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Bathroom Remodeling Of Weston MA

Much time is spent in the bathroom but it doesn’t get a lot of attention from homeowners. Because the bathroom is frequently used, the fixtures and the general look of the room might need to be worked on after some time.

This article will discuss the signs that show the homeowner that it’s time to remodel the bathroom.


Signs It’s Time To Remodel A Bathroom

The following are indications that the homeowner needs to do bathroom remodeling of Weston MA as soon as possible.


1. Dysfunctional Layout

A property planned bathroom is one on which the most used features are placed in locations where they are easy to reach. Bathroom features are best placed against the wall to maximize space. If the current layout of the bathroom is not well planned, it’s time for the homeowner to consider a remodel. When designed right, a small bathroom can feel spacious. So if the current design leaves the homeowner bumping into things, it’s time for an overhaul. Remodeling will give the bathroom a better shape and increase the home’s value. The homeowner will also fall in love with the bathroom once again. to see some cool bathroom layouts.


2. No More Storage Space

Although the bathroom is not space typically used for storing items, it is still important to have some storage space for things like towels and toilet paper. It is better to have storage to keep these items in rather than stacking them on the back of the toilet. If the bathroom doesn’t have adequate storage space then it’s time for a remodel. Bathroom remodeling of Weston MA is the best opportunity to add storage to the room and free up space.


3. Increase The Value Of The Home

Bathroom remodeling of Weston MA can increase the value of a home. A nice as the current bathroom may look to the house owner; buyers may not find it appealing if they are not ready to do any remodeling when they buy the house. So if a homeowner remodels the bathroom before selling, he will get more buyers and also sell the home at a higher price. Bathroom remodeling of Weston MA can increase the value of a home by tens of thousands of dollars according to recent national data. Even if the homeowner is not intending to sell yet, it’s not a bad idea to remodel for the future. The homeowner will also enjoy the bathroom before selling off the home.


4. Increased Family Size

It is possible for a homeowner to outgrow the bathroom space. For instance, an increase in family size means that more people will be using the bathroom. In that case, a small bathroom will no longer do. It is hard enough to share a bathroom with one person not to talk of like 2 to 3 other persons. If the homeowner has kids who need to get ready for school every day, it will take a long time for everyone to finish up. A bathroom remodel is needed here to add more space and make things easy.


5. Worn Out Look

The aesthetic appeal of a bathroom drops over time. If a bathroom style has old-style features, it’s time for a remodel. Some bathrooms still use linoleum but it is no longer trendy. Such bathrooms need to be updated. It is advisable for a homeowner who intends to update his home to focus on the bathroom since it is one of the rooms that he spends time in the most. A simple change to the features in the bathroom can make a lot of difference.


6. Old Plumbing

Some bathroom plumbing is on life support, they are already failing. Such bathrooms need remodeling. Plumbing is very important for the bathroom to function well. It may not be easy to detect deteriorating plumbing until the last minute because most of the pipes are not visible.

A lot of things go bad when plumbing deteriorates. It could ruin the walls, flood the home with water or cause electrical problems. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that plumbing is up to date and if it isn’t, it’s time for a bathroom remodeling of Weston MA home. To learn more about signs of failing plumbing, follow this link.


7. Addition Of Safety Features

Having safety devices in the bathroom keeps users from getting hurt while using the fixtures in the room. The homeowner can make upgrades to railings beside the toilet or shower handlebars to make the bathroom more comfortable. These updates are good for everyone not just for elderly people. Old homes tend to have grounded electrical outlets. Owners of such homes must install safety features to protect against electrical hazards. It’s always good to take precaution. The homeowner can install safety features by himself or hire a professional to do it because safety should always be a priority. Find more tips for bathroom safety healthmonitor.


8. Worn Out Tiles

It’s normal for tiles to wear out over time. Since the bathroom is an area with high foot traffic, tiles can begin to lose their appeal with time. When existing tiles wear out, it is an opportunity for the homeowner to replace them with better-looking ones. The new tiles should be attractive and durable. Updating the tiles during bathroom remodeling of Weston MA home can increase the home’s value. See great tiling ideas for bathrooms here.


9. Low Energy Efficiency

If the bathroom is not energy efficient, it’s time for an upgrade. New technology has found ways to make a home more energy efficient. A simple update can make lighting and water usage more efficient in the use of energy and reduce harm to the environment. The homeowner can consider switching to energy efficient appliances and fixtures. This will save cost in the long run. To know more on how to increase energy efficiency in the bathroom Click here.


Designing A Mould-free Bathroom

After spending a lot of money on remodeling, homeowners are always proud of using their bathroom. But cleaning can be a challenge. In the bathroom remodeling of Weston MA homes, it is advisable to use a design that will make the bathroom easy to clean later. It will save time and reduce the chances of mould formation. A moldy bathroom is unhygienic for users. Potential buyers will be attracted to a beautiful low-maintenance bathroom. moldpedia to read more about mold in the bathroom.

The next paragraphs will discuss how to design a bathroom that is easy to clean and prevent mould formation.


1. Use Large Tiles

When small tiles are used bathroom remodeling of Weston MA homes, there will be more grout and more grout attracts stains and grime. For mold not to grow, the grout would have to be cleaned regularly. But with large tiles, there are fewer grout lines and less grime. The entire bathroom walls can be covered with large porcelain tiles. These tiles have no grout meaning no breeding spot for mold. Large tiles are trendy nowadays and easy to clean. So, a homeowner who doesn’t want to worry about mold should consider using large format tiles.


2. Use Solid Surfaces

There are solid surface products that can be used on bathroom countertops and sinks. They are stain resistant and easy to clean. These products are also resistant to mould growth. A homeowner who intends to carry out bathroom remodeling of Weston MA homes should consider using these solid surfaces in the bathroom. It makes the sink and countertops look beautiful and they will last longer. To know more about solid surface countertops, check out this article.


3. Use Shower Screens Without Frames

Shower screens with frame are breeding spots for stain, grime and mold as mold tends to build up around the frame. There are frameless shower options that homeowners can use for bathroom remodeling of Weston MA homes. These are easier to clean and attract less mold and grime. The shower screen is easier to wash down when there are more glass and fewer brackets. Watch this video this video comparing framed and frameless showers.


4. Use Under-tile Heating

Apart from keeping tiles warm and comfortable to work on, under-tile heating removes dampness and prevent mould growth. Mold grows in the presence of moisture, when moisture is removed, it will not grow. Under-tile heating adds luxury and comfort to the rooms and it’s relatively cheap to install when done along with the heating system of the entire house.

The best under-tile heating systems available on the market today heat the floor through fluids flowing through pipes or electrical resistance. These can all be used together with the heating system of the entire house. If a homeowner wants to choose an underfloor heating system, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional to get one that suits his needs and budget. It might be a bit costly but the comfort will be worth it in the long run.

Pros Of Underfloor Heating System
• When the underfloor heating system is used, the room will have an evenly distributed temperature. If it is paired with the heating system of the entire house, the house will have an even temperature. The comfort that this brings is beyond description.

• Another benefit is that it keeps the bathroom dry and reduce mold formation. There is no maintenance involved when using underfloor heating systems and they are more efficient than other systems that use radiators.

Cons Of Underfloor Heating System
• An underfloor heating system can be expensive and difficult to install.
• Some underfloor heating systems cannot work in some cases, radiator-based systems still need to be used.

In summary, it is possible to enjoy a mold-free bathroom when good design is implemented. The time spent on cleaning the bathroom and removing molds can be spent on other important things.
Click this link to watch a video on underfloor heating installation.


Ways To Have A Brighter Bathroom

Light is important for every bathroom. It is ideal for a bathroom to be open and have bright lights. When it comes to lighting, the more the better. Lights make the bathroom more functional.

The next paragraphs will discuss things to do to make the bathroom brighter.


1. Natural Light

The best way for the homeowner to get more light into the bathroom is to maximize natural light. The way the windows are placed will determine the amount of natural light that will enter the bathroom. The homeowner can choose from a variety of windows that allow natural light to enter the room and at the same time providing privacy. Examples of such windows are white translucent and switch glass. Light can be controlled with these types of windows, the translucence endures privacy. Tall and narrow windows can help maximize natural lights. Homeowners should consider installing these during bathroom remodeling of Weston MA homes.


2. Mirrors

With mirrors, light can be reflected around the bathroom. Mirrors are cheap so this is easy to achieve. A well-lit bathroom can be created with the right positioning of mirrors. This will make the bathroom more luxurious and functional. The homeowner should consider including mirrors in the bathroom remodeling of Weston MA home to reflect the natural light that comes in through the windows. This will make the room feel brighter.


3. Lighting Schemes

The homeowner can make the bathroom brighter by using light bulbs that shine like natural light. Where natural light is unavailable, cold and warm layered lighting should be used to create brightness. Warm colors should be used for mood lighting. When used innovatively, lights set the mood of the bathroom. The homeowner should consider the color spectrum of the bulbs he buys. The right color will make the room bright and lovely at the same time.


4. Use White Surfaces

White surfaces enhance natural light and improve the brightness of the bathroom. It makes the room feel larger and brighter. The homeowner can use white tile floor to amplify the brightness of the room.


5. Pick The Right Tiles

Tiles are one of the most common features of a bathroom. The type of tile a homeowner chooses affects the lighting of the bathroom. There are dark tiles and there are those with light patterns. To make a bathroom brighter, it’s best to go for tiles with light patterns. They will produce a clean look that will enhance the brightness of the room.


6. Skylights

Skylights have found their way into luxury bathroom designs and they are here to stay. They can be installed in the middle of the room or above the shower to bring a warm light into the room. Skylights come in different forms from double windows to lantern roofs. These lights add ambience to the room in addition to making the space brighter. Watch this short video explaining the need for skylights in the bathroom.


7. Feature Lighting

If a homeowner wants to highly certain points in the bathroom, feature lighting should be installed during bathroom remodeling of Weston MA. This provides adequate lighting for spaces and makes it easier to use showers and mirrors. The lighting should be installed at different heights and directions to cover every part of the bathroom.


8. Motion Sensor Lights

These types of lights only turn on when someone comes close to them or when there is motion in the room or a part of the room. The homeowner can install a small motion sensor light under cabinets to illuminate the space at night whenever anyone wants to use the bathroom. It allows people to use the bathroom without putting in all the lights and waking everyone up in the process especially if the bathroom is close to the bedroom.


9. Use Open-plan Bathroom

The homeowner can create a brighter bathroom by removing some walls. This is common with hotels. The open-plan bathroom means there is no wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. This allows more natural light to filter into the entire space. The result is a brighter and more functional bathroom.


10. Showers With Single Glass Panel

Another way to make the bathroom brighter is to use a shower with a single glass panel or an open-air shower. It will open the space up and allow more light to enter the space. The bathroom is brighter when there are fewer walls blocking the light.


The Need For Twin Showers In A Bathroom

The usual thing obtainable in most bathrooms is the single standalone shower but homeowners can make the bathroom more relaxing by adding a twin shower. This makes it easy for two persons to use the bathroom at once. The twin bathroom can be incorporated in a master bathroom or family bathroom.

When doing this, the homeowner needs to match functionality with aesthetics to make good use of the space and make it more luxurious. This can be achieved by clever design. With a good design, every part of the space will be maximized to accommodate all the items the homeowner wishes to include in the bathroom. Twin showers are more fun when paired with double vanity.

If a homeowner has a wide bathroom, he should consider creating this shower for two. With adequate space available, users can have easy access to the two shower heads. The homeowner can include recessed shelving space to balance the entrance and make it easy for both users to access the shower.


Reasons To Hire A Bathroom Designer

Having the right design is important for bathroom remodeling of Weston MA homes. There are benefits of spending money on good bathroom design. The design of the bathroom affects the flow of the room. It determines whether the homeowner will love or hate the bathroom after remodeling is done. So, it is important to get the design right. The following paragraphs will discuss why homeowners should high designers for their bathroom remodel.


1. Good Design Ideas

A professional designer will give the homeowner design ideas that will fit in with his home and budget. If the remodeling is aimed at solving a problem, the designer will come up with a design solution for the problem. The average homeowner is not experienced in bathroom design so it is best to hire a professional designer to handle all the design work.


2. Energy and Time Saving

The average homeowner doesn’t have the time to manage bathroom remodeling of Weston MA home. Hiring a professional designer will make the project easier; it will save time and energy. Professional designers are familiar with every aspect of the design work. It makes it easy for them to come up with ideas and solutions throughout the project.

The homeowner will also have complete peace of mind if a professional designer handles the project. With the designer on site, the builders will stick to the plans and specifications. The designer will make sure that every detail is implemented in the execution of the plan.


4. Better Use Of Space

In bathroom remodeling of Weston MA homes, professional designers know how to maximize space while making sure that everything goes according to plan. This is a good thing because space is very limited in the bathroom so every available space must be maximized.


5. Better Use Of Budget

Professional designers will help the homeowner stay within budget during bathroom remodeling of Weston MA. They know how to execute projects with the budget will sticking to the quality and design.


6. Increased Value For The Home

A homeowner who wants the best out of bathroom remodeling of Weston MA home should hire an experienced designer. The designer will come with timeless designs that will increase the value of the home. He will create designs that will make the room more appealing. A good looking bathroom is a great selling point for homes.

In summary, it is important to employ the right designer. The homeowner should have a comfortable working relationship with the designer to enable proper and consistent communication.