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Bathroom flooring is one of the things that need to be changed during remodeling. Choosing bathroom flooring is not the same as choosing flooring for other rooms in the house. Because of the unique conditions of the bathroom, there are factors to consider before choosing flooring when planning bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Flooring

It can be a challenging task when trying to decide on the best bathroom floor to use for bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes. There are many factors to consider, ranging from good design to health and safety. Making a choice is all the more tricky with so many options available on the market.

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that is constantly exposed to moisture. So a homeowner needs to consider that when choosing a flooring option. The next paragraphs will discuss things to consider while choosing flooring options for bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes.


1. Durability And Ease Of Maintenance

It is important to consider durability, performance and maintenance while choosing flooring for the bathroom. The homeowner should select the flooring option that is easy to clean, durable and comfortable to walk on. For instance, one of the most resilient and durable flooring options is vinyl flooring. It is also very easy to maintain and water resistant. It also goes well with the subfloor without any problems.


2. Cost

Flooring is often a long term investment and the cost of different types of flooring is not the same. Homeowners who are looking for the best flooring option the bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes should strike a balance between cost saving and long term use. While it is good to go for the one that fits the budget, it is also important to choose one that will last long. Some cheap options would need replacement after a few years.

For instance, ceramic tile flooring is a great option. It doesn’t cost much and it’s highly durable which means it can last for a long time. The best part is that it comes in different colors and textures. Find out estimated cost of bathroom flooring here


3. Safety

The bathroom is a moisture prone part of the house. When floors are wet, there is risk of slipping and falling. The right flooring is slip-resistant and prevents water damage. Among all the flooring options, rubber and cork offer the best safety in the bathroom because it is slip-resistant thus reducing the chances of slipping and falling.


4. Insulation

If a homeowner wants to keep the bathroom warm and dry, he should consider insulation when choosing a flooring type. He should consider how easy it will be to install insulation on the flooring. Generally, insulation is recommended because it prevents moisture from accumulating under the subfloor. The most common insulating material for floors is polystyrene. Insulation makes the bathroom floor more comfortable to walk on especially in the morning when the room temperature is very low. Click here to find out things to consider before installing heated floors.


5. Style

Bathroom flooring options come in different styles with varying characteristics. The homeowner should choose the material that fits his style when he wants to carry out bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA. However, the tips given above should be considered. The homeowner should achieve a balance between style and durability. Fortunately, there are many flooring types that possess all the qualities discussed above in addition to being stylish.

So the bottom line in choosing flooring materials is to go for an option that is durable, easy to maintain and beautiful to behold.

The next section of this article will discuss various bathroom flooring options homeowners can go for when carrying out bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes.


Types Of Flooring

These are the common types of flooring that homeowners can use for their bathrooms.


1. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

This is the most common type of flooring for bathrooms remodeling of Watertown MA homes. It’s among the best because of its stylish look and waterproof nature. It is also cheap. Tile posses a textured look that shows luxury. They are easy to install. See how to install tiles here

Ceramic tile surfaces are impervious to water and stain. This is due to a hard top layer. Ceramic tiles are resistant to high humidity. This makes them the best choice for wet areas like bathrooms.

In terms of durability, tile flooring is extremely tough and difficult to crack. If properly installed, tile floors can last for many years. It will take a severe impact to crack a tile and it is easy to replace if that happens.

In terms of maintenance, tiles are easy to care for compared to other flooring options. It is easy to wipe dirt and stains off the surface of the floor. The only regular maintenance the homeowner needs to carry out is vacuuming or sweeping with a soft brush to remove dirt and debris from the floor. Heavy duty cleaners can be used to remain difficult stains without damaging the tiles. In terms of design, tiles come in different shapes, sizes and colors making it possible for the homeowner to achieve a design that he likes.

Tiles are very cheap compared to other flooring tiles. Find out more about ceramic tileshere

Tile is usually not very comfortable to walk on because it is always cold. However, this can be solved by laying heated tile underneath.

Tile is slippery when wet. This increases the risk of slipping and falling. It is advisable to use textured tiles or apply a non-slip coating to the tiles. Another alternative is to use smaller tiles during bathroom remodelling of Watertown MA. They’re less slippery. Followthis link to read more about the pros and cons of ceramic tiles.


2. Vinyl Plank Or Sheet

Vinyl is another popular flooring choice that homeowners have used for decades. Sheet vinyl is ideal for children’s bathrooms that are prone to having large amounts of water. It comes in large sizes so it might not fit well into small bathrooms. A popular choice for small bathrooms is vinyl plank flooring. The widths are narrower and it has a long length.

In terms of installation, vinyl flooring is easy to install during bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes. Any homeowner can install this type of flooring.

Vinyl is relatively easy to maintain. All the homeowner has to do is to make sure that dirt and grit are swept off the floor regularly to maintain the surface of the floor. An approved vinyl cleaner should be used to remove stains.

In terms of water resistance, if well maintained, water will not be able to penetrate a vinyl floor. This makes it a good option for bathrooms.

Vinyl is not cold underfoot like tiles. It is generally more comfortable to walk on because some have a padded underlayer.

Vinyl is relatively cheap but it’s more expensive than ceramic or porcelain tiles. It comes in different styles making it easy for the homeowner to find one that suits his preferences.

Vinyl requires a smooth and flat surface to install. Because the material is soft, lumps can appear on the surface if small grains get trapped beneath the floor. These lumps will cause rips and tears on the floor.

Even though vinyl is stain-resistant, it can easily get discolored when it comes in contact with rubber. Vinyl flooring is hard to repair once damaged. The only solution is to replace it. Find out more about vinyl flooring here


3. Natural Stone

This is one of the options to consider bathroom flooring during bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA.

Natural stone showcases elegance and style. Marble floors used to be common in the past because of its strength and durability but nowadays, there are better options. That is not to see that natural stone doesn’t have its own unique attributes.

In terms of aesthetics, natural stone gives the bathroom a unique. This uniqueness increases the value of the home. People who want it but a home consider the presence of natural stone as a plus when rating its value.

Natural stone is very expensive when compared with other flooring options. This is one reason why many homeowners don’t use natural stone in the bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes. Natural stone can cost up to $300 per square foot for material and labor costs.

Natural stone is cold and slippery. It is unpleasant to walk barefooted on the floor unless the homeowner installs a radiant floor heating system underneath. The slippery nature can be reduced by using textured stone.

Natural stone is brittle, unlike ceramic tiles. It can tolerate flexing and expansion so it breaks easily.

It is also porous and can be discolored easily by moisture. Stones with high iron content like marble are prone to rust and discoloration in high moisture environments like the bathroom. It is also easily stained.

Natural stone is very difficult to maintain. The homeowner cannot use soap or other standard cleaning detergents on it. That’s why it is often not used in bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes.

Watch this video to see how natural stone flooring is installed


4. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood can be used in the bathroom during bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes because it can withstand moisture, unlike solid wood. It has more dimensional stability.

Due to its plywood base, engineered wood can tolerate moisture well. The top layer is made of real wood so it has the look of authentic wood. A homeowner who wants to use natural wood in his bathroom should go for engineered wood.

Even though it is strong, engineered wood is still prone to moisture damage when used in bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes.


5. Laminate Flooring

This is a better flooring option than solid wood. It simulates wood with a photographic top layer of cherry, oak or marble. It is a good choice for bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes.

Laminate is a great option for bathroom flooring if precaution is taken to protect the base of the wood from moisture. Moisture cannot easily penetrate because it has tight seams between the planks.

It is easy to install. It doesn’t require much time for the entire bathroom floor to be covered with laminate flooring.

This flooring material is also easy to clean. It is more durable than hardwood. It is more comfortable to walk on than hardwood.

This type of flooring cannot be refinished, unlike hardwood floors. It tends to be slippery so care has to be taken when it is wet. This mean there is a risk of slipping and falling. Click here to learn more about laminate flooring Click here


Flooring Options That Should Not Be Used For Bathrooms

There are certain flooring options that should not be used during bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes. These options are discussed below.


1. Carpet

Carpet retains moisture for a long time so it doesn’t dry out quickly. This makes the bathroom wet all the time. This characteristic makes it a poor choice for bathroom flooring. If a homeowner insists on using carpet, the pile must be low and the material must be completely organic.

2. Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood generally has little protection against moisture. It can easily rot if moisture gets into the wood. The only good thing about solid hardwood is its great look and warm feeling underfoot. If a homeowner wants to use solid harrowed flooring for bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA home, he should make sure that it is properly installed with no gaps for moisture. This will require hiring a professional to do the work and the hardwood will have to be site-finished to food the board with a coating to prevent moisture from getting through. Learn more about hardwood flooring Click here


Bathroom Floor Cleaning Tips

The bathroom floor needs regular cleaning because it is constantly in use. It is ideal to clean the floor after bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes. Here are tips homeowners can use to clean their bathroom floor effectively.


1. Regularly Sweep The floor

This is the first step in domestic cleaning. Sweeping or vacuuming helps get rid of dust and tiny debris. This makes mopping easy. If the floor is not swept before mopping, dust and debris will stick to the mop or get pushed to a corner of the room.

2. Wet The Tiles With Hot Water

For effective cleaning of tiles, it is advisable to raise the temperature of the surface before cleaning. This can be done by sprinkling some hot water on the tiles. This will make the tile cleaner more effective.


3. Use Soapy Water

It is advisable to use soapy water to clean surfaces first before proceeding with further cleaning. It will help to remove big particles from the floor surface. It also aids disinfection.


4. Disinfect The Floor

Many bathroom cleaners contain disinfectants. Apply the cleaner to disinfect the floor and remove any germs. The homeowner can hire professional cleaners to clean and disinfect the bathroom. They will handle the cleaning process better.


5. Scrub The Floor

The bathroom floor needs a good scrub after disinfection has been done. This can be done with a hard brush. The homeowner should ensure that the brush doesn’t damage the floor surfaces. Every inch of the floor should be scrubbed to remove stains and dirt. A small brush like an old toothbrush can be used to reach right spaces where the big brush cannot fit in.


6. Rinse The Floor

Once scrubbing has been done, the floor should be rinsed with clean water. Rinsing will take care of any sticky surface. It will also wash off the unpleasant smell of the disinfectant.


7. Dry The Floor

It is necessary to dry the floor once cleaning is finished. If the floor is left wet, the homeowner may have to do the cleaning all over again. Dust and dirt particles settle on wet surfaces easily. This is why drying is necessary. Dirty footprints can also be left on the floor of it is not dried after cleaning. A rag or dry mop can be used to dry the floor.

The homeowner should be safety conscious while cleaning the floor especially after bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA. Disinfectants can have adverse effects on the skin so gloves are recommended when using them to clean floors or any other part of the house. The eyes should always be protected from coming in contact with the solution.


Using The Right Cleaning Products

It is important for homeowners to use high-quality cleaning products for bathrooms. This will help to keep the place neat and dry at all times. This means that the owner has to buy a good mop that doesn’t retain too much water when in use. It also involves getting cleaning products that remove contaminants like grease effectively. The homeowner can invest in cleaning tools like grout cleaners and steam mops to keep the space clean always.


Consistent Cleaning

It is not enough to have the right cleaning products. Cleaning must be done consistently to maintain a sanitary environment in the bathroom. Spills should be wiped off the floor every day and the floor should be dried using a towel. This prevents mould formation on the floor.


How To Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom tile can begin to look dirty after a while. If it is not cleaned often, tile could lose its sparkle. Tiles also need to be cleaned after bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA homes to remove any dirt that may have accumulated during installation. Cleaning is not an easy task. Here are tips on how to go about it.

The first thing to do in cleaning tiles is to focus on the grout. This is where dirt accumulates. Sometimes mould can begin to focus on it. This can make the tile look ugly and spoil the look of the bathroom. Fortunately, it is not difficult to clean the grout. It only requires time and the right cleaning technique. In almost all cases, the grout is dirtier than the tiles. If the homeowner cleans only the tiles, the floor will still not have the desired sparkle. In fact, if the tile is cleaned first, the homeowner will end up scrubbing dirt from the grout onto the tile again.

An old toothbrush and a good cleaning agent can be used to clean the grout. There are specialists cleaners for tile grouts. The homeowner can use chlorine-based cleaners if there is significant mould growth or staining on the grout. However, the homeowner should be careful not to use chlorine-based bleach on color grout because it can make the finish to fade and spoil the look of the room. The bathroom door and windows should be open during the cleaning process to avoid inhaling the chemicals. The homeowner should wear gloves to avoid skin irritation.

A good cleaning agent can be made from mixing baking soda with vinegar in a bowl. The result is a paste that can be applied on the grout with a brush to remove dirt and grime. The paste should be left on the grout for about half an hour to allow it to soak in. It can then be rinsed off with clean water. The residue should be wiped up with a microfiber towel. This process should be repeated until the grout is completely cleaned.

If the homeowner is dealing with a large tile floor, a steam cleaner can be used. This will remove any dirt and grime within a short time and it requires little effort to do this. It should be noted that steam cleaners may not be good for all tiles so the homeowner needs to check this before using it. The floor surface should be given a quick wipe before using the steam cleaner on the face of the tiles. This will remove large particles from the floor and make steam cleaning easier especially after bathroom remodeling of Watertown MA

Watch this video on how to clean bathroom floor tiles: