Famous People Wayland MA

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Famous People Wayland MA The town of Wayland is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts according to information available at wikipedia.org. Many famous people have come from this town. We will take a look at some of these famous people Wayland MA. 1. Joshua Bekenstein Bekenstein is a businessman. He was born in New York City … Read more

History Of Wayland MA

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History Of Wayland MA Wayland MA is a town, and it is also the fifth congressional district of MA. As per wikipedia.org, this town was the first settlement of Subury Plantation in the year 1638. The East Sudbury was incorporated in 1780 and then it became Wayland in 1835. Wayland, initially, was a farming community, … Read more

Things To Do In Wayland MA

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Things To Do In Wayland MA There are many fun things to do in Wayland MA. The town has a lot of restaurants and recreational facilities you can visit. Let’s look at some fun places to visit as you explore things to do in Wayland MA. Fun Places To Visit In Wayland 1. Sandy Burr … Read more