Things To Do In Cambridge MA

Things To Do In Cambridge MA

Whether you want to take a tour of the world-renowned Harvard University or pay a visit the unique squares in the city, there are many things to do in Cambridge MA. From the city’s architecture and art to the fantastic restaurants and clubs, Cambridge definitely has a lot to offer. According to the city has a lot of museums.

Let’s take a look at fun places to visit as part of things to do in Cambridge MA. Your list of things to do in Cambridge MA won’t be complete without a visit to these points of attraction.

Fun Places To Visit

According to, Cambridge is home to the famous Harvard University, MIT, MIT Museum, Harvard Square and many other interesting places.

1. MIT Museum

If you want to know what the creative minds at Massachusets Institute of Technology are up to, this museum will give you insight into that. You will find fascinating collections and exhibitions on STEM-based topics. The robotics section displays inventions from the Institute’s robotics lab.

Why should this be in your list of things to do in Cambridge MA? It’s because you get to see the Institute’s latest inventions. The museum features interactive displays to make your experience more fun.

The museum is open from 10 a.m to 5 pm daily. Admission is not free for adults as they will have to pay $10. Young children from the age of 4 and below get free entry. The museum is close to the Central Square subway stop so transportation is not an issue. You can also bring your car alone as there is street parking nearby.

2. Harvard Square

This a busy centre in the city. Paying a visit to this place is one of the things to do in Cambridge MA. You will find bookstores, quirky boutiques, bars, cafes and restaurants here. You will also find many students from Harvard University here. The atmosphere is very lively and the place is always bustling with activities no matter the time of day or night. The fun and energetic vibe are hard to miss. Simply sitting at a spot and watching people pass by is one of the things to do in Cambridge MA’s Harvard Square.

The square has a European feel as observed by many visitors. It is a great place to hang out with friends in the evenings. A quick tip, it is advisable to take the subway to the square because driving and parking can be difficult due to the busy nature of the area.

3. Peabody Museum Of Archaeology & Ethnology

If you want to know more about Native American and Central and South American cultures, a visit to this museum should be one of the things to do in Cambridge MA. According to, the museum was found in 1866 and has over 5,000 collections of ancient Peruvian textiles and many artefacts of Native American origin. The museum is one of the largest cultural museums in the word as there are more than 1 million objects in its collection. You will find Native American totems, collections of West African masks and Maya monuments. The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m every day.

4. Harvard Semitic Museum

This museum has thousand of Near Eastern artifacts from excavations in Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Tunis and Egypt. You will find sculptures, pottery and cylinder seals in the museum. Visiting this palace is one of the things to do in Cambridge MA because the museum is informative and the visit will be worth it especially if you’ll love to know more about ancient Near East civilisations.

Admission is free and it’s open from 11 am to 4 pm every day except Saturdays. It is located very close to Harvard Square subway stop.

5. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Visiting MIT is definitely one of the things to do in Cambridge MA. According to, the Institute was founded in 1861 with an emphasis on science and technology. This is evident in the school’s architecture and sculptures.

On your tour of the Institute, you will see works by Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso. The buildings were designed by many award-winning architects. You can download a free audio guide online. The audio guide focuses on various works of art and architecture on the campus along with commentary from architects, artists, and scholars.

You will definitely enjoy the modern architecture on the campus. It is advisable to take a guided tour when visiting this place as part of things to do in Cambridge MA.

6. Harvard University

According to, this is a famous university named after a clergyman John Harvard has been around since the 17th century. Taking a walk on the grounds of this university is one of the best things to do in Cambridge MA. The architectural styles of the buildings span over centuries. For instance, the University Hall was designed in 1815, the Holden Chapel was opened in 1744 and the Sever Hall was completed in 1880. The buildings are simply stunning and a stop at Harvard is definitely among the things to do in Cambridge MA. You will be taken in guided tours of the grounds with an overview of the history of the campus.

Popular Restaurants In Cambridge

According to, one of the things to do in Cambridge MA is visiting the good restaurants that litter every corner of the city. Let’s talk about some of these restaurants that you can visit as one of the things to do in Cambridge MA.

1. Harvest Restaurant

This is located at Harvard Square and provides city residents with high-quality dining. The restaurant which has won many awards for its food and services has been around since the 1970s. If you love contemporary New England dishes, this place is for you.

The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere with elegant decor. Visit this place as part of the things to do in Cambridge MA.

2. Craigie On Main

This restaurant is located on Main Street and is a place you shouldn’t miss on your list of the things to do in Cambridge MA. The place is run by an award-winning chef. The restaurant serves French dishes and uses the best local and organic ingredients. The menu changes with the season giving you a variety of new meals. While you are here, you are welcome to try the innovative cocktails and wines.

3. Atwood’s Tavern

This spot is located away from the busy areas of the city. It has a modest and unassuming appearance from the outside but there is a lot of activity going on inside. Diners flock to the place every night because of its live music. You should spend some evening here as part of the things to do in Cambridge MA.