Famous People Cambridge MA

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Famous People Cambridge MA Introduction Cambridge MA is among the most popular cities in Massachusetts. It has is known for its very strong emphasis on high quality education, with its most notable institutions being the prestigious Ivy-league Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition to having famous institutions, it was and home to … Read more

History Of Cambridge MA

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History Of Cambridge MA The city is across the Charles River, as per wikipedia.org, the name of the city was given to it due to the University of Cambridge. Historically, this site was chosen because it became a good place to defend one from the attacks by enemy ships. The first settlers in this town, … Read more

Things To Do In Cambridge MA

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Things To Do In Cambridge MA Whether you want to take a tour of the world-renowned Harvard University or pay a visit the unique squares in the city, there are many things to do in Cambridge MA. From the city’s architecture and art to the fantastic restaurants and clubs, Cambridge definitely has a lot to … Read more