.

Want-To-Learn Attitude

Not everyone has the thirst for knowledge, or the desire to learn about new things when they are done with their education. A general contractor Needham, MA, should have the skill to learn about new technologies and methods, which can make a construction job easier.

Keeping themselves up to date about new methods would positively impact the budget, as the general contractor would be able to cut down costs, while delivering quality services. Moreover, they would be able to teach new methods and skills to the crew that they are managing.

Organizing Everything Related To Construction

A general contractor needs to stay organized, because if they don’t, then they will be spending more time looking for things that are required, right away. They need to organize resources that will be needed on the construction site, they need to organize tasks so that each and every task is completed in order and on time and they need to be organized because it gets the job done.

If a general contractor is not organized, like in terms of resources, then he will face a lot of problems when it comes to meeting deadlines or providing workers what they need in order to accomplish tasks.

Technology Is Important

Technology is not limited to white collar jobs and it is here to stay in the construction industry. This is why a general contractor Needham, MA, visit this link, needs to make sure that he is comfortable with adapting to new technology, has knowledge about the technology that is needed in designing, building and construction and can teach workers who don’t know about certain things, as well.

If a general contractor doesn’t know about modern construction technology, then he won’t be able to achieve objective effectively and efficiently. This is because he would be stuck with doing things that are done through old means and methods.

Reasoning Skills

General contractors need to make decisions, which is why they need critical reasoning skills. They need to decide on the spot, if something is not done right, if something isn’t working and if there are things that need to be changed. These reasoning skills have many benefits, like they help prevent incidents from taking place on the site, and while the general contractor Needham, MA, is supervising on site, he would be able to solve any problems that come his way.

Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are a must for any profession and in case of a general contractor, there is no exception. A general contractor Needham, MA, should be good in both verbal and written communication. The reason why oral communication skills should be good is because general contractors often have to voice their concerns about the construction process, shows that, and they need to voice these concerns in a way that it doesn’t demotivate the other employees on the property, but provides them with inspiration on how to improve.

Written communication skills are important because general contractors have to communicate through emails and text, and have to write up documents related to the construction site, and they need to be efficient in these aspects. If a general contractor doesn’t have good communication skills, then the construction site is surely going to suffer.

Basic Math Skills

Math is a significant part of different professions and the career of a general contractor is no different. A general contractor Needham, MA, should have basic math skills, as it will help him determine whether the right amount of materials needed for the property have arrived on the site or not. Further, they should be able to read as well, because of the number of documents that are needed while construction work is going on.

Suggesting that reading is not a must basic skill for a general contractor is wrong, because if the documents prepared by the general contractor don’t make sense to the client or anyone else, then that could be a problem.

Collaboration & Coordination

A general contractor doesn’t work alone and has to manage the construction workers. This is why, he should have the ability to collaborate and coordinate with others, as it will result in the smooth functioning of the construction process. For example, he might have to communicate with the property manager who has hired him and is responsible for looking after the property. If there is a conflict between two workers, click on the link then that could disrupt the construction process and this is where the general contractor Needham, MA, plays a major role.

Stamina Of The General Contractor

A general contractor will face a lot of problems on the site and might get into conflicts with different people. Thus, a general contractor Needham, MA, should have the strength, as well as stamina to counter such hurdles and make sure that he doesn’t lose his cool and is able to maintain a good working environment on the construction site. There are physical tasks and mental tasks that the general contractor would have to do, but he won’t be able to achieve his objectives if he gives up easily and doesn’t have the patience to see things through.

Knowledge About Building And Mechanics

Keeping in view the different responsibilities of a general contractor Needham, MA, he should have knowledge about building and mechanics. This is because in order to complete a construction project, this knowledge would be very useful and will come in handy. A general contractor should have the required technical skills, check out the link so that he can guide the construction workers on site and make sure that work is completed on time.

Reasons For Hiring A General Contractor

If a property investor or a landowner wants construction done on their property, will they be able to look after everything on their own? A general contractor can be defined as someone who is jack of all trades and has detailed knowledge about how a project should reach its completion. There are many other things that a general contractor does, which can decrease the hassle that property owners might have to face.

Know The Codes

When hiring a general contractor, a property owner should hire someone who has experience and knows the codes. This means that the general contractor Needham, MA, go to the link, knows about the permits that need to be taken out and the code that need to be enforced in order to get a project approved.

Job Efficiency

General contractor Needham, MA, can be very helpful if a property owner wants every task done on time. The general contractor would make sure that tasks are completed on time, and the sub-contractors schedule their work accordingly. For example, the plumber would know the deadline of his tasks and the electrician would know when to begin his work.


While working on a property, the general contractor Needham, MA, would accept liability in case someone is hurt while on the job. If someone is hiring a general contractor, then they are putting a responsibility on him to make sure that the working area of the property is safe, and for example, no one is going to fall off from the roof while working.

Price Of Materials

As general contractors have good relationships with subcontractors and know about prices of materials, they can get the property owner a good price and save them money as well. They will also have experience when it comes to differentiating from good quality material and bad quality and the things that the construction project doesn’t need.

Warranty Of Work

If something goes wrong, then the general contractors will do their best to remedy the situation. They will work to make things right because it is the matter of their reputation and future business. As construction on a property is no easy task and will cost the property owners a lot, it is best to hire a general contractor who can make things right.

Managing a property is not an easy thing and on top of it all, managing subcontractors and making sure that they are doing their work as they should be, is even more difficult. This is where a general contractor Needham, MA, comes in handy and does the subcontracting, as well as looking after materials used for construction purposes, an easy task. Thus, the benefits of hiring a general contractor Needham, MA, is the responsible thing to do.