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Homes need a new coat of paint from time to time. Painting helps to protect the home from the elements and keep it looking good.

The information found here shows that there are over 30,000 households in Newton MA. These homes will require repainting from time to time. If a homeowner wants to repaint a home himself, it can take a long time and if the home is a story building, he will need tall ladders to reach all the stories. This is why many homeowners prefer hiring a professional painting contractor Newton MA. But hiring a contractor has its challenges. The homeowner will have to do research into painting contractors to find one that’s affordable and fit for the job.

This article will discuss how homeowners can decide the best contractor for the job. But before that, there are common considerations homeowners make when it comes to painting or repainting their home.

Why Hire A Professional Painting Contractor?

Most homeowners consider painting to be an easy task. They think it’s just to dip a brush or roller into the paint and evenly apply the paint to the wall. It is actually simple for the most part. Some people can paint their home themselves and save some money. But hiring a professional painting contractor Newton MA has its advantages. The next paragraphs will discuss these advantages.


1. Saves Time

The homeowner may save a few dollars by doing it himself using tips from this site, but he will spend a good number of hours on the project. Without any help, the homeowner can spend a few weeks painting the entire house if he works a few hours every day. This depends on how big the house is, the bigger the house, the longer it will take. A busy homeowner will be better off hiring a painting contractor Newton MA to do the work.


2. Safety Considerations

Painting job comes with some safety concerns. Painters have to stand on tall ladders, climb on roofs and lean out windows. These are really scary stuff that the average homeowner may not be able to do. Even though painting is generally safe, there is still some level of risk involved. There is no point in taking these risks when a professional painting contractor can do the job. Professional painters have experience because that’s what they do every day. They know how to do the job the safe way.


3. Quality

Anybody can brush paint onto a wall but it takes some level of skill to make it look good. There are places in the house that are hard to reach and the average homeowner may not know how to reach them. A professional painting contractor Newton MA knows the hidden areas in the house and how to reach them. These areas are important because if they are not painted, the house will be susceptible to mold and other types of damage. So a painting contractor will make the house look better and also protect it better.


4. Getting The Job Done On Time

Hiring a painting contractor Newton MA can increase the speed of the project. The contractor will usually have about 4 people working on the house at any given time. A contractor working with a crew will finish the job faster than a homeowner who wants to do the job himself. So instead of spending months on the job, the homeowner can have his house painted in 1 or 2 weeks and the job will be well done. Having a contractor work on the project will give the homeowner race if mind and time to concentrate on other tasks.

The bottom line when it comes to hiring a contractor is the owner will definitely save a few dollars but hiring a professional is better if the owner wants the work done well and within a short time.


Things To Do Before Hiring

There are things the homeowner needs to do before going out to hire a painting contractor Newton MA. The homeowner needs to prepare the house for professional painting. Some painting contractors may help the homeowner do these things but their primary job is to paint. The homeowner will save a little by doing some of these things himself. Here are things to do in preparation for the work.


1. Move Things Around

The homeowner may need to move things around even though the contractor will cover up the furniture with plastic sheets. This is to make sure that nothing obstructs the flow of work. It won’t be nice for the contractor and crew to be stumbling around on pieces of furniture. The best thing to do is to move the furniture out of the room being painted.

If there is no available space outside the room, the furniture should be moved to the center of the room. The things to move around include paintings, clocks, mirrors and anything else hanging on the wall. It’s hard to paint the wall when it’s covered with pictures.

Another important thing to do is to remove switch plates and outlet covers to avoid getting paints on them. It may not sound like a big deal but it’s not easy removing dried paint from these plastic materials. A homeowner with plenty of nice switch plates and covers should ensure that this is done to avoid ruining them.


2. Create A Work Area

The workers should have a staging area. This area will allow them plenty of space to store their items such as plastic sheets, ladders and paint. The homeowner should make room for the contractor and crew to keep all their equipment. This is important if the homeowner has a lot of belonging. Creating a staging area prevents clutter.


3. Get The Walls Cleaned

The homeowner may wonder why the walls need to be cleaned when they are going to get painted anyway. It is advisable to clean the walls because they are about to get painted. When the paint is applied to the wall, physical differences become very obvious. Dust and dirt become more visible after painting because the paint will stick these substances to the wall permanently. Cleaning the wall should be easy. Applying a sponge soaked in a mixture of water and a mild detergent should do. The wall should not be soaked as the aim of cleaning is only to get the surface stains off. This cleaning should be done before the paint day so that the wall can dry before the paint is applied. Fans can be used to speed up the drying process if the homeowner is running short of time.


4. Restrain Pets

Many homeowners leave their pets to come and go as they please while painting is ongoing. No painting contractor Newton MA likes this because the pet often runs up against the fresh coat of paint and makes the work harder. Reapplying paint because of pets leads to waste of time. If the pets cannot be restrained, the homeowner should take them to a friend’s place for a few days while the house is being painted.

To get more tips on how to prepare a home for painting click here.

After the homeowner has prepared his house for painting, the next thing is to find a good painting contractor Newton MA. The following section will discuss where to look for a good painter.


How To Find A Good Painting Contractor

There are many ways to find a painter but only a few will be discussed.


1. Referrals From Family And Friends

Referral from family and friends through word of mouth is a form of marketing that has proven to be effective for decades. The homeowner would most likely trust the recommendation of someone he knows that has used a particular service or product. So in looking for a painter, the homeowner should ask friends and family who live in the area if they’ve has any painting job done on their house recently. If they like the work, they should tell him who did it.

This process might require talking to a lot of people in order to get quality referrals because most people do not paint their house often. The more the homeowner asks the better his chances of finding a good painting contractor Newton MA.


2. Search Engines

Search engines like Google and Bing are helpful when looking for a painting contractor. With search engines, the owner can simply type in ‘painting contractor Newton MA ‘ into the search box and get results on contractors nearby. There will probably be a lot of results to navigate through along with advertisements of the top of the page. If a homeowner intends to interview a lot of painters before making a decision, this is the best method to use. The downside of this method is the homeowner doesn’t know much about these companies. The homeowner may also feel overwhelmed with the long list of possible painting contractors.


3. Websites

The homeowner can visit review websites like Yelp to find a good painting contractor Newton MA. He will see what other people think about different contractors and choose the one that has the best rating. The downside with these sites is that the owner may have to pay a membership fee to join so it involves some cost unlike personal referrals and search engines.

To read more on how to find painting contractors click here.

The next section will discuss things to expect from a professional painter.

Things To Expect From A Painting Contractor

As the homeowner is looking for good painting contractors, there are things to expect from a good contractor.

1. Timeliness

A good painting contractor Newton MA is expected to arrive on time at the work site, pay attention to the work and close before nightfall. This way, the job will be completed quickly without much inconvenience to the homeowner. The longer the job takes, the longer the house will be in a mess. So a good contractor should be able to finish things quickly.


2. Good Prior Evaluation

A professional painting contractor shouldn’t just take a guess at how much paint is required, how much the project will cost and long it will take. The contractor is expected to do a prior evaluation to see what is being painted. He should ask questions and take measurements to have a better idea of the project.


3. Recommendations On Colors And Finishes

A good painting contractor Newton MA would want to make sure the homeowner is happy. He will ask about the colors and finishes the homeowner likes. The contractor can also give the homeowner a good recommendation concerning the brand of paint to use. This is good because the homeowner most likely doesn’t know what a quality paint looks like especially nowadays that there are many adverts on TV and radio about different paints. Followthis link to see some interior paint colors a homeowner can use for his house.


4. Possession Of Insurance And Licenses

A professional painting contractor Newton MA should have property insurance and license. This will make the homeowner feel confident and secure about hiring him because it provides a layer of protection for both the homeowner and the contractor in case of an accident. The painting contractor should provide the homeowner with this information. Permits are required for any kind of repairs on a home including painting. The homeowner can confirm if the contractor has a permit from this link.


5. Detailed Estimates

A professional painting contractor Newton MA should not just scribble numbers into a piece of paper. A poorly written proposal is a red flag and an indication of a lack of professionalism. The painter should have a complete breakdown of costs. This assures the homeowner that the numbers are not made up.


6. Readiness To Answer Questions

Some homeowners have questions and hesitations about hiring a painter so the painting contractor Newton MA should be able to answer these questions satisfactorily. The home is one of the owner’s largest assets and he may be worried about damages. The contractor should be able to answer questions and put the owner’s mind to rest.


7. Cleaning

Painting can be messy. A professional painting contractor Newton MA should know how to keep the home as clean as possible during the work. Any mess made should be quickly cleaned up at his own expense. The contractors should also clean up the house at the end of the work. Unless the homeowner decides to clean the mess himself, the contractor should ensure that everything is put back in place after the job is done.


8. Finishing Touches

The painting contractor should be able to satisfy the homeowner by making sure that areas that need extra touch are attended to. He is being paid to do a good job so he should do exactly that. This does not mean that the contractor should perform extra unpaid work just because the homeowner decides to change his mind during the project. What it means is that if the contractor messes up, he should be ready to fix it. It could be a simple touch-up or repainting of an entire wall. Watch a video discussing how to choose a painting contractor by:


Types Of Painters

It is good for the property owner to know what to expect from a painting contractor Newton MA. The homeowner should also know that there are different types of painters. These painters specialize in different types of paints and finishes. Below are some painters a homeowner in Newton MA can use for his own.


1. Family Companies

These are small family business involving 1-5 people. Most of their business comes from family, friends and referrals. These types of painters may not have all the tools to paint an entire house but this depends on how long they have been in the business. Tools and equipment such as large ladders needed to paint a big house are not cheap.

So this type of company only takes up small projects. They are the least expensive option for homeowners. The quality of the job might not be as good and might take longer but the homeowner will save a few bucks. Follow this link to see a list of tools painting contractors need for their job.


2. Small Commercial Companies

These companies are a bit larger than the family companies, but still not very big. They have a lot of experience and tend to do both residential and commercial jobs. They take things a bit more seriously than family businesses. These companies have valid insurance, customer reference and pictures of their previous jobs. A homeowner who wants to get professional work at a fair price can use this type of company.

There are other types of companies but they are generally commercial companies that serve mainly office and commercial buildings.


Painting Specialty

A painting contractor Newton MA may specialize in a particular style or finish. A homeowner who wants one wall of his house to be faux painted will not hire just any painter. He will hire a contractor who is good at that.


Estimates And Pricing For Painting Project

The estimate is one of the most important parts of hiring a painting contractor Newton MA. There are types of cost that painters use- direct and indirect cost. The homeowner needs to know the difference between the two to understand a price estimate.

a. Indirect Costs: These costs are not directly tied to the painting project. They include costs such as work truck, overhead, the monthly payment on the equipment and benefits for the crew. They also include things like salary for support staff if any. Most homeowners may not know that these types of cost exist until he receives the estimate. It is the reason estimates turn out higher than they expected.

b. Direct Costs: These are costs directly related to the work such as paint and labor. It may also include the cost of gas if the painting contractor has to drive a significant distance to the site of the project. Direct costs are usually the costs that homeowners usually think of when drawing up their own budget. The costs vary based on where the home is located and the kind of paint to be used. A homeowner will pay more in labor costs if his house is located in an area with a high cost of living.

Direct and indirect costs are just a summary of the estimate. Considering details, these are the things a homeowner should expect on the estimate. Things like materials, labor and time frame for the project should be in the estimate. It is best for the painting contractor to break up the numbers so that the homeowner can have a better idea of where his money is going. The final estimate should be clear. It should state exactly what the homeowner is paying for and how long the project will take.

Information gotten from here shows that the painting cost in Newton MA is $2.00 to $4.00 per square foot considering the cost of materials alone.


Important Questions To Ask The Contractor

It was mentioned earlier in the article that a contractor should be ready to answer any questions the homeowner might have. Questions help the homeowner to get to know the contractor and his expertise. Below are some of the things a homeowner should find out from the painting contractor Newton MA.

• The number of years the contractor has been in the business: How long has he been painting houses? What level of experience does the crew possess?
• The duration of the project: Will it take a week, a few weeks or months?
• The things the homeowner needs to do before the work starts: Does he need to empty out an entire room?
• Are multiple coats recommended?
• Is any prep work in the quote?
• Will the contractor clean up after the work?
• Are there any pictures of previous work done in the area?
• Does the company have a guarantee or warranty?
• Any recommendation on the paint to use for the job?
• Is any major repair needed before the work can start?

These questions are not exhaustive but they can help the homeowner get started. More questions to ask the contractor can be found here.

It is a fact that hiring a professional painting contractor Newton MA will save a homeowner a lot of time and money in the long run. The important thing is for the homeowner to make sure that he conducts his due diligence while trying to find a painting contractor. The homeowner should balance cost, schedule and quality and determine which is the most important to him.