Things To Do In Norwood MA

Things To Do In Norwood MA

You can never say I have been there unless you have been to the places that make the place. Norwood MA offers a unique yet fulfilling experience of all kinds of activities you can do for your amusement.

With a bundle of places offering different activities from sports, entertainment to adventure, a visit to Norwood without stopping by to these places is something you should not do. Here are the top picks of things you should do when you are at this Town.

Aerial View Boston With Blue Hill Helicopters

An aerial view of any cityscape is nothing but amazing and yet better in a custom helicopter click here. You have the chance to see Norwood MA from above the ground without worrying about the long trips on driving tracks or alternative means of transportation. Another huge advantage of the aerial view is the ability to take amazing photos you might not take if you were on top of a tall building or on the ground. Blue Hill helicopters are flexible with their timing, you can take your flight in the day, evening or night to have a glimpse of the lit town and greater Boston.

Check Out The Patriots Hall Of Fame

If you are an American football fan, then this is a must go place for you. The New England Patriots have the longest back to back appearance at the NFL playoffs. They are also the reigning NFL champion of 2019. If you want any kind of history, information or a walk down in memory lane of this great club then the exhibition at the hall of fame is more than satisfactory for you.

Make Your Own Glass At Luke Adams

At Luke Adam’s glass blowing you shall sit through a training session with a complete simulation. You leave the class with knowledge and experience of how to make a glass. Are you a big Game of Thrones fan, then imagine making your own themed items? You can make your own dragon glass cool stuff like tumblers, knives and more.

Drink Beer At Castle Island Brewers

If you are ever in Norwood MA and looking for a great place to drink a beer, then Castle Island Brewery is the place for you. The place has large tables and a soothing ambience that should allow you to take your beer without being worried. You can also engage in games if you wanted to and order some food. According to reviews on TripAdvisor, Castle Island Brewery totally ticks on the quality of the beer and you’d love it.

Try Bowling At The Norwood Sports Center

Norwood Sports center opens the door to the true New England tradition which is sports. The sports center boasts of a bowling alley waiting for you. Candlepin bowling is the flagship bowling that has an early history originating from 1885 and yet much preserved in Norwood MA. Get an understanding of all the basics of the game including etiquette. If you are staying longer, you can join one of the bowling leagues and improve your skills.

Attend A Show At Norwood Theater

Norwood Theater first opened its doors to an audience in 1927 with restoration in 2012 and it’s a performance art venue that hosts close to 750 people at a go. It maintains a track of amazing entertainment each season here is the schedule. It also has a gigantic movie screen and listening aids you can use on site. Book your front seat in advance and have a treat of your own on the entertainment you deserve.

Shopping At Winsmith Mill Market

From furniture shopping to art, Winsmith Mill Market awaits you. You can rely on the market for your vintage shopping items. There are several stores selling repurposed items that take you back in time for you to choose from. The Norwood MA market however only opens from Fridays through the weekend and remains closed for the rest of the days.

Take A Lesson At Ilovekickboxing.Com

With locations at different spots around the globe, in Norwood MA is one place you cannot skip visiting. There is no sense in just visiting without doing what they do at the place. You might not be a pro boxer but the lessons you shall take will help you stay in shape as you discover some amazing workout techniques and life lessons to push you through the challenges. Save on your Gym spend and hectic workout routines with a visit.

Enjoy Fun Games At Monster Mini Golf

Are you traveling with the kids or need a place for full indoor family fun? The Monster Mini Golf offers intriguing courses for everyone in the family to join in and have some fun. Games include Trivia games, famous singers’ identification, laser maze similar to those you see in heist movies amongst others that are so enjoyable. If monsters scare a member of your family or yourself, this is not something you should do.

Dive Into Norwood MA’s History With A Visit To The Historical Society

There is always a story behind the faces we see and Norwood MA does not differ from this. With its own vast history, at the Fred Holland Day House which houses the Historical Society, you will get the path of the town’s journey to present state and it’s both educative and entertaining. Arrangements for exhibitions or tours are pre-booked or check this site for open dates/days.

Get Sporty At Launch Trampoline Park

The Launch Trampoline Park offers a large space for you and family to do some dodgeball while providing a springing surface for your amusement. The trampolines are on the ground surface and vertical angles for you to bounce off. Reach all the heights you want with the cliffhanger challenge without worries of fall and getting hurt the trampolines are there to cushion you when you fall or give up though that is not an option. There are hosts of other fun activities see these at this venue that will keep you busy when you visit Norwood MA.