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Bathroom Remodeling Of Newton MA

Bathroom remodeling is a big task and it can be exciting as well especially when it comes to choosing the latest design of accessories. But there are things to consider before starting out in order for the bathroom remodeling of Newton MA home to be successful. Before a homeowner sets out to remodel his bathroom, he must have a picture of how the bathroom should turn out after the remodeling is done. The process can be costly, stressful and time-consuming. This article will discuss things to do to ensure that the project is carried out successfully.


1. Draw Up A Budget

The homeowner should have an idea of how much he wants to spend on the bathroom remodeling of Newton MA home. The budget will guide the homeowner in deciding what to include in the remodel. Once the budget has been set, it will be easy to know the cost of each part of the project. The homeowner will know what to spend on fixtures and other accessories.


2. Determine How Much Time Is Needed

Many assume that bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes only requires a few days especially if it involves a small bathroom. They assume that it takes a longer time to remodel a large bathroom. But that is not always the case. The remodeling contractor will have to go through the same process no matter the size of the bathroom and it depends on how many items the homeowner wants to change.

Determining how long the project will take goes beyond looking at the duration of the remodeling work. It should also take into consideration the steps involved in the whole process such as purchasing tiles, fixtures and cabinets and how long it takes for them to be delivered. On the average, bathroom remodeling should take about 5 weeks from the information available here.

Homeowners who have only one bathroom in their house will have to do extra planning to make arrangements for a temporary place for showering and using the toilet while the bathroom is being remodeled.


3. Determine The Sequence Of The Work

Bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes should be done in a specific sequence to save the homeowner from mistakes and heavy cleanup afterwards. It is best to start any process from the top of the room. The ceiling should be remodeled first followed by the walls and lastly the floor. Doing things in this sequence prevents damages to the new equipment. Check out a suggested bathroom remodeling sequence houzz.


4. Watch Out For Any Hidden Problem

When a professional does bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes, the work will end up with no problems. The bathroom and fixtures will function as they should and the value of the home will be greatly improved. Old homes usually encounter hidden problems such as water damage due to structural deficiencies in the floor framing or improperly vented plumbing or corroded plumbing. The homeowner should watch out for these problems and make sure they are corrected. If these problems are not detected and corrected, the remodeled bathroom will not last long before another work is required. Learn how water damages can be detected and fixed homeimprovement.


5. Determine Design Style

A homeowner who wants to do bathroom remodeling of Newton MA home should start out by thinking about how he wants the bathroom to look after remodeling is done. The design should take the following into consideration: tile choices, paint color, showers, vanities etc. The choice of these things can be overwhelming for the homeowner so some prior research is advice. The best way to go about this is for the homeowner to choose a design item he wants to feature in the bathroom and then design the bathroom around it.

The homeowner should consider functionality when deciding on the design of the bathroom. He should consider who will use the bathroom and how they will use it. The design of the bathroom should fit in with the rest of the home.

Watch this video to get some bathroom remodelling ideas:


6. Carry Out Correct Measurements

Size matters in bathroom remodeling. The overall size of the bathroom and standard dimensions of fixtures are to be taken into consideration when planning for a remodeling. The homeowner should make sure that the correct measurement and specification is taken along when going shopping for accessories. It will be frustrating to buy items that will not fit.

7. Hire A Good Contractor

Bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes may look like a DIY job but it is complex. This best thing to do is to hire a contractor to do the work. Contractors have more experience than the average homeowner and they can carry out the difficult operations involved in the job such as tiling and plumbing. Hiring a contractor will save the homeowner a lot of time and stress. Get tips for hiring a remodeling contractor from this link.


8. Consider Plumbing Fixtures

Bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes often involves repair of fixture and features. These fixtures include the sink, shower, bathtub, faucets, toilet etc. The mirrors and shower doors may also need an update or repair. The homeowner can give the bathroom a new look by replacing the door handles and drawer pulls. If he can afford it, a new set of shower doors would be the best.


9. Plan Shelving, Cabinets and Storage

The homeowner might have a hard time planning shelving and storage especially if the bathroom is small and irregular shaped. Shelving, cabinets and storage should be able to accommodate all the homeowner’s stuff and at the same time keep everything within reach. The homeowner should find a way to make sure that everything fits into the available space. The style should not be neglected when trying to maximize space.
Click here to watch a video on bathroom cabinet organization tips:


10. Determine Materials For Walls And Flooring

Flooring can be done with any material provided it is waterproof. The flooring material can be naturally waterproof or have an impervious finish. Depending on the homeowner’s budget and style, marble, granite and ceramic tiles are excellent choices for bathroom floors and wall surfaces. They are durable and give the room a look of elegance.

Other flooring options include sheet vinyl and concrete. Vinyl tiles are cheap and have great look. The guiding principle for choosing a flooring material is to for the one that is durable and slip-resistant. The bathroom is an area of heavy traffic in the home that is always exposed to moisture. So the homeowner needs something that can withstand wear and also prevent slipping and falling.


11. Choose Appropriate Lighting

Adequate lighting is very important in a bathroom. It can be dangerous to use the bathroom without proper lighting so the homeowner should include lighting into the design. The lighting should be functional and also add beauty to the room. The remodeling should be done is such a way that sufficient natural light can get in. Artificial lighting should consist of incandescent lights of low wattage.


12. Determine Needed Accessories

Bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes is not complete without purchasing new accessories. They may look insignificant but they affect how the bathroom will look after the remodeling is done. These accessories include new wash clothes, towels, soap dishes, mirrors, bath mats and towel racks. Some of these things should be included in the budget if the homeowner doesn’t want to buy all.


13. Consider Airflow

A bathroom is always wet so ventilation is very important. The homeowner needs to consciously give this much thought. The right fan should be chosen and it should be installed in the right position. The electrical wiring should be properly done to prevent hazards. A poorly ventilated bathroom will be damp, moldy and generally unhealthy for occupants of the house. Unrestricted airflow is needed for wooden fixtures to last long as moisture leads to quick decay.


15. Cleaning Up After The Work

Bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes often requires thorough cleaning after the work is done. The cabinetry, walls, windows, floors and fixtures will need cleaning. The homeowner must consider this during planning. If the work is a major remodeling, he might want to use the services of a cleaning company to clean up when the work is finished. This means that a part of the budget will be allocated to this. If the homeowner wants to do the cleaning himself, he should add extra days to the timeline of the project.


Great Bathroom Upgrades

Every homeowner should feel good about their bathroom. The bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes costs a lot of money, therefore, it’s something that should be done well. If the bathroom is poorly planned, it can affect the value of the home. The design of the bathroom should be done right during remodeling if the former look of the bathroom is not desirable. There are upgrades that can add to the value of the home. Functionality is very important when it comes to bathroom upgrades. The right upgrades will make a homeowner love his bathroom for a very long time.

Here are some bathroom upgrades homeowners can invest in to add value to their homes.


1. Include A Master Bathroom

It is great if the home’s floor plan includes a master bathroom. Master bathrooms can increase the resale value of a home. If the current layout of the home doesn’t have a master bathroom, the homeowner can consider adding it to the home design. It will be worth it in the long run. A master bathroom is a necessity in bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes because it is one of the frequently used rooms in the house. It’s like a sanctuary of some sort for some people where they go to relax away from kids and other occupants of the house.

Adding a master bathroom is an expensive project but the functionality the owner will enjoy is second to none besides increasing the home’s resale value. Get ideas on how to plan a master bathroom here.


2. Basement Plumbing

During bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes, homeowners can easily add basement plumbing. It is cheap and any good builder can do it. The best time to do this is before the homeowner moves in but it can still be added during remodeling. It’s not an upgrade that might be taken seriously but it is necessary. Even if the basement is not yet finished, the homeowner can still have plumbing installed to save cost in the long run. There will be no need to break to concrete or open walls to install plumbing. The homeowner will just hook pipes into the existing and go directly to framing.


3. Flooring And Tile

The right choice of flooring is very important during bathroom remodeling. It is difficult to replace tiles because it requires a lot of work. The homeowner should ensure that standard tiles are used during remodeling to avoid having to redo flooring a few years down the line. It will be costly and time-consuming. Standard high-quality flooring will enhance the look of the bathroom. The best materials to use are the ones that are durable and attractive. Paint color and fixtures can be changed at any point in time but flooring will last for a longer time. That’s why durability is paramount.


4. Extra Storage

A great option for bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes is the addition of extra storage. Storage is very important in a bathroom. Many homeowners do not give this much thought during remodeling but having storage can improve the look and value of the bathroom. It also improves the lifestyle of the homeowner because built-in shelving and extra cabinets make the room more organized. Without storage, the bathroom will be cluttered. This upgrade will help the homeowner maximize space and keep the place serene.


5. Improve The Lighting

A homeowner can upgrade the lighting of the bathroom by buying and installing better fixtures during remodeling. Natural light is good no doubt but often times it is not feasible to include windows in a bathroom. This lack of natural light can be made up for with upgraded lighting fixtures such as bright LED lights.


5. Have A Separate Shower And Tub

Separating the tub and shower is one of the easiest upgrades in bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes. When there are a separate tub and shower the home’s value is increased and more functionality is added. This upgrade should be done on the master bath. While a standard tub and shower combo is common, it is not as attractive as a separate tub and shower. This upgrade is best done during the building process but it can still be included in a remodeling project.
There is no doubt that bathroom upgrades can increase the resale value of a home. It may cost some money but it will be worth it in the long run.


Common Bathroom Design Mistakes Homeowners Make

Many homeowners are not experienced when it comes to interior design so they are prone to making design mistakes. While these mistakes are understandable, it is best to avoid them if possible. Design mistakes can affect the look of the bathroom and leave the homeowner unsatisfied after remodeling has been done. The next paragraphs will look at common design mistakes homeowners make and how to correct them.


1. Failing To Layer Lighting

Homeowners often settle for the overhead lighting in their bathroom. They are making a mistake by doing this. The bathroom is more functional with layered lighting. It makes it easy for someone to use the bathroom for either putting on makeup or shaving. The homeowner can add additional lighting to brighten up dark corners of the room. Additional lighting fixtures can also be added around the mirror and vanity to make grooming routines easy. A lighting fixture can also be added to the tub during bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes especially if the homeowner likes to relax in the tub. Dim lights around the tub will create some ambience. There could also be lit beauty mirrors to aid grooming. forbes to see how to light a bathroom.


2. Not Including Storage

Storage affects the form and function of the bathroom. Without storage, the bathroom will be disorganized. There will be piles of products all over the place giving the room and messy look. This takes attention away from the design. Bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes should include storage. The homeowner should figure out what he needs to keep in storage and sorting them out. After figuring the amount of stuff that needs to be kept in storage, the homeowner should shop for the appropriate storage that can help keep everything in one place. It is advisable to go for storage that will not only add functionality but one that will also aesthetic value to the room.


3. Not Properly Matching Fixtures

Homeowners often mismatch fixtures during remodeling. The finish of fixtures is as important as the material used for the fixtures. So, both should be considered when choosing fixtures. It is wrong to match two fixtures that are made of the same material but with different finishes. Fixtures come in different looks. There are polished finishes which are the modern ones with high shine and smooth texture. Brushed finishes are more common and they have a matte look. Oiled finishes are darker, and belong to the old generation but they still offer a unique look to the bathroom.


4. Neglecting Décor

Many people tend to forego decor when doing bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes with a tight space due to the fear of creating clutter. But this is a mistake. Decor items help bring other the beauty of the bathroom design. The good thing is that the homeowner doesn’t need too much decor to make the place look appealing. The first step is to make sure that textile such as floor mats and towel match. Wall art can be hung on the wall and if there is more room left, some greenery can be added to the vanity.

It is normal to make bathroom design mistakes. The important thing is to learn from the mistakes and make changes.


Ways To Add Color Into A Bathroom

There are some easy ways to make a bathroom more colorful without causing clutter.


1. Choose A Bright Paint

Painting is the easiest way to add color to the bathroom during remodeling. It is advisable for the homeowner to select the color he wants and then build the rest of the room’s color scheme around the selected color.


2. Use Colorful Textile

Towels are a great way to add color to the room because they come in different shades and are relatively cheap. They are also easy to change of the homeowner changes his mind. Floor mats also come in different colors.


3. Hang Wall Art

A piece of art on the wall is one way to add color to the bathroom. Moisture should be taken into consideration when choosing wall art. The wall art should be made of water-resistant material. If it is not, a frame should be added for protection.


4. Add Some Greenery

Homeowners can add some nature to the bathroom by including greenery. It could be real or synthetic. As long as it is colorful, it will make the bathroom lovelier to behold. Follow this link to see the benefits of greenery in bathroom remodeling of Newton MA homes.


5. Use Colorful Tile

There are colorful tiles that homeowners can use to add color to their bathrooms. The entire room doesn’t need to be covered in saturated tile. Tiles nowadays come in different shades and colors. When choosing the tile, consider the color of the walls and choose the one that complements the paint. Follow this link to find out the different types of tiles.